Latest Jewellery Trends for Wedding Wardrobe


Whatever was listed on your mother’s must-have jewellery list is no longer the current trend, we understand when someone says a string of pearls are a timeless piece of jewellery nevertheless as times change you need to step up on your collection too.

Setting in newer trends with jewellery essentials that add a twist are the must-haves for this season. Let’s quickly review what should be a priority when you go out to shop.

5. Chandelier Earrings:

Make a breathtaking entrance at a wedding or a party when you put together a glittering outfit with dazzling earrings that will shift the twinkle of your eyes right to your earlobes. Rather than investing majorly in a heavy set that would be seldom worn, buy yourself a stunning pair of earrings that will never go out of fashion and be a joy to adorn everytime.

Latest Diamond Earring Designs

4. Cocktail Rings:

A statement ring that is big and eye-catching is meant to do all the talking at an evening dinner and is a joy to adorn making even a simple black dress look dressier.  An ordinary ring can never do that for you, choose a ring that would be universal yet speak volumes. For instance a pearl set into glittering gold and with the lustre and sparkles of diamonds are bound to make a heart pump faster.

3. Stud Earrings:

A traditional single solitaire did hold great love in every woman’s heart but the current trend shouts out for a change in shape to the classic design that your grandmother wore. Check out the evergreen solitaire earrings with a twist that would make each girl go green with envy. With all three set together- Marquise, Pear and Princess these earrings are a delight to flaunt.

Latest indian fashion Jewellery

2. Bangle:

Plain simple bangles do not bring out the vibrancy as compared to the glimmer and exuberance of diamonds however combining it to a daily wear wardrobe could be tough. Check these timeless bangles that would solve the purpose, they would bring out the sparkling side in you and also not be over the top dressy. Suitable for any age young and old alike, these bangles are perfect for every occasion.

Bangles - fashion accessories

1. Modular Set:

Create your own options, make your jewellery collection by modifying it to a new design without any hassle. Modular jewellery designs that are made these days are super stylish and much in vogue since they are not limited to one single design and are a practical investment. So turn the huge set into a pendant or small earrings into big dressier ones all in few easy steps.

Fashion Jewellery Sets

Hope you will like above jewellery essentials those were shared by as contribution.