11 Things Only People Who Work From Home Can Understand

Early morning alarms, what to wear for work, long traffic and pollution are the daily challenges of every working person, but what if you could skip all this and work from home? Sounds interesting right, but work from home has plenty of struggles and is a big reality check that didn’t cross your mind once. If you work from home, then welcome to our post, we understand your pain and daily life challenges, which no one would know better than you. So let’s find out the challenges of work from home folks and in the end you would either have a great laugh or sympathise your colleagues and friends who work from home.

1. Work becomes unending:

You are no more bound to 9-5 work time, instead, you enter the endless work zone where your work calendar is filled with deadlines and you find yourself working all day long. And the worst part is that every day you would try wrapping your work by 5 but that would be a far dream. *sad*

2. Multitasker:

You become a big time multitasker, you balance work and home in a jiffy, though only you know how frustrating it is to leave your workstation for doorbells, cooking, cleaning and the list goes on.

4. Addicted to social media:

Work from home people have no prying colleagues, no nosy boss who would monitor you and thus you find yourself hooked on social media. There would be days when you would want to show off you are seriously working by posting on your Snapchat. This would be the only time you would be actually socialising.

5. No more cold food:

The good thing is that you don’t have to eat your cold food in your lunchbox. When you work from home, you would make hot, delicious food just for yourself, it doesn’t matter if the hot food is just maggi!

6. Your pyjamas is your workwear:

Gone are the days when you used to stand for long hours to figure out what you would wear to your work, now pyjamas become your workwear and in case you have Skype meetings, then you would just wear a decent top and still be in pyjamas.

7. Work desk becomes dining table:

Your dinner table would be squeaky clean as your work desk would be piled with your plates and pizza boxes. You eat, work and repeat the same on your work desk.

8. Sudden weight gain:

As you sit all day in front of your computer and even skip the gym then the weight gain becomes your bestie. Also, the longest walk of your day would be from your desk to the kitchen.

9. Your parents don’t believe that you work:

Grr, this is probably the worst thing about your work from home, your mom and dad just can’t believe that you have a real job. They feel you are unemployed and get worried that you might lose the job if you work from home.

10. Friends and relatives drop by whenever they wish:

When you are busy working on your deadlines, all of the sudden your doorbell rings and oh god your friends and relatives just drop in. Troublesome right?

11. Can’t show off your latest shopping:

Because you work from home, you just don’t know where to flaunt your high-end outfits that you have shopped from the recent sale. Poor you.

If you work from home, we hope you could relate to these things. Do share your experiences of work from home in the comment below.

Image source: tumblr.com, giphy.com

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