‘The World of Humanity’ is my ‘The World Remade’

‘The World Remade’

I am writing this because “I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15 

I thought about “The World Remade” very intensely. And I realized, If I will get the chance to reframe the world, then I have to say sorry, because I feel, World remade is not required.

If we see the definition of world given by Google –

  • the earth, together with all of its countries, peoples, and natural features.
  • a part or aspect of human life or of the natural features of the earth, in particular.

Neither “The world” is property of human brains nor it is the hub of different countries. In-fact we should say, we humans are the assets of this world.

The great ocean, hilly mountains, flowing rivers, dancing leaves, flying birds, crying dogs and selfish humans, we all are the part of “The World”.

Img Src - Google Images
Img Src – Google Images

The world is beautiful enough to live in. The only part of world that required the redrafting is “Human Mindsets”.  Trust me; the change in human mindsets can significantly bring the “New World” and that new world will be my “The World Remade”.

Re-installation of Human Mindsets” as per my wish will lead to “The world of Humanity”. If I will get some magical power, I will create the people with Humanity.

About “The world of Humanity” –

There will be only one religion & one country and that will be named as “Humanity”.

These days we have subjects nationwide, in my dream world, we will have subject of “humanity” worldwide.

My world remade, will have no differentiation for skin color & financial status.

Though everyone will be filled with humanity, there will be no terrorism.

There will be no space for “Jealously”.

Love, peace and progress will be the outcome of my “World Remade”.

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  1. Yes, reinstalling the mind will hopefully be able to lead us on to a world without jealousy, aggression, and all the other negatives that we are suffering from.
    Just one observation though… when one bacterial strain is conquered, another appears and the research for a newer anti-biotic goes one. Will we then come across strains of negative emotions that we are not aware of now?
    Think about it.

    Arvind Passey

    • Arvind Sir, I am glad to hear you here @LetUspUblish and I am sorry but at moment I don’t have answer for question you asked 😛

      Might be sometime later…