With increasing number of road accidents every year, it becomes essential that awareness is spread regarding road trips in India. It is always desirable to ensure safety of your loved ones and yourself. Traveling with caution can surely prevent fatal accidents. Here I would share some of the exquisite tips which would help you to make a safe and secure road trip:

  • BE PATIENT AND CALM: It is always advisable to be calm and patient while traveling on road. Many accidents take place due to negligence involved by either of the parties. What need to be kept in mind is the fact that being in rush, over- speeding, can even lead to serious havocs. Hence, always make sure that, you are traveling in a calm and cool condition. Let yourself dance to the tunes of your favorite track while traveling and stay composed.
  • FOLLOW TRAFFIC RULES: Many a times, people feel that they are acting ‘cool’ if they don’t follow the traffic rules. We see people using high beam in the night, crossing through wrong side, overtaking and speeding. Is it desirable? You not only risk your life at every point, but also, take the license of putting other’s live on risk. Also, avoid drinking while traveling. If you are traveling on a two wheeler, always make sure that you are wearing a helmet. If you keep such things in mind, you will always be at peace with your own self.


  • AVOID LISTENING TO LOUD MUSIC: Many a times, blaring music in the cars is the major reason for many hazards on roads. Undoubtedly, music may relax you but it’s not desirable to listen to it beyond a certain volume. Ever wondered, how it may affect you? Loud music won’t allow you to listen to the honking etc. This also includes an essential aspect which is avoiding usage of mobile phones. Never let things distract you while you are traveling. You never know what may happen.


  • KEEP YOUR PACE SLOW: By this, I simply mean that make sure that when you cross roads at bends, then ensure that you lower down your speed. Avoid taking risks on bends and turns and always cross from the right side of the road. Also, it’s your duty to ensure safety of pedestrians walking by the roadside.


  • BOOK YOUR STAY IN ADVANCE: I am sure that traveling is fun and relaxing and every travel story brings memorable experiences. Whenever you plan your next road trip make sure you also book your stay in advance rather than finding out a place to stay in last moment when you are tired like hell after a long road trip.


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  1. Hi Yogita,
    Some Nice tips listed here. Being patient and calm is important these days I have seen a lot of road rage cases in last months and try to avoid such incident by just passing a smile instead of shouting.