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Places to Visit in Jodhpur and Things to do in Jodhpur

Jodhpur tourist places & attractions from the experience of our writer & traveller Aarti Kapur Singh.

An experienced traveller will always tell you that there are hidden gems stowed in the hearts of even the most travelled-to cities. If you are quick to dismiss Jodhpur as just another city on every traveller’s list, think again. For this city in the land of Rajputs hides many gems within it. I have been going to Jodhpur every year for the last three years and the place always springs a surprise on me. Some common, some unusual, these are some places to see and things to do in Jodhpur that will make a trip to the city rather unusual.

  1. Mehrangarh Fort

Rising perpendicular and impregnable from a rocky hill that itself stands like a guardian above Jodhpur’s skyline, Mehrangarh is one of the most magnificent forts in India. The building materials were chiselled from the rock on which the fort stands, the structure merges with its base. Still run by the Jodhpur royal family, Mehrangarh is chock-full of history and legend. The founder of Jodhpur Rao Jodha had a man named Rajiya Bambi buried alive in its foundations; in exchange the Rathores have looked after Rajiya’s family ever since.

Mehrangarh.Fort. JodhPur HD - Jodhpur Travel Pictures
Image from

The museum in the Mehrangarh fort is one of the most well-stocked museums in Rajasthan. The gallery also has on display the personal swords of many emperors,  including Akbar. The Fort’s ramparts are lined with antique artillery and offer a panoramic view of the “Blue City”.

  1. Umaid Bhawan Palace

Walk (or drive) through the majestic gates of The Umaid Bhawan Palace and you will instantly feel like a royal. Just as if Buckingham Palace took a select number of paying guests, Umaid Bhawan Palace manages to be both the home of the Maharajah of Jodhpur and a luxury hotel. The royal family of Jodhpur still occupies a section of it. Most of the remainder has been converted into a luxurious palace hotel and unfortunately, it’s off-limits to anyone who’s not staying there. If you can’t afford $600+ per night for a room, you can still get a glimpse inside the palace by having an expensive dinner at one of its restaurants or visiting the museum.

Umaid Bhawan 1 - Jodhpur Travel Pictures
Image from
Umaid Bhawan 2 - Jodhpur Travel Pictures
Image from
  1. Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park

Situated on the lee of the Mehrangarh Fort, the Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park was developed in 2006, with the aim of restoring the natural ecology of a large rocky wasteland area next to the Fort. Neglected for many years, it was overrun by an invasive thorny shrub. The idea was to get rid of this baavlia and create a sanctuary-cum-nursery for native rock-loving plants. After the shrub was eradicated, over 80 native species of rock-loving plants from the Thar desert – called lithophytes – were researched, collected and grown there.

The Park extends across 70 hectares (around 200 acres) of rehabilitated land and has a walking trail. It’s interesting to explore at different times of the year, as its foliage changes with the seasons. Rohido or desert teak in February that sets the whole landscape on fire with its neon orange blossoms, or the fragrant Milkweed in August are amazing to look at.

Rock Park 2 - Jodhpur Travel Pictures
Image from

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  1. Eat the Mawa Kachori

The Mawa Kachori, is Jodhpur’s gift to the culinary world and a pure epicurean delight. Stuffed with a heady mixture of khoya, nuts and sometimes rose petals, the first bite will make you lose focus from counting the calories. While locals easily gulp about four or five at a time, ‘baharwale’ are often encouraged to go beyond the two or maximum three by the affable owners of either Jodhpur Sweet House or Janta Sweets – the two best places to try a few. Don’t just limit yourself to this bomb-sized sweet. Besan chakki, balu shahi and thaur also promise to gently seduce your taste buds. After the sugar overload, you can always neutralise it with a tantalising and fiery mirchi vada.

Mawa Kachori 1 - Jodhpur Special Food
Pics By Aarti
  1. Om Banna – The Bullet Baba

At Bandai, almost an hour from Jodhpur, Om Singh Rathore died when he crashed his Bullet into a tree while riding drunk way back in 1988. The police claimed the bike and took it to the station. The next day, the bike was found at the spot of the accident. They brought it back to the station, emptied the fuel tank and chained it. Yet the bike miraculously found its way back to accident spot the next day. The motorcycle was moved permanently to the location and promptly a shrine for Bullet Baba was erected.  Hundreds of devotees turn up every day to pray for a safe journey. Those who pass by stop to bow their heads leave offerings in honour of the helpful spirit, and some drivers also offer small bottles of alcohol at the site.

Bullet Baba - Jodhpur travel pics
Image from
  1. Tayeb Khan’s handcrafted sarees

Palaces, forts, deserts and even a bit of hunting is part of a Jodhpur jaunt, but the real secret of this city is a comely gentleman called Mohammed Tayeb Khan. If you are a shopaholic, forget about the done-to-death lac bangles and puny curios. Save all your money to buy Padmashri Tayeb Khan’s tie-and-dye sarees.  He doesn’t sell from a store, by choice. You have to know someone who knows him and can invite him (which is practically the whole city). He is happy to serve you tea and local delights as you glance through his collection of sarees, safas and dupattas in wide eyed wonder.

The dana of the bandhej is no bigger than the head of a pin. The shaded lehriya, a technique he developed, will leave you spellbound. He also cleverly indulges in pearly pastels, making them as glamorous as they are rooted. The best bit – he is more than affordable, unlike I thought when I first visited him and actually came back with almost a bagful of goodies.

Tayeb Khan's handcrafted sarees

  1. Grind your own red chillies at Mathaniya

Known for its rich dark red color and a flavour to set your palates on fire – Mathaniya’s chillies have a fame that transcends borders. Visit this town about an hour’s drive from Jodhpur and partake in grinding your own batch of the most flavorsome chilies.

Just 35kms from Jodhpur, you begin to feel your nostrils tingling about a mile away from it – that’s the pull of the Mathaniya mirchi. Cultivation, drying and grinding of the chillies happens all year long. Read more about Joghpur Travel.

Mathaniya Chillies - Aarti

Mathaniya Chillies 2 - AartiI am sure this read is going to be the best read for travelers who are keen to explore Jodhpur. Enjoy this, travel safe and keep sharing your experiences and pictures with us. Below we have comment section to hear you guys.

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[Revealed] Deepika Padukone Beauty Secrets You Must Know

2015 has been an incredibly eventful year for the daughter of Prakash Padukone, and it is not over yet. While in Piku it will not be an exaggeration to say that she managed to stand her ground in front of Amitabh Bachchan and Irrfan Khan, she is all set to close the year with a bang with two important – Tamasha and Bajirao Mastani.

  Deepika Padukone has always been a spiffy dresser and style icon and has only just launched her private label, All About You. “A person can be creative in many ways and ‘All about you’ is just me exploring the other side of my creativity.

I want to encourage women to be comfortable with themselves, in the way they dress, and with their bodies,” asserts Deepika, adding, “I want to share my own preferences when it comes to dressing up, my own personal style and what I like to wear in films and in life.

Before she was launched opposite Shahrukh Khan in the 2007 blockbuster, Om Shanti Om, Deepika Padukone was the queen of the ramp and also a Kingfisher calendar girl. And she has her own rules that she follows for looking stunning…

Deepika Padukone Beauty Secrets
Deepika Padukone Launched her clothing brand ‘All About You’

Here we are with Deepika Padukone Beauty Secrets

“Cleansing toning and moisturizing is most important,” says Deepika.

She uses gentle soaps and products that are mild and do not strip my skin of essential proteins. For makeup, she sticks to basics like a moisturizer, lipbalm and a neutral foundation. “Rather than regular facials, I indulge in clean-up sessions once in a while.

As a ritual, I like to relax with a relaxing body massage with lukewarm coconut or baby oil every week – twice if my schedules permit. Usually, a speedy workout followed by a quick spa session, sometimes just a steam and sauna will instantly make me feel good about myself. Exercise followed by a spa treatment makes me feel great,” says Deepika.

Deepika Padukone Beauty and hair care secretsDeepika claims, “Hot water is the worst thing for your hair.”

“Just like my skin, I do take good care of my hair. The most important part of my hair care routine is washing my hair with cool water instead of hot water. In addition, I do oil my hair every other day with extra virgin coconut oil,” says the actress.Deepika Padukone Wallpaper in HD

Deepika’s only beauty advice is – “Don’t experiment with your skin.”

She firmly believes you should take care of your skin using natural products. One should never try to go overboard on any products, as the more you try to be experimental with your skin, the worse it gets. It is better to adhere to basic skincare. “

Choose a reputable cosmetics brand after researching its quality and stick with it. I am careful to highlight one feature at a time when applying make up – either eyes or lips, never both.

I love taupe and brown eyeshadows, so I can sometimes risk coloring my lips with darker shades such as reds or plums. It is very important to understand the difference between day and night looks,” says Deepika.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika also highlights the importance of using sunscreen.

The sun screen is your best friend!”, says Deepika, adding, “I use plenty of sunscreen – because prevention is better than cure. Many people are unaware of the effects of the sun on their skin. I never ever leave home without literally bathing in it. And I always carry more than one bottle of it, in case I lose one, if I am traveling.

Deepika Padukone HD Images

“Secret of Deepika’s beauty and charm is Meditation”, Says Ranveer Singh her boyfriend.


We hope above Deepika Padukone beauty secrets will also do wonders for you, keep sharing your thoughts for Deepika and her style if you love her.

Note – Few images have been taken from Google Images and from Official Fb fanpage of Deepika Padukone

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24 Must have Makeup Products for Wedding Season

With this ongoing wedding season here I am with some must have makeup products for brides & her friends. I stole this list from my bestie’s wedding experience and I am sure this list surely gonna help you a lot. I am going to include products those are most needed, easily available, in budget and can be used even after this wedding season.

BB Cream/CC Cream – To get the even look for your face before you apply any makeup, you always need some good base and an even look. To get that even look & makeup I would recommend you to use your favorite BB/CC cream. If I am talk about mine, I am using ‘Maybelline Clear Glow Bright Benefit Cream‘.

maybelline-clear-glow-bright-benefit-creamSome other good alternatives for BB and CC creams are –

  • Lakme Complexion Care Cream – CC Creme
  • The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream
  • Revlon PhotoReady BB cream
  • Ponds White Beauty Blemish Balm Fairness
  • L’Oreal Paris True Match BB Cream
  • Colorbar Perfect Match BB Cream

Kajal & Eye liners – Once you have the base it means you are good to go with eye makeup. The superfine stokes of Kajal & a winked liner can do wonders for any wedding look. I love to use ‘Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner – Black’ to complete my eye makeup because it is so easy to apply. I use the same product as Kajal and Liner that actually makes it cost effective.

Maybelline New York EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

More Good alternatives of Kajals and Liners are –

  • Lakme Eyeconic Kajal – Black
  • L’Oreal Paris Kajal Magique
  • Faces Magneteyes Kajal (Lasts All Day)
  • Colorbar Ultra Dramatic Kajal Black
  • Lotus Herbals Colorkick Curved Liquid Eyeliner
  • Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eyeliner
  • Incolor Pen Eye Liner
  • L’oreal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza 36H (Can be used as Kajal and Liver)

Mascara – Kajal and eye liner look is something we even need for everyday life and to make that look prettier and festive here we have mascara and Eye Shadows in the picture. If I talk about my mascara, again I am Maybelline girl (I was not aware the factJ). I use ‘Maybelline Volum Express Hyper Curl Mascara’ and no wonder use of this product make my eye lashes more in prettier. Another reason for using mentioned product is ‘It can be removed easily’.

Maybelline Volum Express Hyper Curl Mascara

Other Good Mascaras to Opt for –

  • L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara
  • Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara
  • Maybelline Volum Express Falsies Mascara

Eye Shadows – For colorful wedding celebrations little eye shadow can make your look more adorable like no other time. But before you start shopping for eye shadows, do check the trending colors that you can opt for along with your festive attire.


Some perfect eye shadow kits are below –

  • L’oreal Paris Color Riche Les Ombres Eye Shadow
  • Maybelline Diamond Glow Eye Shadow
  • Makeup Revolution Salvation Eyeshadow
  • Lakme 9 To 5 Eye Quartet Eyeshadow
  • Faces Glam On Eye Shadow

Lipsticks Pinks and reds, both are the best festive colors and these trending colors can go with any outfit. So in case if you ever find yourself in confusion for lip color then keep every other color aside and select either pink or red, as per your outfit. If you are going to purchase your lip color then make sure you purchase in Matte look because that will be long lasting

If you are going to purchase your lip color then make sure you purchase in Matte look because that will be long lasting lip shade. With these 2 lipsticks, you can also keep one lip gloss, in case if you want some glossy touch for your lips.

Lakme 9 To 5 Matte Lip Color
Image from

Lipsticks for wedding season –

  • L’oreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte Limited Edition
  • Lakme 9 To 5 Matte Lip Color
  • Maybelline Superstay 14hr Lipstick

Hope you are loving our makeup suggestions, if you think we are missing something then don’t miss to shout through comment sections.

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Tamasha Movie Review – One Time Watch

Hey you movie buffs, kindly excuse me for delayed movie review of ‘Tamasha‘ but I literally wanted to share my intakes on latest movie of Ranbir Kapoor with Deepika ‘Tamasha’.

Tamasha Movie Review - One Time WatchFor me Tamasha is a movie for fans of Deepika and Ranbir Kapoor. This DPRK love story  is a good watch for couples who wanted to see more onscreen appearance of this ex bollywood couple.

Imtiaz Ali paints Tamasha with different sort of emotions; though it is a love story by Imtiaz, darker side of love story was already expected just like Rockstar.

Deepika Padukone as Tara does a fine job. She looked super awesome throughout the movie. Regarding Ranbir as Ved, he acted well but his character was little odd to digest for some including me.

The bad part about the movie was first 15 minutes, if you need to go loo, you can go in first 15 minutes. Those first 15 minutes will make you feel like ‘What is this happening?’ but as soon you will be able to see the couple Deepika & Ranbir you will enjoy this. Their chemistry is awesome like every other time.

Some dialogues from the movie are crazy and you might love to make dubsmash on them like I did –

Songs those are earning huge downloads from the movie are Matargashti, Heer Toh Badi Sad Hain, and Agar Tum Sath Ho.

This movie encourages the audience to not to change their self just to fit in this world. Be you and enjoy the life fullest in the way you want. You can also read the movie review at

Overall because of excellent couple Ranbir & Deepika and their chemistry, good music and social message, this movie is surely a one time for everyone. Share your views below.

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Kareena Kapoor beauty Secrets from Vivel’s bloggers meet

Hello beauties,

Today we are going to talk about one of the most known personal care brands, Vivel by ITC. So it all started when Vivel invited me for the ‘Bloggers Meet’ that happened in hotel Sherton last week where the brand ambassador Kareena Kapoor Khan herself shared her journey as an ambassador of Vivel along with some tempting beauty hacks that she regularly follows to look stunning always.

The blogger’s meet was hosted by Dr. Mahima Bakshi, celebrity Fitness and Beauty Consultant. It was a great opportunity for bloggers to get real insights into Vivel products, market share and products specifications from the team at Vivel, which included Mr. Subash Balar (Category Head, ITC Personal Wash) and Mr. Vijayan Padmanabhan (Sr. Lead Scientist from ITC’s Life Sciences Technology Centre).

Also present was Ms. Priscilla Corner, renowned beauty expert.

#VivelSkinLove Bloggers Event with Kareena Kapoor Khan
Team Vivel with Kareena Kapoor Khan at Bloggers Event

Before we talk about exclusive beauty tips by Kareena Kapoor, let’s have the look on ITC’s Life Sciences Technology that insures to make Vivel soaps best among all other available brands.

Recently launched personal care products by Vivel are focused on deep Skin Nourishment, which is very vital for healthy glowing skin, especially in metro cities where the air is polluted and harmful for the skin.

The new range by Vivel is enriched with Vitamin E, a powerful skin moisturizer. It’s just what you need to nourish your skin, to which Kareena gives her full approval (her entire family uses Vivel soaps).

What was extremely interesting to see was the skin nourishment test, which was conducted by Mr. Vijayan Padmanabhan on stage to ensure how magical Vivel products are. The results of test were awesome.

Even I have done the test on me after meetup and I can tell you, it works. Once you have used Vivel, the test results changed dramatically for the better, which means that the skin was more nourished after it received the right food – and this is what Vivel is all about – nourishing the skin.

Skin Nourishment Test At Vivel Event Delhi Bloggers Meet
Skin Nourishment Test

The new range of soaps includes 4 variants that are ideal food for skin.

  • Vivel with Green Tea and Vitamin E
  • Vivel Aloe Vera with Vitamin E
  • Vivel Orange Refresh Moisturizer with Vitamin E
  • Vivel Mixed fruit (Pomegranate, Avocado and Papaya Cream) + Cream

Vivel Soaps

So now we are going to share all exclusive beauty secrets of the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor Khan –

Kareena Kapoor Khan At Vivel Event
Stunning Kareena Kapoor Khan
  • Hydrate yourself with lots of Water intake.
  • Apply natural Aloe vera gel on skin to make it more soft and supple.
  • Use Almond oil as moisturizer; especially for the skin sections those are too dry.
  • Keep sufficient distance with sugar & fried/oily food.
  • Eating right is all what you need for a healthier skin and proper shaped body, Dieting is not the solution.
  • Anti-Aging products are not Kareena’s cup of tea as she thinks wrinkles look sexy especially on men.
  • Proper sleep is always required for healthy skin.
  • Exercise keeps our skin healthier by releasing lots of toxins through sweat.

Among all her beauty hacks I loved the Almond oil one a lot and it is really working for me in Delhi’s cold winters. Don’t miss to follow Kareena’s beauty secrets to have glowing skin like her and rush to get your favorite Vivel Soap to keep your skin nourished.

A photo posted by Yogita Aggarwal (@yogita790) on

For me the greatest endorsement of Vivel is the fact that a fitness and health conscious star like Kareena uses it and I am thankful to Vivel because of Vivel stunning Kareena and me got captured in the same photo  🙂

Spot me Yogita Aggarwal with Kareena Kapoor Khan & Other Bloggers
Kareena Kappor, Another Blogger, Me Yogita Aggarwal and other Bloggers 🙂

Thanks for reading us my lovely readers. Don’t miss to share this post on social media and must try out Kareena Kapoor’s Beauty secrets.

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Best Place to Shop Luxury Interiors In Delhi NCR

So today we are here with one of the best places, to shop luxurious interior products.

ED&P has unprecedented designs in Sanitary-ware, tiles and light construction materials and includes various renowned European and Asian brands like Atlas Concorde, Cotto , IMEX, 14 Oraitaliana, Arazia, Ezarri, Bravat, Valcucine, Newform, Hatria, Simas etc.

ED&P is also bringing you high quality luxurious Italian furniture in affiliation with ‘Tonin Casa’ which brings in both classical and contemporary furniture for a beautiful decor.

Checkout some of the exclusive designs they have in their portfolio –

Shop Luxury Interiors In Delhi

Shop Luxury Modular Kitchen

Luxury Interiors Shop EDP

Outdoor Glass Kitchen Ideas


Luxury Interiors For Office

Luxury Washroom Interiors for Hotels

Immagini 9354

Ed& P Rain Bath

Ed&P Showroom GurgaonHope you are liking their showroom collection, for more you can visit them directly –

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For all ‘Out of Box People’ NGC has got ‘Mission Explorer’.

Hey you explorers get ready; Nat Geo is looking out for you. Today we are with the buzz on latest program of National Geographic Channel.

On 21st of Nov, NGC announced ‘Mission Explorer’, a hunt for people who have made impact by taking a leap ‘Beyond Boundaries’. Mission Explorer will be the nationwide search for individuals who look at the world through an explorer’s eye. The property is designed to identify and felicitate individuals who by following their passion have achieved the extraordinary.

If you think there is an extraordinary explorer inside you then don’t miss to participate in ‘Mission Explorer’. Interested explorers can register their self under categories Music & Art, Innovation & Technology and Nature & Travel before 25Dec, 2015.

Mission Explorer’

Participation and shortlisting procedure –

  • Log on to
  • Choose the relevant category for your story – Music & Art, Innovation and Technology and Nature and Travel
  • Upload the video/images of your achievement/story with a short description and tell us why you are a true explorer
  • NGC will filter the best 10 entries across all three categories

Must Visit – ClearTrip App Review – Must Have App For Travelers

  • The Jury will choose the top 3 winners
  • Winning stories will get the chance to be aired on channel in the form of a small clip.
  • Winners will also get an all-expenses paid Nat Geo trip to Machu Picchu, coming year.

Nat GEO Mission Explorer India

The best stories will be picked up by judges, who their self are the perfect example of true explorers, Judges are –

  • Ishita Malaviya first Indian female surfer

  • Tushar Agarwal and Sanjay Madan who drove across 50 countries(90,000 km) in one car

  • Arjun Venkataraman an engineer who has been working to connect isolated communities with cheap technology

  • Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj of MIDival Punditz fame

Got a passion? Then don’t miss a single second and register yourself for Mission Explorer, Do share this read with the people who you think are truly great explorers. #HappyExploring

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6 Silly Tax Deductions For Indians

Death and taxes are the only certainties in life, and turns out there are innumerable unthinkable ways in which either can occur. Let’s take a step towards becoming aware citizens as we realize that almost everything we consume has taxes.

Here’s a list of six bizarre items that we are taxed on.


Most states in India levy a water tax, with every city’s municipal corporation deciding the rate each year. For the ongoing year, the Bombay Municipal Corporation (BMC) estimates a gain of Rs 107.02 Crore from water.


Yes, not even your adorable pet dogs have been spared the brutal tax seal.

In 2009, the Chandigarh government imposed a fine of Rs 1000 for anyone who owned more than two dogs, in an effort to control breeding. Not only did this ruling cause uproar amongst pet owners and breeders, but also from the general public who see this as a bizarre interference by the government.

Sanitary Napkins

Until a few years ago sanitary napkins and diapers, which are basic hygiene products, were classified as luxury items while condoms, lubricants, sunscreens as important health goods.

Till 2011, sanitary napkins had a luxury tax of 14 percent, but it was reduced after pressure from advocacy groups and NGOs. 70% of women in India still cannot afford the napkins.


Though this is one area which remains grey and subjective to change with each case, in most cases the government considers money received as alimony, to be income and hence taxable. Monthly alimony, received for maintenance of the spouse and any children who may have to be supported


Name 5 things that should be available to all at a normal rate, and medicines will surely be one of them. It seems a bit odd then, that almost all medicines, including essential vaccines for tuberculosis, cholera, typhoid etc. are taxed with an excise duty of 6%. And this does not include the additional 4-5 % VAT, and also taxes on packaging material which makers can charge.


Don’t worry; you don’t have to protect your Diwali and New Year gifts from the income tax department. The tax is applicable on gifts received by any individual in excess of Rs.50, 000 in a year.

Interestingly, the tax was demolished in 1998, and reinstated in 2004.

Feeling outraged? Tell us what you think.

Voice your opinion and be a part of Transformiti’s vision to create a responsible India. We endeavor to reach out with information that doesn’t get spoken about as much as it should.

Do share your views and tax knowledge with us and don’t miss to share this read on your social profiles.

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Cool accessories for Android Smartphones

In today’s times of extensively growing technology and globalization, mobile devices have figuratively become a crucial part of one’s lifestyle. And why not! After all, the Android operating system has just so many options to offer to add to the user’s comfort and leisure that people can hardly imagine their lives without their phones. Your smart android devices help you to connect to the world literally.

There are more than a thousand ways to make the maximum use of the Android device and its accessories in order to make your phone cooler and smarter. You can pimp your phone by accessorizing it with all the available latest trending accessories. Now its time to give the try to smartphone accessories those are very new and in trend for most of the smartphone users.

Now its time to give the try to smartphone accessories those are very new and in trend for most of the smartphone users.

Dash Type-C MicroSD Reader

It helps you read through & write on MicroSD card on your computer and smartphones with type-C USB port. Put it to play video/music located over the MicroSD card. See photos/documents, copy and take backup just about any or perhaps all your files. Aircraft-grade aluminum casing is tough & strong but delicate too. It is available in three lovely shades which are eye-catching and look gorgeous.

Expandable & convenient storage devices have never appeared so lovely.

Dash Type-C MicroSD ReaderImage Source –


Safety in Your Hands

Your keys are generally together with you whenever you leave the house. That’s the thought behind NomadKey–it’s designed just like a key and also fits effortlessly with your keychain.

Ultra Durable Building

We work with high-grade polycarbonate via Bayer along with a stellar rubber elastomer via Dupont to make the keys flexible and also resilient.

Flexible to Reach Every Corner

USB ports are almost everywhere. As long as you’ve your NomadKey, you possibly can charge your product.

Charge and Sync All of Your Devices

We consider every person should have a key, so we have now created the item from the base level to work with any kind of mobiles. It works with all Android devices.

Charge Key NomadImage Source –, Note – Chargekey is a charging cable, not a portable battery.

Mighty Purse

Technology has led to the evolution of this smart gadget purse that will charge up all your Android Smartphones. The Mighty purse is available in multiple sizes and in many colors.  Some of it’s best features of Mighty Purses are:

  • 4000AH Rechargeable Battery
  • Comes with Built in Cables
  • Made up of High quality Genuine Leather
  • Works with all Micro USB Android Smartphones
  • LED Indicator for charging
  • Has ample space for your other accessories.

For all the people who travel a lot with their smartphones and want the very handy option to charge their smartphones then this Mighty Purse is the perfect choice for those.


Cuff offers smart jewellery to all the beautiful ladies to be more smarter and advanced just by wearing some accessories. Not only Cuff keeps all the ladies in the reach of their friends and family but also make them aware with the coming phone calls and texts when their phone is in beg or in jeans pocket. In

In case of emergencies one just need to press the CUFF to be able to post an alert to the emergency circle when you need their support. Cuff is the must have for all beautiful ladies, just connect your phone with your Cuff mobile app and be stress-free.

The best part about CUFF line of jewelry is it comes in a variety of styles from a leather band and sports bracelet to a necklace and key chain. One can pick the smart jewelry as per occasion and mood.

Cuff Smart Jewel

Note – For Fitness lovers soon your Cuff is going to monitor your health as well.

Further, having enhanced you phone’s exterior, smartphones are actually your life guides in a million ways especially because of the easily available and user friendly applications available on the Android platform. What makes their use easier and more fun is the development of 4G technology which helps one save lot of time by offering literally eye blink internet speeds along with the Octacore processors. Some of the applications available on the Android play store which you can and actually should download on your smartphones to exploit their full potential are listed as follows:

instax SHARE SP-1

Have Images to Share? Make them Beautiful with this amazing App. instax is a FUJIFILM official application that helps in printing images from smartphones to instax SHARE smartphone printer by wireless LAN.

  • Download Fujifilm’s instax SHARE application.
  • Print anytime, anywhere.
  • Make copies with the REPRINT button.
  • A Variety of Templates Available
  • A variety of Filters Available for more Printing Fun
  • Turn the images you took with your digital camera into instax prints on the spot

Android Assistant

True to its name, it helps you clear your phone’s temporary memory and release more storage space occupied otherwise by cache files and cookies. Android assistant is the android app that comes with top 18 features. Few of them are Monitor status, Process Manager, Cache Cleaner, File Manager and Startup Manager. This smart android application helps you in improving your android smartphone running speed and saves battery too.

Android Assistant App

This blog essentially hopes to help you pimp your Android smartphones and make the most out the amazing features that they offer to us. We urge you to use your Android phones with the most interesting ways we shared above and write us back your opinions.

If you have something very new then don’t miss to write that through comment section. below is the comment section for all #Technocrats.

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Huh! Impractical Expectations of Men from Women

Being a woman is a challenging task. She plays many roles in her entire life. From childhood to old age she goes through a number of transitions. While going through these phases she fulfills a number of demands and expectations either of her parents, siblings, friends, teachers, bosses, lover, husband and children as well.

Some demands are acceptable and reasonable but at times they become impractical and difficult to tackle. It is observed that most of these impractical expectations are from men, I really don’t understand what actually they think of women.

Women Should Be Kind and Well-Mannered Always.

Why this is so? Why it is always expected from women to be kind, caring, polite, shy, well-mannered always. We women also wish to be carefree and do whatever we want to, we are human we can feel the same as men.

We get angry, want to shout and scream, but all these things are not for women according to some men. Men always have predefined guidelines for their women.

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I Love Calm Women, Quotes for herWomen is the sole care taker of Household Chores

Whether it comes to cooking or cleaning the house or bringing groceries men feel it is the only responsibility of women to do all this work. They make a mess of the bedroom or kitchen and women have to clean all day, if she doesn’t then they’ll leave everything cluttered. They expect women to keep everything on place and as neat as a pin for them to scatter again.

Men Want Women to Get Ready Quickly and Look Hot

These are two impossible things to get ready in no time and look gorgeous. Men should understand it takes time for women to complete the process of getting ready; she has to do a number of things to look beautiful, don’t just move around and ask continuously Are You Ready?

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We Don’t Read Minds

Most of the men won’t express their feeling and at the end say you don’t understand me. Please speak up tell us what you think; we don’t have powers of reading minds. Men always expect women to understand all their feelings without saying and if we don’t then they get frustrated.

Love Quotes Image
Image Source Flickr

You Want Attention and You Don’t Want Someone Always Behind You

This is really impractical, men want us to take care and when we care they feel irritated. They want us to call up several times a day and when we actually do they get annoyed. Please decide on one side.

Men Want Us to Be Emotional and Understanding Always

Women also have multiple feelings most of the time we are emotional but sometimes we also find it difficult to connect and understand. Men please don’t think we don’t care or are uninterested it’s just that we don’t feel the same always.

Women Should Always Be Well-Dressed and In Shape

Ok! Being well dressed and maintaining shape is good but we can’t always be same or I should say no one can always be the same in appearance. Men also change so why this discrimination with women. Women are busy in so many activities and if still she maintains her appearance that’s great but if she can’t then men should not complain but try to understand.

Men Expect Women to be Dependent on Them

Most of the men don’t want independent women. They want us to be dependent for each and everything, either for going somewhere or repairing an electronic. But men should be glad today women is independent, can do her own work.

From earning her living or taking responsibility of the whole family women are capable of everything. She is beautiful and technical at the same time; don’t always take things on your ego. Women are not behind men but equal as men.

Conclusion – This discussion is never ending; men and women can have a debate over this for long hours and end up with no conclusion. But I would like to conclude here, as most of the men will disagree on this but at some point of life they will realize that they had expected such things either from their mother, sister, girlfriend or wife. And if a man has not expected these things from a woman then he would be an ideal or dream man for every woman.

Contributed by Naina MakhijaNaina is a Post-Graduate from India.  You can read her personal blog:

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Latest Jewellery Trends for Wedding Wardrobe

Whatever was listed on your mother’s must-have jewelry list is no longer the current trend, we understand when someone says a string of pearls are a timeless piece of jewelry nevertheless as times change you need to step up on your collection too.

Setting in newer trends with jewelry essentials that add a twist are the must-haves for this season. Let’s quickly review what should be a priority when you go out to shop.

5. Chandelier Earrings:

Make a breathtaking entrance at a wedding or a party when you put together a glittering outfit with dazzling earrings that will shift the twinkle of your eyes right to your earlobes.

Rather than investing majorly in a heavy set that would be seldom worn, buy yourself a stunning pair of earrings that will never go out of fashion and be a joy to adorn everytime.

Latest Diamond Earring Designs

4. Cocktail Rings:

A statement ring that is big and eye-catching is meant to do all the talking at an evening dinner and is a joy to adorn making even a simple black dress look dressier.  An ordinary ring can never do that for you, choose a ring that would be universal yet speak volumes. For

An ordinary ring can never do that for you, choose a ring that would be universal yet speak volumes. For instance a pearl set into glittering gold and with the luster and sparkles of diamonds are bound to make a heart pump faster.

3. Stud Earrings:

A traditional single solitaire did hold great love in every woman’s heart but the current trend shouts out for a change in shape to the classic design that your grandmother wore.

Check out the Evergreen solitaire earrings with a twist that would make each girl go green with envy. With all three set together- Marquise, Pear and Princess these earrings are a delight to flaunt.

Latest indian fashion Jewellery

2. Bangle:

Plain simple bangles do not bring out the vibrancy as compared to the glimmer and exuberance of diamonds however combining it to a daily wear wardrobe could be tough. Check these timeless bangles that would solve the purpose, they would bring out the sparkling side in you and also not be over the top dressy. Suitable for any age young and old alike, these bangles are perfect for every occasion.

Check these timeless bangles that would solve the purpose, they would bring out the sparkling side in you and also not be over the top dressy. Suitable for any age young and old alike, these bangles are perfect for every occasion.

Bangles - fashion accessories

1. Modular Set:

Create your own options, make your jewelry collection by modifying it to a new design without any hassle. Modular jewelry designs that are made these days are super stylish and much in vogue since they are not limited to one single design and are a practical investment.

So turn the huge set into a pendant or small earrings into big dressier ones all in few easy steps.

Fashion Jewellery SetsHope you will like above jewelry essentials those were shared by as contribution.

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Hit And Flop Movies List Of Bollywood Actresses

After the success of post ‘List of Hit and Flop Bollywood Movies With Starring Name‘, here we are list of hit and flop movies of Bollywood actress.

Katrina Kaif Hit and Flop Movies

Although Kat’s first film Boom did not find much appreciation, she managed to catch everyone’s attention towards her.

Apart from just couple of flop movies like Yuvraaj and Blue, Kat has always been every Indian’s favorite actress. Here’s the list of Katrina Kaif’s Hit and Flop movies.

Katrina Kaif Wallpaper

Hit movies Flop movies
Sarkar Boom
Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya Humko Deewana Kar Gaye
Namastey London Yuvraaj
Apne Blue
Partner Tees Maar Khan
Welcome Phantom
Singh Is King
New York
Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani
De Dana Dan
Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
Mere Brother Ki Dulhan
Ek Tha Tiger
Jab Tak Hai Jaan
Dhoom 3
Bang Bang

Sonakshi Sinha
Hit and Flop Movies

Like her father, Sonakshi is known for her top notch acting skills among her fans and Bollywood. She did brilliant role in both Dabbang and Dabbang 2. But she had to content herself with movies like Action Jackson and Tevar which did not managed to achieve much fame. Here’s Sonakshi’s Hit and Flop movie list –

But she had to content herself with movies like Action Jackson and Tevar which did not managed to achieve much fame. Here’s Sonakshi’s Hit and Flop movie list –

Hit movies Flop movies
Dabangg Joker
R… Rajkumar Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara!
Rowdy Rathore Bullett Raja
Dabangg 2 Action Jackson
Son of Sardaar Tevar
Holiday  Lootera

Deepika Padukone Hit and Flop Movies

Well, Deepika is certainly every Indian youth’s first crush these days. Deepika started her career with the movie titled ‘Om Shanti Om’ where she acted along with Shah Rukh Khan. The movie went on to become one of the greatest hit in Bollywood. Check Deepika Padukone HairStyles.

Deepika Padukone Latest Wallpaper
Deepika Padukone Latest Pic

However, the actress has seen many ups and downs in her career thereafter. Take a look at the best and worst movies of Deepika Padukone –

Hit movies Flop movies
Om Shanti Om Bachna Ae Haseeno
Love Aaj Kal Billu
Housefull Chandni Chowk To China
Cocktail Break Ke Baad
Ram-leela Karthik Calling Karthik
Race 2 Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se
Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Lafangey Parindey
Happy New Year Aarakshan
Chennai Express

Priyanka chopra Hit and Flop Movies

Talk about real Indian beauty and how could we forget about Priyanka. Priyanka has always delivered up to and beyond the expectations with her acting. Her best movies include Don, Don 2, Barfi and the latest Mary Kom.

However there were films like Kismat, Aitraaz, 7 Khoon Maaf and Zanzir where things did not went as expected. Here’s Priyanka’s hit and flop movie list.

Hit movies Flop movies
The Hero: Love Story of a Spy Plan
Andaaz Kismat
Mujhse Shaadi Karogi Asambhav
Waqt: The Race Against Time Aitraaz
Taxi no. 9211 Blackmail
Krrish Karam
Don Yakeen
Kaminey Barsaat
Fashion Bluffmaster
Don 2 Aap ki khatir
Anjaana Anjaani


Kareena Kapoor Hit and Flop Movies

Kareena Kapoor Latest Hd Pics
Kareena Kapoor Khan pic from Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Beauty, Talent and Skills, Kareena has it all. Her best movies include ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham…’, 3 Idiots, Bodygaurad and Ra.One.

Despite of her brace and acting skills, she had to content herself with the movies like ‘Talaash: The Hunt Begins…’, ‘Kyon Ki’, ‘Heroine’ which did not made much score on box office. Check out Kareena Kapoor’s hit and flop movies list below –

Hit movies Flop movies
Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai Refugee
Ajnabee Yaadein
Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham… Asoka
Hulchul Mujhse Dosti Karoge!
Golmaal Returns Jeena Sirf Merre Liye
3 Idiots Talaash: The Hunt Begins…
Golmaal 3 Khushi
Bodyguard Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon
Ra.One LOC Kargil
Singham Returns Chameli
Bajrangi Bhaijaan Yuva
Don Dev
Jab We Met Aitraaz
Chup Chup Ke
Kambakkht Ishq
Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu


Anushka Sharma Hit and Flop Movies

The Bollywood industry has seen many newcomers since last couple of years and one actress that hit the right note was Anushka Sharma.

Starting her career with Shah Rukh Khan in movie ‘Rab ne Bana Di Jodi’, she managed to grab everyone’s eyes. ‘PK’ was greatest hit of all time. Here’s hit and flop movies of Anushka Sharma –

Hit movies Flop movies
Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Patiala House
Badmaash Company Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola
Band Baaja Baaraat Bombay Velvet
Sultan Dil Dhadakne Do
Jab Tak Hai Jaan  Ladies vs Ricky Bahl
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil


Sonam Kapoor Hit and Flop Movies

Another example of like father like daughter is Sonam Kapoor, who inherits her acting skills from her father Anil Kapoor. The actress came in lime light with her movie Raanjhanaa where she acted along with star of south movies Dhanush. Although she has seen struggling career since then with giving flop fims like – Bewakoofiyaan, Khoobsurat, Dolly Ki Doli. Sonam Kapoor Style of outfits is very famous among girls.

Sonam-kapoor latest Pic
Sonam in PRDP

Here’s Sonam kapoor’s list of hit and flop movies –

Hit movies Flop movies
I Hate Luv Storys Saawariya
Raanjhanaa Delhi-6
Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Aisha
 Thank You Dolly Ki Doli
 Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Mausam
Mirza Sahiba


Kangana Ranaut Hit and Flop Movies

She’s rightfully the ‘Queen’ of Bollywood industry. Known for his leading performance, she made her impact in the Bollywood with movies like Queen, Fashion and Life in a Metro. Her all time hit movies include – Tanu weds Manu and its sequel.

Kangana Renaut ImagesHowever, like every other actress she had to face worst with movies like – Rascals, Tezz and Rajjo. Neverthless, she has always been among the top actresses in Bollywood. Here’s the hit and flop movie list of Kangana Ranaut –

Hit movies Flop movies
Raaz – The Mystery Continues Woh Lamhe
Once Upon a Time In Mumbaai Knock Out
Tanu Weds Manu Double Dhamaal
Gangster Shakalaka Boom Boom
Life in a… Metro Vaada Raha
Fashion Kites
Queen No Problem
Tanu Weds Manu Returns Game
Shootout at Wadala Rascals
OUATIM Vaada Raha
I Love New York
Katti Batti

Alia Bhatt
Hit and Flop Movies

With not much movies in her bag, Alia has been so far so good. She performed very well in movies like 2 states and Student of the year but her latest movie Shaandar didn’t do well on the box office. Here’s Alia Bhatt’s list of hit and Flop films –

Hit movies Flop movies
2 States Highway
Student Of The Year Shaandar
Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania Udta punjab
Dear zindagi Kapoor and sons
Badrinath ki dhulania Sangharsh



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Love Yourself Because You Deserve it

We all know the power of three magical words that are I LOVE YOU. Everyone has said these fascinating words to someone or the other once in their lifetime. Either to their parents, siblings, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend or husband but almost all of us has forgotten the most important person who truly deserves this magic is we ourselves.

This is worth giving a thought, how often do you love yourself, think about yourself or pamper or take care of yourself. You always have time to think of your close ones, take care of them but why the closest person is neglected who will always be with you, who will never cheat or betray you this person is yourself. This concept of loving yourself is called self-love.

Self-love is unknown for most of the people. Let’s try to discover the importance of self-love and try to get a better life.

The question arises here Why Self-love?

It may seem to be selfish but no there is a difference between self-love and selfishness, the more you love yourself the more you’ll love others. Self-love gives happiness from within and when you are happy from inside you are likely to become a more positive and joyful person.

Self Love Quotes and Sayings

Positive vibes are the key to achieve anything or everything in life. To bring this positivity you need to know yourself and get rid of all the negativity.

Love is divine, a cure for almost all diseases. Bring this love for yourself and see how it changes your perspective of life. To discover this love first you need to realize what things are stopping you from loving yourself. Here are some possible thoughts that come in the way of self-love:

  • Negativity, Thinking negative of yourself or having a feeling of complex keeps you away from loving yourself.
  • Feeling of guilt or regret of past actions makes you feel that you are a bad person or you are unable to forget that past event which affects your present.
  • Failure, losing and winning is a part of life but sometimes people take the sole responsibility of failure on themselves therefore in spite of learning from their failure they get discouraged. Then they say that they can’t do anything in life or they are losers.
  • Anger, failure and anger are co-related when someone fails they get angry on themselves. Anger and love are usually two extreme opposites; an angry mind cannot think positive or feel the love.
  • Thinking bad about your appearance, body or looks these are the creation of God. If you think you don’t look good from outside try to discover your inner beauty, the beauty of mind and soul. Outside beauty my fade as you age but your inner beauty will last forever. To achieve this beauty of mind you must stop comparing yourself to others and start loving yourself. Remember beauty comes from mind not from body.
  • Taking criticism negatively on yourself. Some people may criticize your actions they may be your close ones, your parents, friends, teachers, etc. their criticism is for your good if you take it negatively then there are more chances of failure than success plus you will inculcate false feelings like no one likes me, I am of no use, etc. So to avoid this you need to accept criticism positively.

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These are some of the hurdles that may come across on the pathway of self-love. It is said that love makes the world go round so to achieve this love for yourself you need to respect and appreciate yourself. When you will have a habit of loving yourself you will not find any difficulty in loving others.

Self Love quotes with YogitaStart loving yourself and see how everything will be divine for you, you will realize how beautiful the world is, the people around you are not so bad, you will start looking your life from a new aspect which will change you entirely.

So give a chance for love to enter your life, start admiring and appreciating yourself, spend more time with yourself, always wear a smile, respect yourself, listen to good music and read inspirational books, happily accept your life as it is, find joy in small things, share your thoughts with others, try to be satisfied with whatever you have as there are many unfortunates in the world who are deprived of basic things in life so thank the almighty for this life.

Conclusion: There are numerous reasons for sadness but find one to be happy. If you don’t love yourself you can’t give love to others. To find heaven don’t wait until you die, start loving yourself you will find it right here.

The great God has given you the gift of life; accept this gift with love and joy. Don’t search for someone to love, discover this love within you, be a best friend for yourself and see how you achieve all the success you desire in life.

You have got this life to live choice is yours to live either happily or unhappily with sorrows and regrets so why not live it joyfully and happily.

Think upon these beautiful lines said by Lucille Ball Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world”.

Above lovable write up is by Naina Makhija – Naina is a Post-Graduate from India. She is working in SEO field. She is passionate for writing inspirational articles, few incidents in her life made her realize the importance of self-motivation and courage. She believes you cannot change your destiny but you can always work on yourself for becoming a better person. You can read her personal blog:

Don’t miss to share this ‘Self Love Read’ with your friends and relatives and spread the positive vibes in everyone life.

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Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Bollywood Super Hit

For all bollywood buffs, here we are with our intakes for bollybood blockbuster ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’.

The dialogue from movie – ‘Har family mein problem hai … par woh khush naseeb hai jinki family hoti hai ‘ shares actually a lot about movie theme.

This Salman Khan and Sonam Starrer movie is a perfect Diwali celebration family houseful for all who loves to watch Salman Khan, Sonam Kapoor and entertaining family drama.

PRDP also features Anupam Kher, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Armaan Kohli, Deepak Dobriyal and Swara Bhaskar in key roles and all these supporting actors are good in their role.

The music is not so noticeable, the only songs that you might hear after watching the movie is – title song Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Prem Leela, Aaj unse milna hai and Jalte Diye.

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Salman and SonamSooraj Barjatya written and directed movie is full of colors and dialogues those will connect you with the movie emotionally.

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo FamilySalman’s movies are known for the social massages and Salman’s this movie got the message of ‘Family Importance over money‘ for the viewers.

In a group interview for PRDP, Salman Khan mentioned –

This movie will make you think about your family. If there is something wrong within your family, PRDP will make you pick up the phone and sort out the differences. I hope the audiences find it as beautiful as I found it to be.

Overall this movie is a good watch for festival family outings. Chachas, Buas and Mamas are surely going to like this. Salman is best who steal the show. Sonam can be seen in most classy and royal avatars.

Movie Ratings – 3.5 /5
Do share your reviews for the movie, we would love to hear your intakes.

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Wedding Day Photography – Poses for Indian Brides & Couples

Wedding Day is the most precious day for any couple. And to keep that day more memorable, every couple wants it to be filled with most beautiful romantic and unique photographs.

Wedding photography is a tradition now and every couple wants to be best at posing for at-least this day.

So here we go with some great poses for Indian Bride, Groom and Couples for wedding day.

These wedding poses will help you to create most memorable and romantic pictures for your wedding album.

Wedding Poses for Indian Couples –

Bipasha and Karan romantic Weddin pose Bipasha and Karan Wedding pose Couple poses for Pre Wedding Shoot Couple poses for wedding photography

Wedding Couples Poses

Images for wedding for posses Indian Bridal jwellery Photography Indian wedding couple images hd Indian wedding couple poses photos Indian wedding couple poses Indian wedding photography poses bride and groom Indian wedding poses Latest Pose for pre wedding couples Latest Poses for Wedding couples Love pose for Indian Wedding couples Married couples Photography New wedding couples Photography


Roshni and Corey – Photos by Jensen Larson –

Indian Couple Wedding Photoshoot

Roshni and Corey – Photos by Jensen Larson –

  Photography of Indian Wedding Couples View More: Posses of Bipasha Basu and karan Grover Mehandi celebration Pre wedding shoot at Taj Mahal Romantic Couples Pre wedding Photography poses Romantic couples Wedding shoot Romantic Indian wedding photography poses Wedding couple photography

Indian Wedding Poses for Brides –

Wedding photography poses for groom Wedding posses of Bipasha And karan

Photo by IQPhoto Studio
Roshni and Corey – Photos by Jensen Larson –

indian wedding couple images hd indian wedding couple images hd

Note – Most of the pictures have the Photographer watermark for reference.

I hope above wedding photography poses ideas post will help you 🙂

Have a Magical Wedding Portrait 😉

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Acer Launched Liquid Z530, Z630s with MannersAli

Acer India the leading personal computer brand unveiled two budget smartphones on November 5th in the capital of country. The model names are Z630s and Z530 from Acer Liquid series. Both these latest android phones are now exclusively available on Flipkart for sale with exciting offers.

Acer India Launched Acer Liquid Z530 and Z630s smartphones

Buyers can purchase the Liquid Z530 right away from Flipkart, but to purchase Z630s buyers have  to wait for November 12 flash sale. Those who are interested in purchasing Z630s can pre-register between 5th and 11th November, 2015.

Above both models can be the right choice for budget Smartphone buyers. Acer Liquid Z530 is priced at Rs. 6,999 and Acer Liquid Z630s will be available for Rs. 10,999. Mentioned Acer phones are going to be dual SIM phones with latest android version lollipop 5.1 and 4G LTE network technology.

At the launch, company officials mentioned that under ‘Make In India’ initiative these smart phones will be manufactured in India only from this quarter end. Let’s look the detailed specifications of Acer Gadgets.

Acer Liquid Z530 Specs

This android phone is powered by 64-bit, quad-core 1.3GHz MediaTek MT6735 processor with the 5-inch display (144 x 70.3 x 8.9 mm). The phone comes with Android 5.1, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage and advanced graphics.

Liquid Z530 have 8MP wide view angle front camera with 8MP auto-focus rear camera. Acer mentioned the phone camera is going to deliver best selfies with Selfie-Focused camera.

The Acer Z530 also features HD IPS screen with Zero Air Gap, 2,420 mAh battery, photo enhancements presented by Gourmet Mode, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0 EDR connectivity.

Acer Z530 phone Comparison with Red Mi and Moto
Acer Z530 phone Comparison with Red Mi and Moto

Acer Liquid Z630s Specs

Powered by the 64-bit, octa-core 1.3GHz MediaTek MT6735 processor the 5.5-inch Liquid Z630s (156.3 x 77.5 8.9 mm) Android 5.1 is enabled with 3GB RAM and a standard 32GB of internal memory.

Liquid Z630s features 4000 mAh battery and an HD Zero Air Gap screen with IPS technology extends to house the 8MP wide view angle front lens (capable of 1080p video recording) as well as the 8MP auto-focus rear camera (capable of 1080p video).

Acer Liquid Z630s Specs Comparison
Acer Liquid Z630s Specs with Lenovo K3 Note and Moto G

When it comes talk about connectivity, it comes with Cat4 LTE, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, and Bluetooth 4.0 with LE connectivity.

Acer Liquid Z630s and Liquid Z530 Specs

#MannersAli at Acer Launch Event

In the same event Acer India promoted their campaign on Mobile manners with Manners Ali. This campaign is to bring highlights on mobile manners those are missing in today’s technology generation.

Must check the introduction video and my fav video of campaign

Above video is my favorite because of the message in it – Don’t be a nuisance while having fun

We should always remember that –

  • Where we are?
  • What are we doing?
  • Will that effect the person sitting next to you?

This #MannersAli campaign is a nice initiate by Acer team and I totally support this.

Let Us check Some Interesting Tweets for Acer Gadgets

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Magicbricks NOW – India’s First RealEstate Tv Channel

The growing Indian Real Estate and Infrastructure sector received a significant addition when Honourable Union Minister of Urban Development, Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation and Parliamentary AffairsMr M Venkaiah Naidu, introduced India’s first Real Estate and Property Business TV Channel, Magicbricks NOW, today.

Unveiling the channel name, Mr Naidu told media persons, “I am delighted to be here today on this auspicious  day. Times NOW from the Times Network is the most credible, premium news channel in the country, and when I came to know that this network is launching a news channel to create a platform for the real estate and housing sector, I felt really happy. Because it is going to partner with me in our plans to provide housing for everyone by 2032.”

“So I am very happy that a dedicated channel called Magicbricks NOW is launching for the sector. My congratulations. I hope Magicbricks NOW will do the required magic for the sector; and bricks are always required to construct houses, and housing is the most important aspect of anybody’s life, Mr Naidu said, adding  “I suggest that news and views should not be combined for the channel and that should be the noble beauty of the new channel.”

M K Anand, MD & CEO – Times Network, said, “We are delighted to offer India its first 24×7 real estate and property business television channel, Magicbricks NOW,  and are extremely happy that it has been launched at the hands of the Honourable Mr Naidu today.  Magicbricks NOW has been launched to guide the consumer through the complex and seemingly intimidating world of real-estate transactions.  While real estate is of paramount importance in the life of every Indian, equally, the space is full of complexities, jargon and confusion.  Magicbricks NOW will provide unbiased, trustworthy and the most authoritative perspectives on the property business to help the consumer ‘Be un-confused’,” Anand said.

“We are confident Magicbricks NOW will enjoy wide reach – not only because it is a genre pioneer that covers the extremely important property business, but also because it will leverage the proven strengths of our network distribution and marketing,” Anand said, adding, “It is befitting that India’s first real estate and property business TV channel has been launched by the Nation’s biggest media conglomerate, The Times Group, which has always had a deep and abiding emotional connect with middle class Indians, Magicbricks NOW will cement this relationship further.”

Magic Bricks Tv Show list

Magicbricks NOW has strategically partnered with Magicbricks.Com, India’s No 1 Property portal for property buyers and sellers. Apart from them – Lotus Greens Developers Private Ltd and Mantri Developers Pvt.Ltd, leading developers of the country on board as key sponsors. Their association with us from Day One is testimony to their belief in our vision for Magicbricks NOW.

Magicbricks NOW India's First RealEstate Tv Channel

Faye D’Souza Editor – Magicbricks NOW, said, “Magicbricks NOW is here with a singular focus – on the end consumer. Magicbricks NOW will offer a rich array of programs that range from News bulletins to property hotlines, debates, leadership insights and more. These will not just keep the end consumer informed, but will serve as a common meeting ground for knowledge-driven individual buyers, sellers and businesses looking seriously at the world of property and real estate.”

Marquee channel programming includes The Property GuideThe Home Buyer’s GuideProperty Hotline, The Interiors Show, The Vastu show, Real Estate Tycoons and, of course, The News, every hour on the hour.

Speaking about the association with Times Network to create the new channel, Sudhir Pai,, said, “Magicbricks is delighted to be a part of this initiative with the Times Network. Our endeavor has always been to make our brand ubiquitous across media so as to provide consumers with rich and in-depth information when it comes to matters of property. With this association we leverage the visual appeal of television to communicate our rich data and analytics in an easy-to-consume manner for the consumer. With this launch, we strengthen the offering and make ourselves available at every touch point to consumers.”

Target audience: The 24/7 channel will target NCCS A and B viewers in the 25-37 and 38-50 years age groups. In viewer profile terms, it will target both, consumers who are looking to buy, sell or rent real estate, and businesses and service providers like brokers, builders, interior decorators, paint companies and others.

Distribution: Magicbricks NOW will be distributed extensively across DTH and Cable, and is already present on all platforms that carry the channels of Times Network.

Don’t miss to check this interesting channel for property related updates. Stay tuned for more.

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Most Popular Sony Tv Serials of 2016 and 2017

Every channel face good and bad times because of ongoing tv serials and now from a survey its been in talk that Sony Tv is going to be the next love for all tv viewers because of some current and upcoming tv shows.

Some of the most popular Sony Tv serials of year 2016 and 2017 are mentioned below.

Let’s have a look on them –

Suryaputra Karn – Ended Now

Suryaputra Karn that starts from Jun’2015 is one of the most favorite tv serial on Indian mythological for Indian audience.

This show can be seen every evening from Monday to Friday.

The lead actor ‘Gautam Rode’ who is acting as ‘Karn’ getting lots of attention because of outstanding acting act.

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman – Still Live

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman is another Sony tv serial that is getting extreme love of Indian viewers. This show first aired in May 2015. The bal hanuman kid ‘Ishant Bhanushali’ looks perfect in his role so as other star cast.

Ishant Bhanushali As Bal Hanuman
Power Couple Reality Show – Ended

This show is in the list of upcoming Sony Tv serials and it is going to be one of the best shows. The series will feature 10 popular celebrity couples, who will compete with each other over various challenges. They will be tested in one roof whether these couples know each other or not. The show is already in talk after the releasing promos.c, who will compete with each other over various challenges. They will be tested in one roof whether these couples know each other or not. The show is already in talk after the releasing promos.

Malaika Arora Khan and Arbaaz Khan, one of the best Bollywood couples, is the host of this couple reality show.

Power Couple Malaika Arora Khan and Arbaaz Khan

Asian Paints – Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai – Ended

A reality show that can be watched every Saturday 6:30 PM at Sony Tv. The show host takes celebrities from various fields to their childhood home so that they can relive their fondest memories.

The show is getting overwhelming responses from the audience.

Asian Paints - Har Ghar Kucch Kehta HaiFavourite

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