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5 Reasons Why You Should Grab an Asus Zenfone 2 Laser Now

The budget smartphone segment is surely the most crowded segment of all, and coming up with a device that stands out from the lot is a tiring job for the manufacturers. But Asus managed to accomplish this chore with its Asus Zenfone 2 Laser.

The device is unique in every aspect and offers great value for your money. Here are the 5 reasons why you should buy an Asus Zenfone 2 Laser if you’re in the market searching for a smartphone below 10,000 bucks.

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser reasons to buy
This is how Zenfone 2 laser look like, Is not it hot?

A large 5.5-inch Display

Sporting a large display size of 5.5 inches, the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser is one of the few devices to have such a large display in the budget segment. The icing on the cake is its 720p resolution, which looks nothing below a 1080p panel.

The IPS panel is capable of producing vibrant colours and has really wide viewing angles. Its display has quite enough screen brightness to let you see everything clearly even under bright sunlight. The display will always remain protected from scratches, thanks to the added layer of Gorilla Glass 4.

Powerful Processing, Multitasking Capabilities & Stylish

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser is not just another device with decent specifications and performance level, it’s something way beyond that. This stylish device features a 64-bit quad-core processor, which is accompanied by 2 GB of RAM. While the graphics are handled by Adreno 306 GPU.

The combination of all the three ensures a seamless gaming and overall performance. The Asus ZenUI running on Android 5.0 Lollipop is highly optimized to squeeze out maximum performance. The RAM capacity of 2 GB is quite enough for great multitasking experience without any lag or glitch. Asus Zenfone 2 Laser pictures –

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser Design from back
At back we have, Asus branding, Volume rocker, Laser & Flash lights
Asus Zenfone 2 Laser design from top
Power key is placed at the top along with audio jack

LTE Connectivity

There are not many devices in the budget smartphone segment that offer LTE connectivity on both the SIM cards, but the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser does. The device supports dual Micro-SIM cards with dual stand-by, and both the slots are capable of running 4G LTE.

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser Specifications

It has support for the Indian LTE bands, precisely the band 3 and band 40, so that you have seamless connectivity over 4G and 3G. With support for LTE Cat4, the device gives speed of up to 150 Mbps and 50 Mbps for download and upload respectively. This seems a whole lot of internet speed, when we’re still struggling to get even a couple of Mbps from our internet packs.

Brilliant Battery Backup

Asus has packed in a 3000 mAh user replaceable battery in the Zenfone 2 Laser. Considering its 720p display, modest and not-so-power-hungry processor, and a large battery capacity, the device can last for a full day on heavy usage.

If you are one of those power users who always remain hooked to their smartphone making calls, surfing internet or the usual social media addiction, then this device is for you.

Simply the Best Camera Experience

Last but definitely not the least, rather the 13 MP camera is the best feature of the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser. The camera of the device is accompanied by a laser blaster that helps make the autofocus superfast.

This technology was first introduced in LG G3, and now Asus has managed to bring the flagship technology to their budget device. As a result, the 13 MP camera unit is capable of producing detailed and sharp shots within a fraction of a second. Being sporting laser autofocus, the device the same level of accuracy even in the low light conditions.

Food Photography with Asus Zenfone 2 Laser

Noodles - Food Photography with Asus Zenfone2 Laser
These pictures we clicked in the normal light.
Yummy Food Pictures
Food Pictures with Asus Zenfone 2 Laser
RajKachori - One of the Best Haldiram food
Food PhotoGraphy with Zenfone 2 Laser

It wouldn’t be wrong of the camera on the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser is said to be the best camera on any budget smartphone!

In case if you have any queries, you can ask us through comment section. We will be happy to write you back. Don’t miss to share the post with your friends on social media.\

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Indian Celebrities and their Tattoos ( Priyanka, Deepika, Virat & More)

To get tattooed is one of most fashionable trends these days, is not it? And if you are the one who keen to be the part of this trend then here we have some most exciting celebrities tattoos to show you so that you can get the interesting ideas for your first tattoo.

We are going to show you tattoos not from the Bollywood, Indian Cricket team but from the Hollywood as well.  From Virat Kohli to Deepika Padukone, everyone is so tattoo obsessed and why not to be!

These celeb tattoos spoke a lot about them. To get inked is not just a fashion in fact the tattoo on your body actually reflect a lot about you and your life.

Lets have a look on Indian celebrities and their tattoos

Priyanka Chopra and Her Tattoo

Priyanka Chopra and Her Tattoo
Bollywood’s most finest actor PC shows her love to his Dad through tattoo. She has got tattoo on her wrist saying Daddy’s lil girl.
Deepika Padukone Foot Tattoo
Deepika Padukone Ankle Tattoo is something that any girl can have. Its so lovely & stylish.
Deepika Padukone and her Tattoos
Deepika Padukone with RK Tattoo at back. The Tattoo shows her love for Ex Ranbir Kappor.
Alia Bhatt tattoo Pataka
Here is the Cutest Bollywood Actress Alia Bhatt with her Tattoo Pataka.
Angelina Jolie Tattoos
Her Love for tattoos is endless, Angelina Jolie Body Tattoos
Celebrities tattoo Styles
Esha Deol with Her Most Eye Catchy Tattoo – Om
Kangana Ranaut tattoo
Kangana Ranaut and Her tattoo at back, which she interprets as the warrior angel
Sushmita Sen Tattoos
Susmita sen, The fashion Icon from bollywood got multiple tattoos, see how she showed her tattoos to media!! Seems she is tattoo obsessed 🙂
Ranbir Kapoor flaunting his AWAARA tattoo
Ranbir Kapoor flaunting his AWAARA tattoo
Ranbir Kapoor New tattoo
Seems like Ranbir got the tattoo for her new love Katrina Kaif.
Arjun Kapoor Maa Tattoo
Mom’s boy Arjun got the Tattoo for her. Maa Tattoo on his wrist.
Hrithik Roshan Tattoo
Hrithik Roshan and her separated wife Sussanne got the same tattoo, Is not it cool ? Hrithik has one more apart from these.

Viral Kohli and His Tattoos

Virat Kohli Tattoos on Arm
Virat Kohli Tattoos on Right Arm – Scropio Symbol
Virat Kohli's tattoo , Japanese Samurai in his left arm
Virat Kohli’s tattoo , Japanese Samurai in his left arm

Note – Google Images

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How Rich Can You Be!!

Here we have thoughts on ‘How rich can you be!!’ by Manoj Lekhi, He is the Business & Life Coach.

When we hear the word “Richness” or “Rich” we often associate it with money and material value. But in actual wealth is not only money, but relates to various other factors too. In life’s chase of running behind temporary and materialistic things, we often lose track about what we should actually go after.

Sooner or later we do realize that what we have been going after is not worth the effort. What we must value is something that we realize in the duration of this chaos of life’s pursuits. Here is my list which has brought about a deep realization within me and has made me RICH !

State Of Mind: “The more you give the more you get. The more you drive a business with passion the more money you will attract. When you run behind something / someone … it will always elude you. Stop looking for it and it will find you.” These are things that are always said at leadership and motivation seminars by the best and global speakers. Why ? There is merit to it. The best of people practice Vairagya.

Warren Buffett still lives in his family home even though he has the riches to buy a couple of countries.

Yet ! more and more money keeps finding him. Amazing passionate entrepreneurs (without a dime in their pocket) sell their ideas to investors with passion and aplomb landing billion dollar cheques. Silicon Valley is a living example of it. India has seem its fair share of fantastic success stories too. They reduce their desires and focus on what drives them, their passions and celebrate their achievements. Focus on the task at hand , be content with what you have with an eye out for the future … without worrying about the bills. The money will find you. If we go after money too hard, it evades us. Running behind money reminds me of trying to catch a butterfly, the harder we pursue the swifter it is!!

So richness is not only equivalent to money, but to good health, relationships and of course by extension … to money. But to earn that money you need to concentrate and improve on aspects of your life that has nothing to do with money. Remember, money is a result of all the work that you put into your life and growth. You can say a medium of exchange that converts the efforts and improvements into riches !

Rich quotes on Glitter Wallpaper-001
Richness is State Of Mind Quote

Raise Your Standard Of Giving : The more calm and relaxed we are, the more clarity of ideas flows into us and opportunities are easily caught, resulting in business growing effortlessly. When fate rewards you financially don’t grow your ‘standard of living’ but grow your ‘standard of giving’. There is an abundance of wealth for everyone in this world, learn the art of giving and in turn receiving, just by reversing our thinking world upside down success would be at your doorstep. Believe in a higher cause and like minded people will join you and money will be the currency they deal with.

Food for thought : Oprah, Bill Gates and the likes have given more from their profits that you and me can earn in our lifetime.

Yet ! money knows their address too ! You can then use the wealth that you have properly and in whichever way you think fit. You can become a contributor to the society. The more wealth you have, the more you can contribute. So the pursuit of wealth, name, and fame is entirely acceptable. We should keep our requirements as simple as possible.

Be Rich Quotes HD Image
The More You Give, The More You Get, Be Rich Quotes

De-clutter and Simplify your life : You can pursue greater material success. If you have the abilities and opportunities, do pursue it. As far as your own personal needs are concerned, however, keep them to a minimum. Ensure that you consume less and make more available to the needy. That will be an excellent way of looking at material pursuits. You can acquire as many material possessions as possible. Our own life should be as simple as possible so that we are as independent as possible.

Be Rich Quotes
Simplify Your Life , To Be Rich 🙂

Some of the most genius minds of our times have figured out that the less time they spend on things like clothes , shoes etc the more time they have to free up their mind with things that really excite them.

Like President Obama, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Albert Einstein ! Take out the irrelevant from the equation and see the mind free up for so much more potential !

Be Yourself : Have the courage to be your own true self and more importantly Love yourself the way you are ! This is an extremely powerful source of motivation and growth ! The resulting happiness puts you in a state of passion where you see the best in everyone including yourself and hence result in giving the best to everyone !

Be Rich Quotes
Be Yourself to be Rich 🙂 Image Background – OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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You cannot ‘try’ to be happy with yourself. To be happy is not something to be desired; it is to be discovered. When you find that you are happy being with yourself, you become free from having any other needs. In living an intelligent and mature life, we are slowly creating a mindset that becomes more and more self -sufficient or discovers satisfaction with it. It is not that you can be happy with or without wealth. Your happiness does not depend upon anything other than you.

Your Health– is your greatest wealth. If you have bad health, it’s harder to enjoy your other richness.

Your Health- is your greatest wealth Quotes On RichnessWhat is the use of having crores and crores of rupees when at the end, we have to spend it all in the hospitals?

We don’t take care of our health because we were busy making lots and lots of money!!! Don’t take your good health lightly. It’s one of your greatest assets. Start to expand your perceptions of what’s important in life. Wake up every day and thank the divine intelligence, or the Universe or God, for yet another day of good health. The joy of watching our grandchildren grow and watching our kids, share their moment of well-being with them is what we all plan to live for.

For this we should keep a firm check on our health. The best and most successful business people have a strict health regime. So much so that … the regime itself becomes news. They do whatever it takes to remain and maintain their fitness. And they are fine with others who don’t understand calling it a ‘quirk’. They know the value of their health and want to retain that wealth !

Personal Growth – When you stagnate your business will also stagnate. Invest in your learning on a regular basis. The more you invest in your own personal self – outward and inward , it will grow you as a person and help you meet like minded people as well who you will enjoy doing business with. Remember, people do business with people not companies. How you think is more important than how you dress. Higher your thoughts … the higher the level of people you meet…and more is the business that you do. Learn everyday. Learn from everyone.

Personal Growth Quotes by Yogita Aggarwal
Be Rich Quotes

Your Relationship – Having a healthy relationship with our spouse is such a wonderful thing. Spending our life with someone we love. Our deepest desires as humans are not really money or the material, but love. Having loving rapport with our children. Friends (personal and professional ) are there to help us through bad times and to share the good times. And when we reciprocate by being there for them, the rewards are two-fold, because we gain the joy of having been there for someone.

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The essence of being there for your other half and your family is a joy which no amount of monetary benefits can track. Your friends and associates also fall in the same bracket.

The strongest relationships amongst your business network will give you the maximum business. The trust and faith you have in your business associates will determine the amount of business referrals they give you. Balance both worlds to get the best from each. The energy you derive from your personal relationships will flow into your professional ones. And the vice versa is also true.

My Guruji, Shri Rishi Prabhakarji, always told me that “How rich you are, can be measured, not by your bank balance but by your trust account. How many people are there in your life, who can do anything for you? That is, your richness. Increase your trust and love account and the bank account will automatically increase.”

This is what we teach in our Business Insights program. Of course money is an important form of energy which has to be passed on from one to the other but relationships ( that get you the money and without whom you would not have access to the money ) are much more important. Relation first with your parents, then spouse, children, colleagues, boss, relatives, friends and others too.

Family Importance in Being Rich - Rich Quotes
Loving Relations attract Richness

The more loving relations, we have, the richer we will feel inside. Money just flows in when we are happy, joyful and sharing with others.

So from now onwards you just don’t need to be run after money. Money is not richness. Understand the value of above shared points and make your life – A Rich Life. Stay tuned for more interesting blogs and don’t miss to share this on social media 🙂

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Rameswaram and Dhanushkodi Travel experience

Here i am with my new trip and its experience of Rameswaram and DhanushKodi travel experience and guide.

The holy city rameswaram is one of the pilgrimage centre of India. It is believed that Lord Rama established the Shiv linga here as a gesture of wanted forgiveness /absolve after feeling the guilt of killing Brahmin Ravana. Rameswaram is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas.

Location: Rameshwaram is a town and a second grade municipality in the Ramanathapuram district in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located on Pamban Island separated from mainland India by the Pamban channel. It is well connected by train via Madurai and Chennai. The nearest airport is Madurai 160 km away from rameshwaram.

Places to stay

There are lot of hotels guest houses are available in the town. Booking can be done online. I stayed in Hotel sarvana bhavan, which is near by the main temple. TTDC has official website for lodging at rameshwaram and rooms are really good. Rooms can be booked 3 days in advance.


TTDC booking

Booking can be done by main temple official website also

rameshwaram temple website hotels

Hotel Sarvana Bhavan



South indian meals, dishes are available and some of the good quality hotels are there in the town like saravana bhavan. Non veg meals are also available but you have to search it away from main temple area.

Places to visit in Rameswaram and Dhanushkodi(Ghost town of India)

Pamban bridge :

The railway bridge is 6,776 ft (2,065 m) long and was opened first time for people in 1914. The height of bridge from sea water is barely some feet. It is so less that sometime when you are passing over the bridge some water drops can come on you. The bridge has a still-functioning concept of cantilever double-leaf bascule section that can be raised to let ships pass. Until recently, the two leaves of the bridge were opened manually using levers by workers. About 10 ships — cargo carriers, coast guard ships, fishing vessels and oil tankers — pass through the bridge every month. From the elevated two-lane road bridge, adjoining islands and the parallel rail bridge below can be viewed.

Pamban bridge
Pamban bridge
Source: Google image Pamban bridge

Ramanathaswamy temple :

This is the main temple of Rameswaram. The temple in its current shape is believed to have been built during the 17th century. But there are different documents available claiming for its construction was done much earlier. The temple looks amazingly built and heart touchy. It is believed that before going to main darshan devotees shall take bath in sea and with wet clothes they shall attend all the 22 tirtham. There are 22 wells in temple area. On each wells some temple employees are there and they will fill bucket and put some drops of water on your body and after that you can move to next well or kund. Each and every kunds have their own importance. People are adviced to take big opening bottle if they wants to collect water from all the kunds. Change rooms are there to change the wet clothes and wear dry clothes because wet clothes are restricted for main darshan. It is suggested to complete this kunds activity in early morning as there is less rush.
There are two shivlings in the temple. One brought up by Lord hanuman from kailash and another made by Godess Sita.

After darshan devotees can witness the unbelievable art of earlier centuries which is carved on all the walls, corridors, pillars.

Source Google image Walkway of temple
Source Google image Walkway of temple

Kothanda Ramar Temple :

It is situated On the way from Rameshwaram to Dhanushkodi. is the place where Vibhishana’s coronation was done by Shri Ram, and the story is depicted in photos. The land strip reaching the temple is surrounded by water on 3 sides. The temple is worth visiting for the view of the water.

Kothanda Ramar Temple


Dhanushkodi (Ghost town of India)

Dhanushkodi is situated to the South-East of Pamban. Dhanushkodi is pilgrim center as it is believed that lord Rama asked to make a bridge with floating stone from here to lanka known as Rama setu. In back 1966 cyclon destroyed the whole village of dhanushkodi and a train carrying 110 passengers sink into sea. Government announced the area as not fit for living. But still there are good number of tourists go there. There are nearly 100 families living in that village currently.

People can hire auto or bus to reach Dhanushkodi from Rameshwaram. In Dhanushkodi there are small vans which will take you till beach. These small vans run on beach sand and on water which is amazing. Some local small shops are there on beach. Dhanushkodi is a place where Indian ocean and Bay of bengal meets. Beach is amazingly beautiful but it is not recommend to go deep in water specially in Indian ocean. On the way return those van will take you to the tour of cyclone/tsunami affected area. In that area old post office , railway station, church and some other old building can be seen. A temple is built in cyclone affected area where tourist can have a look on a floating stone.

Floting stone
Old buildings in Dhanushkodi

IMG_0330-1024x467 IMG_0329-1024x768 IMG_0328-1024x476 IMG_0339-1024x768 IMG_0271-1024x534 DSCN0086-1024x635 27-1024x939

I hope this article will help you to plan you trip in better way. Share this article with your circle on social networking. we love to receive your comments here.

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8 Things That Microsoft Has Done For Hindi

In this information-driven world, for millions of people, language continues to be a barrier to the effective use of technology and while the Internet may be everywhere, even today many people are unable to benefit from it.

In India, we have 22 major languages, written in 13 different scripts, with over 720 dialects; that’s a high level of linguistic diversity. Moreover, a large number of Indians use their local language in their work and personal life.

Well versed with this behavioral pattern of Indians, Microsoft looks at things differently and believes that the language diversity of Indians needs to be embraced. On the occasion of January 10, World Hindi Day, Microsoft salutes the official language of the world’s largest democracy – Hindi – and revisits the key breakthroughs that have helped create economic opportunities, build IT skills, enhance education outcomes, and sustain our local language and culture. Microsoft has been dedicated to this cause for over 15 years.

The company announced Native Unicode support for Hindi in the year 2000. Unicode is also supported as a part of Microsoft’s server operating systems, Exchange, SharePoint & SQL – entrenching the Hindi use case across most Microsoft products and services. Hindi is also core to these services running from Microsoft’s India datacentres.

Here are 8 things that Microsoft has done to enable technology to help people use Hindi across devices and services:

Product localization
Microsoft has localized Windows and Office (provided Language Accessory Packs) in 14 Indian languages including Hindi. Microsoft also provides Indian languages’ support throughout the platform and across the range of products. Its Office suite of apps offers Hindi language support across iOS and Android as well and offer features like proofing tools for the Hindi language to make the consumer experience seamless.

Hindi language support on Windows Phone
With the launch of Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft has built new phonetic keyboards for 10 Indian languages including Hindi that allow users to type on a familiar QWERTY keyboard layout and the IME converts what they type into their native script. Basis one’s learning curve and comfort with Hindi, Microsoft offers four keyboards that can help consumers perform everyday tasks like email, text, social networking, search on their phone in Hindi.

Bing Support for Indian Languages
Indian language experience is available on both on Desktop and Mobile devices. Users can not only use Bing to enter their search queries in Hindi but also use Bing as a translation tool. A virtual onscreen keyboard helps users in typing their preferred language without requiring additional keyboard installations.

Skype Translator Messenger
Provides endless possibilities for people around the world to communicate. Skype Translator messenger breaks down the language barrier by instantly translating conversation in IM from English to Hindi. Skype Translator is also supported by Microsoft Translator for IM communication in more than 50 languages.

Microsoft Language Interface Packs
Microsoft has localized its Windows and Office products into more than 40 languages and dialects globally. In India, the company has localized Windows and Office (provided Language Accessory Packs) in 14 Indian languages including Hindi. Microsoft also provides Indian languages’ support throughout the platform and across its range of products. Microsoft Language Interface Packs (LIP) can be downloaded free of charge. A LIP language has translations for up to 300,000 words in Windows and for 600,000 Office.

The Indic Language Input Tool
The tool facilitates users to input localized text easily and quickly. This tool is available in two versions; the desktop version enables the user to input localized text directly into any application running on Windows, such as Microsoft Word or Outlook. The web version allows the user to enter text on any web page – such as – without requiring software download. The tool is available for free download and currently supports ten languages including Hindi.

Microsoft Translator App

Microsoft has also introduced a translator app that works across smartphones, tablets, Apple Watch and Android Wear devices. Microsoft Translator supports up to 50 different languages including Hindi.

Project Bhasha
A cohesive program that brought together the governments, the academia and the research institutions, the local ISVs and developers and the industry associations on a common ground for promoting local language computing. Microsoft’s website is a one stop shop for consumers to download and get access to Hindi software, tools, content and code. Through the initiative, Microsoft aims to involve everyone who is, in anyway related to, and interested in developing for and learning Indian language computing. The Bhasha Online Community portal is India’s leading community for Indian language computing.

 Raise Your thumb in comment box if you also support Hindi 🙂

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Reasons to Buy Lenovo K4 Note , Full Specs

Earlier this week, Lenovo launched Lenovo K4 Note under their ‘Vibe Range of  smartphones’. Lenovo K4 Note is designed to deliver the uncompromised entertainment experience for streaming and watching videos. The successor to the last year’s most sold Lenovo K3 Note is now available on e-commerce platform at Rs 11,999 (Without VR Glasses).

Lenovo has announced that the K4 Note has already received over 2,00,000 Registrations in just two days after the launch. The phone is available in two variants with or without Lenovo VR glasses. Lenovo K4 Note with Lenovo VR glasses is avaivvle for only INR 12,499 ($187).

Let us share the reasons to buy Lenovo K4 Note

TheaterMax Technology – The VIBE K4 Note is the first smartphone to be launched with TheaterMax that offers a new way to enjoy multimedia on your smartphone.

TheaterMax permits you to do so much more than just viewing media from your android phone screen. Whether you’re coming home after a long day or chilling with buddies outside, there is always a new and refreshing experience waiting to be discovered. Watch movies, videos and games come to life when you don a pair of Lenovo VR glasses, and soak in the vibrant visuals and rich surround sound.

VR Glasses Lenovo
Image –

One can also watch the favorite movies once more without the crowd with TheaterMax’s widescreen cinematics of vivid colors and immersive sound quality in their palm. Take time out from that intensive project research or even when you’re stuck for inspiration, and reward yourself with some much needed quality time with your Lenovo smartphone & VR Glasses.

Lenovo K4 Note, A budget Smartphone – Price of K4 Note we already discussed with or without VR Glasses prior. From that point of view also this smartphone is actually a worth buy. No other phone in the same budget is offering emerging multimedia experience with a solid build.

Stunning Visual Quality to offer – Featuring a vibrant 5.5” Full HD display with a 178o wide viewing angle and 1080p clarity, together with color optimization and high-contrast technologies to further enhance the quality of the visuals, the Lenovo K4 Note delivers an extraordinary experience with media files.

Lenovo VIBE K4 Note

Enhanced Sound Quality – The smartphone also comes with an advanced sound input and recording capabilities, if you’re aspiring to produce your own digital content. Lenovo’s configured 3-mic system and state-of-the-art Wolfson® audio codec effectively filter out ambient noise and greatly enhance sound quality during recording. K4 Note features the first-ever twin front ported stereo speakers enabled by Dolby Atmos®. These minimize noise and voice distortion when playing voice clips and songs, automatically fine-tuning any audio experience for listeners.

Good to Go Specs – Combined with a 13MP PDAF rear camera and a 5MP fixed-focused selfie camera, these features make K4 Note ideal for creative content producers. This device K4 Note is also built to perform.

A 3300mAh embedded battery, 64-bit MediaTek® octa-core processor and 3GB of RAM combine to deliver exceptional performance, promising you undisrupted gaming, multimedia, and social experiences on even the longest days.

Storage of up to 144GB (16GB internal) along with USB-OTG support also helps users maintain easy access to a huge archive of music, movies and games, while staying securely connected with super-fast LTE speeds and security features including fingerprint and NFC sensors. This good to go device is available in Tuxedo Black color.

Hope our readers will like this gadget, in case if you have any queries, you can ask through comment section.

Our fav. Rajasthani Mehndi Designs

Mehndi has been a quintessential part of the Indian traditional events for a long time now. Be it weddings, karva chauth, godh bharai or any other family functions, mehndi application has found a place for itself as one of the most important customs.

Like the different traditions prevailing in different parts of India, the Mehndi art has also been adapted by various states based on their culture and traditions. The Mehndi is applied in various styles like the Arabic, animal, bird and floral motifs, bridal, paisley and various other designs. Of them, one peculiar style of Mehndi that stands out from the rest is the Rajasthani Mehndi art.

Rajasthan is known for its rich culture and heritage, which is left untouched for decades, despite the ongoing globalization and culture shift. Rajasthani people embrace their dressing, cuisine, customs and way of life. The Marwari weddings are known for their pomp and grandeur.

Each of the customs are well planned and have distinct symbolisms and meanings behind each of the ritual. The Mehndi ceremony too, has its own importance and is said to be a grand affair.

Bride Mehndi Photo Shoot IdeasRajasthani Mehndi Designs

Rajasthani Mehndi, also known as the Marwari Mehndi is one of the widely known design cultures of the Henna body art. Rajasthani mehndi is mostly known for its intricacies and designs that fill the hands and feet without leaving any gaps. These designs have heavy designs and motifs that reflect the traditional Rajasthani culture.


The Mehndi art of Rajasthan is characterized by closely-knit designs, involving a lot of peacock and mango motifs. Filler designs constitute a main part of Rajasthani Mehndi and is mostly used in the traditional designs.

The Dulha and Dulhan designs are often deemed as the quintessential marwari design. These involve the bride and groom in the traditional attires, surrounded by the designs of dholak, ghair ghoomars, peacock motifs, floral and paisley designs, fillers, and other elements that symbolize the wedding or the occasion for which the respective women are applying mehndi on their hands.

The palms are almost always fully covered with the designs, and most of the times, the fingers are also covered in the design and the nails with the mehndi paste. However, there are also some mehndi patterns which are applied without filling the fingers. But these are quite rare.

Marwari Mehanadi Design


Rajashani Mehndi Design for Bride


Coming to the feet, Marwari mehndi designs follow the same pattern as the ones applied on feet. Intricate feet designs with motifs and fillers, that can often get up to the ankle or calf length are the specialty of the mehndi patterns.

Sometimes, these designs that are just confined to the chain and anklet designs that give a different yet elegant look.


Another important thing about the Marwari mehndi designs is that the patterns are mostly mirrored, that is, the design on the right palm is complemented by the left, which is the exact mirror of the design on the hand. This gives the hands an even and a classy look.

The brilliant and beautiful designing that involves an equally challenging and difficult form of paste application, the Mehndi art of Rajasthani culture is widely sought after, even to this day, especially during weddings and other high-profile traditional events.

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Looking for things to do in Hurghada? Check blog

Hurghada, the third largest city in Egypt is located on the Red Sea coast. It was a huge fishing village till local and foreign investments made it a preferred holiday spot for tourists. The various hotels and resorts provide a variety of water sports including scuba diving and snorkeling for those looking to explore the rich marine life.

The place also has a vibrant night life with a variety of local delicacies. Hurghada promises to be a delight for travellers and water sports enthusiasts.

Those planning for a trip to Egypt should also opt for hurghada tours which provide a chance to see this mesmerizing place that is filled with sandy beaches and has a pleasant weather.

However, for those visiting this place for the first time, the top five things mentioned below will give enough reasons to plan your next holiday to Egypt. The Hurghada excursions will provide you with a lifetime of memorable moments.

Explore Hurghada Egypt - Travel Guide

  1. Giftun Islands: One of the popular locations for boat excursions with white sands and water sports for maximum enjoyment. You can either go scuba diving and explore the depths of Red Sea or sit on the white sands admiring its coral reefs surrounding the shores.
Hurghada Tour Attractions
Image Source – Google Images

           Those not interested in water sports can easily find a shelter on the beach and relax

  1. Straits of Gubal: This is a narrow strip of water located between the Red Sea and the western shore of the Sinai Peninsula and is also known as a major diving destination. It is easily accessible through Hurghada and known for wreck diving. The major attraction here is underwater wreckage of The Thistlegorm, a WWII cargo ship discovered in 1950’s by two French divers.
  1. Hurghada Marina: Famous as a major dining destination and located in the central district of Segala, this place is filled with variety of dining options such as cafes and restaurants that offer a wide choice of food and drinks.

Hurghada PicturesNothing can beat enjoying the delicious food along with a mesmerizing view of the Red Sea.

  1. The Sindbad Submarine: In case you do not want to get wet in the waters, the Sindbad Submarine will offer you the chance to explore the coral reefs of the Red Sea. This submarine takes tourists 22 meters under the water and provides non-swimmers a chance to witness the rich marine life of the sea.
Image Source – Google Images
  1. Gota Abu Ramada Diving Site: Also known as The Aquarium, this is a wall dive site with an incredible amount of marine life and also one of the most famous dive sites near Hurghada. It is used by diving operators to provide a try-dive experience to those new to diving and explore the sea life.

How far is Luxor from Hurghada?

The distance from Luxor to Hurghada is about 290 Kms. It is advisable to book a flight from Luxor to Hurghada as it is less of a hassle and more comfortable for those visiting the place for first time.

There are a number of tour operators located online that offer attractive packages to the tourists planning to visit this city. However, if you are planning on an excursion tour that not only takes you to the best attractions in Egypt but also takes care of your comfort, then always rely on a trustable company such as LoveEgyptTours.

For Hurghada travelers above read will surely be an interesting guide. Share your travel story with us, we will be happy to hear you. You can email us at

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Top 6 Car manufacturers in India

India is an emerging market and MNCs are looking forward to invest in India. This removes monopoly from the market. A huge competition is going on as there are many big players in Automobile market. Auto manufacturer are giving good offers to buyer to win the race. Nowadays all the manufacturers are giving features like ESP, ABS, crash worthiness at competitive price.

At one side home players like Mahindra and Tata are getting tough competition from new player like Renault in Indian market but on another side Maruti is keeping its flagship. Luxury car makers like Mercedes, BMW, Audi are too investing in India as they see huge growth potential in Indian market. It is difficult to stay among top 6 car manufacturer in India. Here is the list of….

Top 6 car manufacturers in India by volume in Fy14-15.

Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki India Limited  is an automobile manufacturer in India, is a subsidiary of Japanese automobile and motorcycle manufacturer Suzuki.  Maruti continues its flagship in Indian market and topped the table by 12,00,000 in  fy15. Maruti has got a strong portfolio  of

  1. Alto
  2. Celerio
  3. WagonR
  4. Ciaz
  5. Desire
  6. Eco
  7. Swift
  8. Ertiga
  9. Ritz
  10. Omni
  11. Gypsy
Alto800 Maruti - Top 6 Car manufacturers in India
Highest sold unit Alto800


This Korean car maker is far away from Maruti but has got very good hold in semi rural as well as in urban market. Hyundai remains on 2nd place with 4,33,000. The portfolio of Hyundai is below

  1. i10, i10 grand
  2. i20 elite
  3. Eon
  4. Verna
  5. Santa Fe
  6. Elantra
  7. xcent
I20 elite Best Car - Top 6 Car manufacturers India
Highest sold units I20 Elite

Mahindra & Mahindra

Mahindra is a home grown giant who is expending automobile business from 2 wheeler to 6 wheeler (trucks) and from on road to off road (tractors) vehicles. Mahindra is famous for its rugged SUVs but they are coming in luxury market also after purchasing Korean SsangYong. with its continuously outperformed Bolero, M&M has secured 3rd position with 2,24,000 units in FY15. Above figures include below portfolio….

  1. Bolero
  2. Scorpio
  3. XUV5oo
  4. Xylo
  5. Quanto
  6. Verito/Verito Vibe
  7. Thar
  8. Rexton
Top 6 Car manufacturers in India
Highest sold units Mahindra Bolero


Japanese auto giant has grown his reach to Indian market after launching Diesel engines. This financial year Honda has outperformed though its flagship products Amaze and City. Honda is at number 4 with total sales of 2,08,000 units. Below is portfolio for Honda India –

  1. Brio
  2. Amaze
  3. Jazz
  4. City
  5. Mobilio
  6. CRV
Honda City - 2015
Highest sold units Honda City


Japanese manufacturer is spreading its legs in Indian market with slow but steady pace. With its trust values among the customers Toyota is gaining market share. Toyota has secured 5th position with 1,50,000 units in FY15 marginally higher than Homegrown Tata. Still Innova is best among other cars in Toyota Portfolio

  1. Innova
  2. Corolla
  3. Etios
  4. Fortuner
  5. Liva+Cross
Innova Toyota
Highest sold vehicle Innova


Last 2-3 years were not good for Tata Motors but looks like they are coming back on track. Tata has acquired luxury cars Jaguar and land rovers. This year Tata launched cars like Bolt and zest. Tata is coming back with strong plans to regain its position. In FY15 Tata was marginally lower than Toyota and secured 6th rank. Here is portfolio –

  1. Zest
  2. Bolt
  3. Aria
  4. Nano
  5. Indica
  6. Indigo
  7. Sumo
  8. Safari
  9. Venture
Highest sold vehicle Tata Indica
Highest sold vehicle Indica

Few other players those are working hard to be the automobile leader in the country are Renault, Ford, Volkswagen & Skoda.

Hope you guys will like this read about total no of units sold by Automobile manufacturers in FY15. Must share it with your friends to give idea about auto industry. Share your views and comments on above read, below we have the comment section.

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India Needs – Lost & Found Department – Suggestions For GOVT

NAMO has reached to Delhi with riding on the slogan “acche din aane wale hai”. I shall appreciate and congratulate our Honorable PM and his government for their achievements. In last one year Government of India led by Namo has initiated many schemes like Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana, Atal Pension Yojna, Sukanya Dev Yojana, Preparation of land acquisition bill and the much appreciated Make in India campaign etc.

These schemes which are mainly driven by govt organizations became popular. PM has launched schemes like Clean India campaign, LPG subsidy surrender schemes, Beti Bachao Abhiyan etc. These schemes are driven by common people.

Namo has shown his clever side by launching people driven schemes. It’s like if you give responsibility to a thief to protect something. it is guaranteed that something will not get stolen. Similar manner PM started clean India campaign to give responsibility to each one of us.

As PM is very interested in people driven schemes. I would like to suggest something to him. We shall start a “lost and found department of India”. You must have noticed the lost and found department in temples, conferences, exhibitions etc. Some people are honest enough to return the lost items. But sadly these departments are not exist in normal places. So why this department is important?

lost & found dept of India

Lets take an example.

While going to office you have lost your wallet with money in. A person who was passing by has got your wallet. But he don’t know the owner of that wallet and wallet doesn’t have any identity card in it. Now whom to return this wallet? Shall he give it to near by shop keepers???


Shall he give it to police station??? aah come on Big NO.

Some people may think that this dept already exists i.e. Police department. But originally Police dept is not up to the reach for this purpose.

So Govt of India shall launch a dept dedicated to Lost and found.

Why India needs Lost and Found Department?

So we shall have a lost and found department in India to encourage honest people.

How Lost and Found Department will work?

This department will be linked to all the railway stations or post offices (small and big). If you are getting any lost item, you can go and submit it to nearest post office. The govt officer working in lost and found dept will give you one receipt and send one receipt sms to your mobile no to track the status.

Post office will send the item to central lost and found dept of city. Now person who has lost something knows where to go and find his item. These dept will be reachable through web.

People can send email to the lost and found dept for inquiring about their lost items. He will give some identity proof to his item and claim the item.

Lost and found dept will deliver the lost item to its owner and with collection of delivery charge by help of post office. SMS will come to the person who has deposited the lost item to the department.

Profits for Govt?

And in case if nobody claim the lost item than automatically it will go to PM relief fund.

Thanks to all readers for reading us here. Please share  this article as much as you can if you want to establish Lost and Found dept of India. Let us make India a better place to live.

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Things to do in Rishikesh, Time to visit and Places for Devotees

Here we are with Rishikesh adventurous trip experience. Rishikesh is famous for its yoga centers, temples, banks of river Ganga. Rishikesh is centre of attraction for devotees. Uttarakhand government has done good work to develop Rishikesh as main tourist place for youngsters because of lots of adventure sports. Here is a short guide for you if you are planning for an adventure trip to Rishikesh.

How to reach?

Haridwar and Rishikesh are well connected to Delhi via train. Train takes approx 6 hrs. The same journey can be covered via road. Lot of youngsters measure this 250 km distance on their 2 wheels.

Best time to visit:

The climate here is continental type but its location in the foot hills gives it a pleasant weather throughout the year. One can visit Rishikesh any time of the year.

If you are interested in River Rafting than you can plan your travel from September – October to mid November, and then the best time to visit Rishikesh is from early March – April to first week of May.

In July there is a festival in Rishikesh called Savan where thousands of people flock to Rishikesh. Major roads are blocked and hotels are crowded. It is better to avoid traveling to Rishikesh during that time.

Places to stay:

If you are on your adventure trip than it is suggested to book your online stay with any of the adventure club. There are number of adventure clubs available. Some of the clubs don’t provide good stay and can spoil your trip mood. It is advisable to inquire about stay with your friends who has already been there in any of clubs.

Things to do in Rishikesh:

River rafting:

There are many packages available online. You can choose any of the adventure club and can 0pt for minimum 16 km rafting. You may not enjoy fully if you are going for lesser than 16 km rafting. Before going for rafting you can sign some papers taking your own responsibility during rafting but believe me I find it completely safe.

Rishikesh is known for one of the best rafting location in Asia. You will get nearly 8-12 rapids depending on the kms you opt during rafting. You need to sit tightly in rafting boat and lock yourself. Instructor gives all the info about how to hold paddle and move forward etc. It is recommended to do rafting in between 10 AM-4 PM. You should plan rafting in the initial phase of your trip, when your group is full of energy. During rafting you can jump inside the chill water as per instructor advice.

You can record you rafting memory with the professionals (video graphing agency name: Cam on cliff) in 1200 bucks.

During rafting stretch you can do cliff jumping also. the height of cliff is about 20 feet.



There is one small water fall available though it is not so good but one can enjoy tracking with group.

Ttrekking to Waterfall

Bungee Jumping:

Bungee jumping is definitely one of the daring thing to do during your trip. For 85 meters jump and you should be really courageous to jump. Video shooting is also available. Other details are given at below link. Cost of bungee jumping is approx 3500 per person.

  • Flying fox and giant swing are also highlight of this club.
  • Club name: Jumpin heights (Tuesday closed)

Bungee Jumping at Jumping HeightsPlaces for Devotees:

Since you have spent your 1st day in adventure. Spending some time in temple also gives pleasure. We went to Neelkanth temple (Lord Shiva), Raam jhoola, Laxman jhoola, Swargashram etc. Spending some time at the Ganga ghats is really pleasant. Even one can go to Haridwar to attend Ganga aarti.

Laxman Jhoola

Enjoy the stay:

You can plan your stay with any of the adventure houses. I with my group arranged the stay with Hideways adventure house.

Feedback for Hideways Adventure House –

Location was awesome and pleasing, supportive staff, good toilets, nice veg and non veg food, nice tents with blankets.

You can enjoy morning yoga, night bone fire, DJ, Volleyball etc.

Base camp HidewaysEssential things to carry:

  1. T-shirts/Shirts
  2. Shorts
  3. Comfortable fit Jeans/Track Pants
  4. Floaters
  5. Comfortable walking shoes/sneakers
  6. Sunscreen Lotion (min 50 SPF)
  7. Cap
  8. Flashlight
  9.  Sunglasses
  10. Medicines, if requiring any specific medication
  11. Camera (optional)


  1. Light Jacket
  2. Heavy Jacket
  3. Thick Sweater
  4. Thermals (Upper & Lower)
  5. Woollen cap and  Woollen socks

Plan trip for 3 days so that schedules will not be very hectic.

Hope this write up will help you to plan your trip. Stay connected.

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Ranbir Kapoor & Katrina Kaif Cute Pics

This Christmas we have good news for the fans of bollywood couple Ranbir Kapoor & Katrina Kaif. If you are the one who think this couple is going to breakup soon, then these pics will make you to change your thoughts right away.

Ranbir and Kartina recently seen together at the Christmas brunch party. This bollywood couple rarely poses together but this Christmas was special.

Not only the couple posed together but they were looking so cute and lost in love this time.

These cute Ranbir and Kartina pics are giving tough competition to another most talked bollywood couple Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, is not it ?

Ranbir Kapoor with Girlfriend Katrina

Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif Together at Christmas Brunch

Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif Together at Christmas Mumbai

Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif Together at Christmas

Latest Photo Ranbir Kapoo & Katrina Kaif TogetherDon’t miss to share your thoughts on cute couple. Pics are taken from

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Best Honeymoon Resorts and Destinations In India – 2017

The flip side of getting married in the peak of wedding season is that you will perhaps be two of the many people crowding a popular honeymoon destination. The same poses, the same views – that’s not what a honeymoon is about.

Here is a list of a few destinations in India that are less explored and offer you and your partner a chance to whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears without wondering if the couple right next to you can hear you. These are a few less mainstream suggestions that are bound to make your honeymoon unforgettable.

The White Peaks, Gagar, Nainital 

Oh don’t dismiss this yet because you read Nainital! This small homestay is about 25kms from Nainital. And with just two rooms you will definitely have more than enough solitude. The White Peaks is a charming boutique cottage located in the storybook-like Himalayan hamlet of Gagar in Uttarakhand. The two rooms in the cottage are cozy, intimate and exude a subtle elegance.

The silence is only punctuated by the chants of cicadas and chirps of the many birds that will come and pay a visit every now and then. As you sip your Earl Grey or the in-house speciality – the adrak-tulsi chai, make plans for the future.

We are talking about the plethora of things you could do here; what are you thinking? The White Peaks can be a peaceful base camp for you to explore the more touristy parts of Kumaon. You could explore the walking trails in the forest – trailing bird songs, sitting still, admiring the woods, feeling the wind in our faces.

Or you could head to the neighboring towns of Ramgarh, Mukteshwar, Sitla and Nathuakhan. Nainital is a 45-minute drive from the cottage. A 2-hour drive from The White Peaks will take you to the picturesque hill-town of Pangot-known for its pleasant climate and laidback charm. Pangot is also a popular place for bird watching.

THE WHITE PEAKS 1Aahana Resort & Spa, Jim Corbett National Park 

It is seldom that you enjoy the goodness of a wellness holiday, along with the adventure of a wildlife retreat. Add to that the superb location and luxurious pampering – and you have a winning combination. Which is why Aahana is an amazing honeymoon option.

Aahana Resort & Spa, Jim Corbett National Park

Despite the prominence accorded to environmental conservation, luxury reigns supreme at this elegant resort which features a unique collection of 40 individually decorated rooms located in different clusters. Do try the Mud Bath therapy – at the in-house spa, Aarogyam – for which mineral-enriched mud is dug from five feet below ground level from the nearby forest area and infused with herbs grown in-house. The picturesque surroundings of the region and recreational facilities offered at the resort suit the requirements of travellers.

Aahana 2

Along its entire length on the north eastern boundary lies the famed Corbett Tiger Reserve. Tourist spots like Naveen Mandi Samiti (Approx. 7km) and Mansa Devi Temple (Approx. 11km) are close to the hotel. Other interesting places that can be explored during the stay are Garjia Temple, Ramganga River and Corbett Museum.

All along the long stretched wall of Corbett National Park(Bijrani Zone), Aahana Resort is a veritable haven of wellness and rejuvenation for those seeking a luxury resort experience with the added advantage of a wildlife holiday. Trust me, one doesn’t mind not having a darshan of the tiger – there is so much more to spot and do in and around Aahana.

Halli Berri, Chikmagalur 

The thing with staying in a homestay, as opposed to a hotel, is the kind of personalised attention you get, and also the absolute privacy! An amalgamation of ‘Halli’, meaning village in Kannada and ‘berri’, a quirky twist on the coffee berry, Halli Berri is a piece of coffee heaven – an opportunity to live a planter’s life in a 180-acre coffee plantation. Halli Berri cottages were built to give guests a coffee country experience close to nature, different from a traditional resort getaway.

So you can actually participate in the coffee picking or planting activities at the estate. In fact, Halli Berri is not a place where you come chasing starred luxury and comforts.

Drive in to Halli BerriThe cottages are a perfect meeting point where rustic country life meets classic-modernist design and stylish yet warm interiors. Colonial style brickwork and vintage furniture, high-beamed ceiling, white brick-walls, designer tiled floors will instantly charm you.

But wait, the USP of the cottages lies in an outdoor shower area connected to the really mammoth bath and powder room. What’s more, the water in the shower faucet is supplied via water heated in a copper cauldron – to make the bath ‘mineral rich’.

Halli Berri cottageA shower under the cerulean skies is an experience that is strongly recommended. Warm yourself after that at the traditional fireplace in the evening or a private sit out facing the hills, located in the midst of a working coffee estate, during the day.

The beauty of staying in these warm cottages is that you are completely cut off from the cacophony of a busy world. It’s a quiet place, with no TV, no music policy to protect the quietness of nature and to be one among it! The only things you hear are the sound of the chirping cricket and the gushing wind. Silence, romance and tranquility are the mainstay of these estate dwellings.

Sarovar Premiere, Vayalar

We normally wouldn’t list hotels in this list, but when we talk solitude, we also love life’s little luxuries. So we choose to write about a luxury hotel in Vayalar, Kerala, that is almost as good as living in a 5-star residence. Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere is a premium 5 star resort located on the tranquil and unexplored backwaters of Vayalar in the Alleppey district of Kerala.

Sarovar Premier 1

Sarovar Premier 2

The hotel offers 60 luxurious accommodations including tastefully appointed floating cottages and houseboats, complemented with elaborate on-site dining options, recreational and wellness facilities including a Spa. Float on a houseboat and in the cloud of love and togetherness, while at Sarovar Premiere. What to do in Vayalar? Visit a coir making factory or watch toddy being tapped. Or float on the backwaters with your beloved.

The Dune, Pondicherry 

Pondicherry town dates back to ancient times when Greeks used to call this city as Poduke and Aryans referred to it as Vedapuri (As this town was once upon a time an abode of scholars well versed with the Vedas). Pondicherry bears the imprints of the erstwhile French rulers, with its distinctively European architecture. The picturesque and serene atmosphere of Pondicherry has been captured in the Hollywood film, Life of Pi.

Dune 1

There are many places that one must visit in Pondicherry like the Aurobindo Ashram, Botanical Gardens, Vedapurishwar Temple and the many churches that dot this town. Several other tourist destinations such as Mahabalipuram, the Crocodile Farm and Kancheepuram are within two hours of Pondicherry.

Though Pondicherry has several places to stay at, from budget to luxury, The Dune, is one of the best properties in that it seems to put a person at one with nature. Built on a clean beach, this resort has an amazing spa where water therapies are also used to relax you.


You’ll find natural beauty, friendly people and scenic day-trips, but the most special thing you will find in great abundance in Kohima, Nagaland, during the holiday season is holiday spirit. Decorations, Christmas trees, Christmas baking, choirs that honestly sound like angels who could easily win the X Factor – it’s the closest you can get to the feeling of a European Christmas holiday in India.

Nagaland gate
Image from


Wayanad, Kerala, is where you should go to grab a moment of real romance. It’s out of the way, has resorts that are set in forests, gorgeous views and enough peace and quiet to last you a few months. You won’t have to spend your precious vacation time out-partying everybody around you. Tree houses are the great attraction of place.

This photo of Wayanad Blooms is courtesy of TripAdvisor


Sometimes, winter means that we want a beach vacation. No, not Goa; think Mahabalipuram, a couple of hours from Chennai, with its lovely beaches and lack of crowds, but enough hotels and resorts that you can party a couple of nights if you’d like to.

Mahabalipuram BeachesGokarna 

Gokarna has some of the loveliest beaches in our country and just a determined drive away from Goa. It also has temples that are renowned for both their architecture and their religious significance. Make your way to Om Beach or Half Moon Beach – perfect for some isolated fun.

Gokarna Beaches Honeymoon Destination
Image Source Google Images


Fields of flowers, winding mountain roads, view points, solitude and intimacy – you should get this at most hill stations, but they usually get so crowded that solitude comes at a real premium. Yelagiri is a hill station in Tamil Nadu where temperatures drop enough to cuddle up next to a bonfire, but not low enough that you spend all your time indoors.

Yela Giri - Tea gardens
Image Source Google Images


Lakshadweep is still not as popular as the Andamans, but it’s not for lack of natural beauty or diving and snorkeling opportunities. Winter is the best time to go as far as sea and climate conditions are concerned.

There are still restrictions for international tourists to Lakshadweep, making it a lot less commercial, and you will also need a permit which is easily obtained by Indians. What could be more romantic than discovering an underwater world together?

Lakshadweep Under Water Scuba
Image Source Google Images


Lansdowne in the winter is mistily ethereal. It’s about 240 km from Delhi and it’s got excellent accommodation where you can spend a winter holiday that will reignite romance. After all, there’s only one thing to do in during a winter vacation at a hill station resort with wine, good food, excellent beds and of course, each other!

Lansdowne - Travel pics
Image Source Google Images


We could all do with some getting in touch with our extremely rich heritage, and Orchha, which means ‘hidden’ is like a frozen slice of history preserved in all its grandeur. Situated in Madhya Pradesh, it’s the perfect experience that you’d want to share with the love of your life because the memories will last a lifetime.

Orchha Indian travel places
Image Source Google Images


Auli isn’t the first place you think of when you decide that you’re really going to take your winter vacation seriously. But if you really want to try winter sports, you can’t do much better than this little nook in the Himalayas.

Learning new things that you can both be awful at together will only bring you closer together!

Auli travel pic - Himalayas
Image Source Google Images


If none of those options ticks your boxes, what you very obviously need is a wine trail. Go to Nashik, where the Sula Vineyards are, and sign up for the wine trail. That should cheer you up.

Nashik 5 Star Hotel
Image Source Google Images

Hope the love birds will find this read helpful in selecting their Honeymoon destination in India.

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No Singham, No Dabangg, now India will Shout Jai Gangaajal

Daddy’s lil girl Priyanka Chopra is all set to break her records after back to back  amazing performances in Dil Dhadakne Do, Bajirao Mastani and of course, Quantico. The most awaited trailer of her upcoming ‘Jai Gangaajal’ is out and she is looking super fab in her role as cop #AbhaMathur.

Prakasha Jha‘s Jai Gangaajal will surely going to give this lady a new name and identity. Priyanka herself shared the trailer on Twitter, below is what she tweeted –

This movie is going to release on 4th March, 2016. This PC’s film is going to give tough competition to block busters  Singham & Dabangg. Watch the trailer now –

Don’t miss to share your views and expectations from this movie of Priyanka Chopra.

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Review of Filmy Cafe & Bar in CP, Delhi

Delhi’s most crowded Connaught place is always a best place for hangouts because of wide range of Restaurants & Café’s. And to add more life in energetic CP life, all foodies recently witnessed the launch of Filmy Café & Bar by DEEZ.

As the name suggests, Filmy Bar is totally for movie buffs. This super filmy place is started by Thakur Bhuvan Singh  in the heart of Delhi, Connaught Place, just next to PVR Plaza Cinema.

Welcome to Filmy Bar and Cafe CP

Me (Yogita ) at Filmy Bar & cafe launch Delhi,

At launch Thakur Bhuvan mentioned –

Filmy Café is a perfect place for all those who enjoy simpler elements of Life- Good Food and Great Music and believes in Be Filmy! Eat Filmy! 

Drinks a Filmy Cafe, food Photography

Yumy Pizza serving at FIlmy Bar DelhiFew words to describe its ambiance of Filmy Café & Bar are Filmy, Quirky, Lively, Innovative & Foodies Paradise.

Filmy theme at Filmy Bar and Cafe CP

The walls of place are embedded with famous Bollywood & Hollywood movie posters with quirky dialogues and props like Amir Khans’s PK radio, war helmet from 300 etc. are surely going to catch your attention.

Mere Karan Arjun Aayenge At Filmy BArSalman Khan Posters at Fimly Cafe Filmy theme at Filmy Bar and CafeWith simple seating arrangement, having cushions printed with bolly-holly movies scenes matches with the essence of the place. Their menu is also very filmy, have a look –

Fimy Bar Food MenuThe Filmy menu includes a wide range from Pizzas to Burgers, Biryanis to chilli chicken and more so there is something for each palette. This place is perfect for all age groups to spend some quality time.

Cost for Two : Rs. 800 exclusive taxes & alcohola

Address: H Block, 1st Floor, PVR Plaza Building, Connaught Place, Delhi

Hey my lovely readers, don’t miss to tryout this filmy place and do share your views and pictures with us. Happy Hangout 🙂

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Tata Tiago Drove me Crazy at Pre Launch #MadeOfGreat

People drive a car but it is sometimes the CAR that drives people crazy, literally and figuratively, especially when the pre-launch location happens to be the party capital of India – Goa – and you find yourself there for the first time!

Hey Readers, So here I have another reason to love Indiblogger & Tata Motors. They gave me a wildcard entry in #MadeOfGreat launch to take place in the ever-effervescent Goa.

Yes, I was one among the 60 lucky bloggers who got the rare chance of experiencing the all New Tata Zica now known as Tata Tiago. Needless to say, I had an amazing weekend with some truly clear-headed Indian bloggers, the creative team of Tiago and some Indiablogger & Wizcraft workaholics that showed us the way forward.

It all began on an eventful Thursday evening when I got the confirmation about my cherished selection for #madeOfGreat Goa event slated for 5th & 6th Dec 2015. Having spent a frantic, sleepless night on the 4th due to an eclectic mix of excitement and disbelief, it was one of those rare moments when I actually looked forward to catching an early morning flight.

It is really difficult to encapsulate the glorious experiences associated with my #fantastico journey in Goa, but I’ll give it a shot.


Now let’s talk about the Tata Tiago –

  • For sure, it’s going to be another sales hiking mid-range car from the wide-ranging portfolio of Tata motors.
  • New Name of Tata Zica is Tata Tiago.
  • Football icon Lionel Messi is the current global brand ambassador of Tata Tiago.  Check below to know some more about the TVC sharing #madeofgreat partnership between Tata Motors and Messi. It is slated for official launch in January 2016, if latest reports are anything to go by.
  • Tata Tiago is coming up in 6 stunning colors and my favorite is undoubtedly the ‘Sunburst Orange.
Tata Motor’s Zica gets renamed Tiago
Tata Motor’s Tiago
Tata Tiago Available Colors
Tata Tiago Colors
Pearl White-001
Berry Red Tata Tiago Colors Tata Tiago
espresso Brown Tata Tiago Colors
Tata Tiago Colors
Platinum Silver Tiago
Tata Tiago Silver

Striker Blue Tata TiagoTiago looks super stylish thanks to razor sharp edges from outside and an ultra-comfortable experience in the inside in every possible way.

  • Lots of extensive customer research has gone into the making of Tata Tiago, which also involve expertise from the UK and India to ensure its timely delivery.
  • The spacious car comes with 242 liters of boot space and 22 intelligently designed utility spaces for those who’re hooked to on-the-go lifestyle.
  • Tiagois going to be the trusted love of all those who swear by all things related to Style and are in no mood to compromise on Comfort.

Conclusion – Super amazing Tiago is ready to be your travel partner with all sexy exteriors and comfy interiors. Use the huge storage space, fill Tiago fridge with some drinks, switch on the music with Juke Car App, Select your driving mode (Eco or City) and get set go, be the road explorer.

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Now Shop with SnapDeal in 11 More Indian Languages

Being a leading online shopping website in Indian market, Snapdeal is taking more innovative steps  for its customers to overcome the language barrier.

By 26th Of Jan 2016, Snapdeal will be available in 11 more Indian languages for the Indian online shoppers. Snapdeal is going to be in these regional languages –

  1. Hindi
  2. Telugu
  3. Gujarati
  4. Tamil
  5. Marathi
  6. Bengali
  7. Kannada
  8. Malayalam
  9. Oriya
  10. Assamese
  11. Punjabi

At moment, Snapdeal UI on the mobile is available in Hindi and Telugu. With this ‘Multilingual interface’ Snapdeal is trying to reach to 130 Million smartphone users in India, who use internet in regional languages.

SnapDeal in 12 Indian LanguagesAt Press conference of event, Rohit Bansal co-founder Snapdeal & product head Anand Chandrasekaran mentioned many interesting facts above increasing E-commerce trend. Rohit mentioned –

“Snapdeal’s multilingual user interface has been developed on the basis of the feedback it received from both its buyers & sellers. A significant percentage of the user base opts for Hindi and other regional languages to speak to their customer care representatives. With this multilingual platform, these customers can now shop in their native language. The platform allows users to pick the language of their choice for browsing, for payments and for order tracking,”

“The multilingual platform is built on top of Snaplite, Snapdeal’s website for mobile browser, which is 85% lighter and consumes less bandwidth. This means that not only is it in the language of the regions, it also consumes 85% less bandwidth and loads in 1/4th the time of most other mobile sites.”

Though Snapdeal is the first eCommerce website for their ‘multilingual interface’ in India, team is expecting early movers benefits for same. Lets wait and watch the success of Snapdeal. All the best for their initiative under ‘Project Bharat’.

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Self Improvement Tips to Be a Better Person

It is very rightly said that “Charity begins at home”. The initiation of doing good things should start from us. When people will look at you, they will join you and it will become never ending brigade.

Here are some small changes that will make yours and other’s life healthy and happier.

The first thing after you wake up – Drink atleast a glass of water.

Most of the people wake up to check their phone to see any Facebook or Twitter updates they missed while they were asleep. And spend those essential morning hours in this unnecessary ritual.

Most successful people that I have read about have a habit of waking up to at least a glass of drinking water and then starting off the day.

One of the major benefits of drinking water right after waking up is that it will purify your colon and thereby making it easier to absorb nutrients.

Moreover, drinking water on an empty stomach will help you with weight loss and boost your metabolism.

A Glass Water In Morning Health & Fitness WallpaperThe other advantages of drinking water right after waking up –

  • Increased production of new blood and muscle cells.
  • Glowing skin
  • Flushes out toxins from the body
  • Fight infection

Plan your day ahead.

Planning is the first step towards change and implementing the plan is the real achievement.

Write down all the things that you need to do achieve today. Also mention priority beside them so that you will know what’s urgent and what’s not. At the end of the day, look at the list again and check what you accomplished and what was still left. Now accommodate the left over tasks in the next day’s list with a little more priority.

This small change will give you a much needed insight of yourself. And over the period of time you will understand that planning was never tough, what was tough was its implementation.

business planner

 Set realistic goals.

The Rome was not built in a day.

You cannot expect a sudden transformation from what you are to what you desire. It takes time. And more than time, my friend, it requires efforts. Efforts in the direction of your goals.

The only way to ease up the process of transformation is to set up small achievable goals. And then increase the level of difficulty as you achieve them. This way you will be more happy and content with the way you are progressing.

Realistic Goals for Life

Never rush to the work.

Most of the people have this habit of always being late at the work. It sets the wrong tone right from the beginning of the task.

Waking up a bit earlier, let’s say 10 minutes, will help you to reach at your work on time. And you will see that you are quite more alert and prepared for all the tasks that lie ahead.


A brisk walk after any meal.

The key to avoid your belly from popping out from the shirt lies in nothing but burning calories. Yes, just burn enough calories throughout the day and you will see that you still have no gut coming out.

A brisk walk after meals will help you with shedding off those extra calories and save you from being lethargic.

Walk after eating

Browse Google more.

In today’s scenario, nobody but only Google can be called as your best friend.

Don’t waste your time on silly Facebook posts instead open up Google and search for whatever you love. Note down the things that you think will help you in the future or bookmark pages of grave importance.

Search about food, politics, history, psychology or anything that excites you.

Google Is Your Best Friend Quotes


Appreciate for what you have

The simple rule of happy and long life says – Appreciate even the tiniest thing you have and work hard for all those you don’t.

You can even appreciate your fast internet connection or costly shoes or Xbox because someone out there is not as lucky as you.

Also develop a habit of appreciating others you see around for everyone is fighting their own battle.

Hope above small changes will improve you a bit more and a better you will make bigger changes in this tiny world. Happy Reading 🙂

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