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Happy 71st Independence Day of India HD Wallpapers with Quotes

So the big day of the nation is just about to come. Yes, it’s 15th of August, a national holiday and India’s 70th Independence Day. Get ready to celebrate this big day with our  Independence day wallpapers, quotes and messages collection.

Show some love to the nation and do something great in your life; so that one day nation will have proud on you. Happy Independence Day!!!

Independence messages 

  • Celebrate the free spirit of India.
    May this Independence Day Fills your life happiness and prosperity.
    Happy Independence Day.
  • Feel the pride of being the part of such a glorious nation.
  • We belong to India a nation of pride Have a great Independence Day.
  • I hope this 15th August will add more colors to your life.
    Happy 70th Independence Day
  • Independence is a precious gift of God.
15 aug Happy Independence Day Wallpaper HD
Happy 70th Independence Day Wallpaper India

Independence Day HD Wallpapers & Quotes- India

Independence day mobile wallpapers hd
Realize the importance of freedom on this independence day
Independence day wallpaper free download
Feel the freedom , Happy Independence Day images
Independence day wallpaper
Keep India Green And clean !! let us make this our National Happy…Independence Day
Independence day wallpapers
Independence day India Wallpaper
Indian Independence day images
Bharat Mata Images, Indian Independence day

15 August Independence day photo 15 august Independence day wallpaper free download 15 august Independence day wallpaper Happy indepence day images Happy independence day images Happy independence day twitter images Independence day Hd wallpaper 2016

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Independence day Hd wallpaper free download Independence day images for facebook Independence day wallpaper 2016 Independence day wallpaper hd India Independence day wallpaper free hd 2016 wallpaper Indian Independence day wallpaper free download Indian Independence day wallpaper Independence day images for whatsapp With quotes

Independence Day HD Wallpapers & Quotes- India

Lets salute the Nation ..Our Independence Day!

Independence Day HD Wallpapers & Quotes- India

Independence Day HD Wallpapers & Quotes- India

Independence Day HD Wallpapers & Quotes- India

Independence Day HD Wallpapers & Quotes- India

15 August wallpapers

Let’s salute the leaders and decide to be proud of the nation.  – Yogita Aggarwal

Wish You All A Happy Independence Day !!
May Our Country Progress Everywhere And In Every Good Thing !!
Let’s work to get ‘Ache Din’ in the right manner
Jai Hind


Above is the copy of our National anthem Jana-gana-mana composed by Shree Rabindranath Tagore and below is the video where our National Anthem is in voice of Amitabh Bachchan.

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Bitter Side of Our traditional Indian marriage system

Yesterday only I realized everyone has their share of problems and being a girl just makes the situation worse.

From last few days, I was extremely happy for my very close friend, who is more than an elder sister to me. The reason behind my endless smiles is her marital status which is soon going to change from ‘being single’ to ‘happily married ever after’.

And in addition to my excitement, I keep on asking her how she is feeling and spending her last days in her maternal home.

Sounds familiar naa (Specially to all girls bffs) ??

But yesterday, I came across the bitter side of our traditional Indian marriage system, where all the arrangements (including dowry) have to be made by girl’s family. This often leads to a permanent damage to the girl’s emotions regarding ‘being married happily ever after’ or about the myth which says ‘Indian way of getting married is the purest way as well as full of valued traditions under which two souls consolidate for seven lifetimes ’.

Every girl goes through this trauma and finally becomes indifferent to all emotions. They just need to be caring and updated about their family or a little bit about the monetary spending or how their parents are arranging those bundles of currency notes, which is soon going to be spent on their D-day.


I have few questions which always leave me restless and most of the times angry on our Indian system, which might force you to think that why we are still following this spineless culture?

  • Why every boy and his family expects that a Big-Fat-Indian-Wedding should be organized for their son?
  • Why a girl and her family need to pay to the boy to marry her daughter?
  • Is that groom not stable enough to afford the expenses of his would be? Might be this is reason why groom’s family asks for dowry.
  • Why a boy or his family do not try to contribute in any of the wedding ceremonies?
  • Why all the guests from boy’s side i.e. baratis should be greeted with expensive gifts and why they don’t bring gifts for girl’s relatives?
  • Why is there a need to show off more than your status and mostly based on loads of loan?
  • Why all the relatives and groom himself can’t afford a descent hotel to say? Why father of would be bride have to arrange their rooms and also pay their illegitimate bills?

Do you know? Best part of all this is that the entire family of groom is more interested in the details of Car, Furniture and Cloths which is going to be gifted by bride side (in refined language we call it dowry) instead of knowing more about girl’s qualities.

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Ebola Prevention Tips For Safer Side

Origin of Ebola – Ebola is one of the biggest challenges, world is facing these days. This deadly disease started from African countries especially Libya, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ghana and now spreading in other countries.

Cause – Bats are blamed to be the host of this deadly virus. The main problem associated with the disease is it can be spread even by touching. This disease already took lots of life in Western Africa and people are getting infected by it day to day. Ebola spread from country to country when the Ebola effected people travel.

Symptoms of Ebola – Ebola symptoms show up 2 to 21 days after infection and usually include:

  • High fever
  • Headache
  • Weakness
  • Stomach pain
  • Sore throat
  • Lack of appetite
  • Joint and muscle aches

What are the Ebola Prevention Measures – To keep our-self safe from the deadly disease here we have some Ebola prevention tips and one should must follow these tips –

Ebola Prevention Tips.jpg

1.Do not touch any infected person- Ebola spreads by even a single touch, so never even dare to touch any infected person as there are 90% chances that the person who touched would also get infected.

2.Big role of government indulgence-  The government of all countries must note down the names of the passengers who are coming from West African countries and those passengers should be allowed to roam free only after their full checkup.

3. No problem in sharing same air – One can sit and stand with Ebola patients as this Ebola virus does not spread through air.

4. Burn Ebola Patients touched materials – As Ebola is transmitted from touching so don’t use any good touched by Ebola patients. Burn them immediately before anyone touches it.

5. Doctors must take high preventive measures – The doctors curing Ebola patients should strictly follow all the rules of Ebola prevention. Their masks, clothes, gloves etc must be burnt and the doctors must take a bleach wash/bath to remain unaffected.

6. Do not eat Bats – Several Sources revealed that people in tribal areas of Africa not only love to eat bat but also serve this food to their guests with humble. Since we all know that Bats are the root cause of this deadly virus, never dare to eat bat until you find a sure shot cure.

7. Never use used syringes and blades – Never ever use any used syringes  and blades as these are not only one of the root causes of HIV  but now a root cause of Ebola too.

ebola dangerous

More About Ebola in News –

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When Hrithik was asked about 400 Crores

Bollywood may have seen a lot of pairs getting break up time to time; however entire country got stunned when Hrithik and Sussanne filed divorce. It all started in December 2013, when the rumors of Arjun Rampal-Sussane secret love got reveled. Back in April 2014, Hrithik-Sussanne decided to file divorce because of their unheard drama going behind and was suspected the main cause.

As per the news released from the trusted source, it is confirmed that Sussanne has asked to pay Rs. 400 Crores from her ex husband. Indeed it was shocking news for the son of Mr. Rakesh Roshan who was in trouble since the release of ‘Krish 3’ which was failed to even earn the basic cost spent during creation of that movie. Social media websites has already started pranks of these two famous born rich boy and girl which was surely a tragic story for them.

When Hrithik was asked about 400 Crores.jpg

Let’s know what the actual facts are-

Recently, Hrithik was asked to pay about 400 Crores in an interview of the Bombay. In the interview Hrithik accepted the fact that Sussanne still love him as before and news of filling complain of getting 400 Crores is just a rumor. The actor was seen taking full side of her ex-wife even after getting separated. He requested to people not to indulge him or his family in this difficult time. According to this Bollywood Biggie, Sussanne had not even asked for a single penny. He just raised the question on manipulative news which is actually creating problems in his personal life.

He was angry on the fact that how easily people make jokes on such serious issues. In reality, there is no confirmation of such rumor; and creating jokes on their relationship is much painful. He even requested everyone to stop these nonsense and asked people not to make any false story in between.

Here is a snippet from an interview taken recently

“Disgusted with all this manipulated alimony bullshit in an effort to tarnish reputation. When people have already separated, they don’t stop being my family anymore. When a man is too strong to be affected or attacked, they target his family instead. No one DARE attack my family like this.”

No doubt, the last few months was not at all easy for our Superhero Krrish. The actor went through bad phases of both physical and mental issues. But hopefully all his problems get resolved soon.

If this baseless ‘400 Crores news/rumor’ converted into truth, it could have been one of the most shameful incidents in Bollywood industry so far.

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Asus Fonepad 7 voice-calling tablet

Asus has launched the Fonepad 7  with model number FE170CG in India for Rs 8,999. This 7-inch tablet supports voice-calling and runs on the older version 4.3 Jelly Bean flavor of Android and the company has also added a layer of its Zen UI.

The FonePad 7 sports a 7-inch WSVGA display with 1024×600 pixel of resolution, expanding the pixel density to 169ppi. It is powered by a dual-core Intel Atom Z2520 ‘Clover Trail+’ processor clocked at 1.2GHz with Hyper-Threading technology and coupled with 1GB of RAM.

On the storage front, one can expect 8GB and 4GB models, expandable via microSD card slot up to 64GB. In addition, one also gets 5GB on Asus’ Webstorage cloud storage for lifetime. It also gets a 2-megapixel rear camera and a 0.3-megapixel front-facing camera. The connectivity options include Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, Miracast, GPS/ A-GPS, and 3G HSPA+.

This Asus gadget also promises a battery life up to 10 hours. The tablet comes dipped in black, white, red, and blue colour options. Measuring 192×110.8×10.7mm, the tablet weighs 290 grams.

Earlier this year, the company had launched a refreshed version of the Asus Fonepad 7 Dual SIM for Rs 12,999. It comes with a 7-inch LED Backlit IPS display with 1280×800 pixels of resolution, 5MP rear camera, 8GB storage, microSD card slot up to 64GB and 3950 mAh battery. 

Asus Fonepad 7

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Delhi Elections : Will AAM AADMI Form Government in Delhi Again

Arvind Kejriwal shocked everyone by winning 28 seats in his debut Delhi Assembly Election’13 and changed the face of Indian Politics.

He not only defeated three time CM Sheila Dixit but also become the man of his words by forming government with the help of unconditional support by congress.

Soon after, this man was awarded with the tag name of “Bhagoda” when he resigned from the post of Delhi Chief Minister in just 49 days. It adversely effected AAP’s popularity among the masses and in Lok Sabha election they miserably failed to secure one seat out of seven constituency in Delhi.

The AAP magic faded within 6 months and the people who once used to praise AAP started distancing themselves from the party.

In the mean time, Delhi Vidhan Sabha didn’t get dissolved and hence Delhi went under the President’s rule. If reports are are to believe than 15 AAP and 6 Congress MLAs are being lured by BJP.

Will AAM AADMI Form Government in Delhi Again

On the other side, one of the AAP’s MLA Bandana Kumari has even received death threat. In contrary, Congress MLA Asif has also claimed that Manish Sisodia of AAP send him an SMS regarding formation of coalition government between AAP & Congress.

Even after the Modi Wave and BJP’s huge victory; Central government led by Mr. Modi is constantly avoiding re-elections in Delhi. This gave Arvind Kejriwal yet another chance to target BJP and he wrote a letter to Home Minister Rajnath Singh as well as met President Pranab Mukherjee with his MLAs to bring notice on Delhi’s election issue.

Delhi elections 2015

To pressurize current government, he organized a rally at Jantar Mantar on 3rd August, from where he received a good response from crowd. After which several newspapers reported that BJP and Congress could be again destabilize by AAP.

Not to mention that AAP even filed a petition in Supreme Court for re-elections in Delhi. This petition somehow turned in the favour of AAP as Supreme Court asked Central government to issue a statement or to clear its stand on Delhi Elections within 4-5 weeks.

According to Times of India report (6 Sep-2014),  2/3 of Delhites don;t want BJP to form minority government. Also, 43% of Delhi voters want AAP to form government in Delhi whereas 37% batted for BJP. TOI reports also indicates that Arvind Kejriwal is the most wanted CM for Delhi as 37% of Delhites want to him to regain his chair.

Here are some facts from TOI reports –

Delhi Elections


The story doesn’t ends here since Arvind Kejriwal released a video showing BJP Delhi vice president asking AAP MLA Mohania to take 4 Crores for supporting BJP.

The released video can be seen on –

If rumors are to believe than the re-elections may be held in February 2015 if BJP do not form any coalition government.

Finally the big questions arises could Congress would be able to bounce back or BJP will get the benefit of Mr. Modi being in centre or Arvind Kejriwal’s magic will prevail.

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