Pre and Post Holi Tips: Protect Your Skin & Hair This Holi

Holi is the most awaited festival in India full of colors and joy. Whether young or old everyone is drenched with vibrant colors and fun. But the play gets spoilt after the colorful celebration when it comes to remove the colors from skin and hairs.

So to keep the fun on with no harm to skin and hairs here are few pre and post holi tips to protect your skin and hairs from harmful chemicals in the colors.

Pre Holi tips:

#1.Apply Oil

The most traditional rule before playing with colors is to apply oil, this rule is always told by our elders to apply as much oil as you can all over your skin, especially the difficult areas like behind the ears or on back of your neck.

These are the places where color gets stick and is hard to remove. Also apply a good amount of oil in your hairs to give them protection from chemicals.

Apply Oil in Hairs


Wear full clothes so that you are protected from direct contact of colors with your skin. Always try to wear full sleeves tops and full length lowers. Check Holi Wallpapers here.


This is not always possible but try to play with dry and eco-friendly colors as they don’t harm the skin and hairs. Dry colors can be removed easily and don’t get stick to your skin. Eco-friendly colors are very light and come with fragrances so they are much convenient and safe from harsh chemical colors.

Herbal holi colours
Dry and eco-friendly colors


As holi festival comes during spring, it is possible to be a sunny day with hot sun. Holi colors on skin when come in contact with hot sun you may feel irritation, this is due to chemicals. This may leave rashes to your skin so always apply a good sunscreen before going out in sun for playing holi.

#5.Cover Your Hair

Cover your hairs with a cap or stylish bandana. This will protect your hair from chemicals in colors as well as from the sun. Due to colors your hair me become dry and brittle, so always cover them as far as possible.

holi hair care
Cover your Hair, this Holi..

Post Holi Tips:

After a wonderful and rejoicing fun with colors of holi there comes a time to that the fun is over and the unpleasant moment arrives of removing the color from the skin and hairs.

#1.Don’t use water at once:

It usually happens that people put dry harmful color in your hair and on skin so that when you pour water the color becomes stronger. Before taking a bath brush out all the dry color with a cloth. So that it won’t react with water and stick on your hair and skin.

#2.Don’t rub your skin:

While removing the colors from skin don’t be harsh with your skin. Rub gently with a mild soap don’t scrub. Use a gentle cleansing milk to wipe-out color from your skin.

#3.Apply natural homemade packs:

Apply natural body packs to remove the colors, these are gentler on skin and gives a cooling effect. Fuller’s earth (known as Multani Mitti) is well known for removing colors from skin. You can also you Gram flour and Turmeric packs for this purpose. Here are some good Natural Face Packs for all Skin Types.

Potato-Mask for face

Make a hair mask for removing color from hair and give them some nourishment. You can make a mask from soaked fenugreek and curd for your hairs.

Make your holi more joyous and blissful with these wonderful tips. Be carefree for your skin and hair and follow these tips for this enjoyable festival of Holi. Have a happy and safe holi with beautiful skin and hairs.

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