Accept the #EzeeChallenge because Sharing is Caring

It is officially winter season, plus holiday season and the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season is spreading smiles on the faces of all. But Godrej Ezee went a step ahead and decided to spread smiles and warmth to all. Yes, folks they have come with an innovative and compassionate campaign that moved me completely and motivated me to participate in the campaign with zeal.

Couple of days back, we joined an on ground activity by Godrej Ezee where hundreds of students participated in the Godrej #EzeeChallenge and they even donated their woolens. The activity happened at FMS, University Enclave; Delhi. Below are some of the amazing pics from #EzeeChallenge activity –

To elaborate, Godrej Ezee recently started a campaign urging the nation to come together and save the lives of underprivileged children in the harsh winters. All you need to do is give your old winter clothes that you use no more to these kids and provide them warmth in the cold winter days. This is probably the best way to bring a smile on anyone’s face. It would bring a big difference to a child’s life if you could donate your old winter clothes. Make sure you give off sweaters, jackets or any winter clothes those are in good condition.

So promise yourself to bring a change to the nation by helping at least one kid to survive this year’s harsh winter. And you might even feel proud about bringing a smile and warmth to someone. Think this as a New Year resolution and start right away. Support the Godrej Ezee campaign and join hands together to the good cause. Save lives, spread happiness and warmth this winter and holiday season.

I did my part to bring a change in a person’s life by joining the #EzeeChallenge, what about you? If you did then do share with me in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this post on social media and spread the word to the world!

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