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Gift Forever Roses This Valentine

Nothing best than a rose on Valentine’s Day! And if they can be preserved forever they become priceless as ever. Cherish the glory of Valentine’s Day with rose which never dies, a rose which look fresh for years like your love. Present rose to a rose which stays with her throughout her life.

Yes, I am talking about a real preserved rose which are beautifully captured at its peak of perfection, these original roses will create memories that will never fade. Now it’s available in India.

A floral brand has launched a real rose which will be fresh for years!

They have come up in beautiful exciting colors such as bright red, striking yellow, sky blue, olive green, amethyst purple, electric blue, black and rainbow. The unique rose is set in an elegant box with beautiful ribbon bow.

Some Facts about Forever Rose- Preserved Rose

What are Preserved Roses?

Preserved roses are natural fresh roses that through a very special process keep their beauty and splendor for years. They are not dried, artificial or silk flowers. Soft and incredibly life-like, the rose is treated with glycerin to maintain its fresh-cut appearance for years. These flowers are professionally processed to maintain their shape, softness, color and beauty for a long time.

How long do they last?

They can last several years if properly cared, just keep the flowers indoors, away from direct sunlight, heat, humidity and moisture. If the flowers become dusty, use a hairdryer or another type of gentle blower on a cool setting to clean.

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Do they need water?

No, they don’t need water.

Ferns N Petals Limited Edition Forever Roses Collection

Rainbow Preserved Rose
Rainbow Preserved Rose – Forever Collection
Red Rose Gift
Forever Red Rose For Love


Black Valentine Forever Rose
Black Rose for Valentine – Forever Collection
electric blue Rose Gift
Electric Blue Rose – Forever Collection
Purple Rose
Purple Rose – Forever Collection
Sky blue Forever Rose
Sky blue Rose – Forever Collection


Yellow Forever Rose
Yellow Rose – Forever Collection

Want to feel these super fresh roses, go at and get one for yourself and another one for your love 🙂

Don’t miss to share your favorite color of rose though comment sectio, mine is the ‘Rainbow one and Red Rose’, super sexy roses 🙂

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Travel Log : Taj Mahal Agra Travel Pics

Hey Readers, here I am with my recent travel pics. You guys are following this blog from a long time and till now, you must be knowing that – Travel is my new love. 2016  is here with lots of interesting travel opportunities for me.  Very first opportunity gifted by 2016 to me was a short trip to Taj Mahal with team Asus and some like minded bloggers.  Asus recently launched their camera centric smartphone Asus Zenfone Zoom in Agra. And bloggers like me got the chance to click magnificent Taj with the camera of Zenfone Zoom. Check zenfone zoom camera review at DreamTechie.

We all stayed in Hotel Jaypee Palace which was approx 6.5 Km far from the Taj. To capture beauty of Taj we started early morning at 8:30 from Hotel and at 9:10 we were at Taj.

The love symbol Taj Mahal has lot more to say and if you want to hear those love poems you have to visit it once, for sure. Taj Mahal is not just a building, it is something that every traveler would love to feel. Few lines from National Geographic share a lot about Taj “most famous for being famous”.

The Taj fame ensures that even without seeing the Taj Mahal in person, you have viewed it many times through the photos.

Before I start uploading pictures from my Agra trip, let me share some quick tips for visiting Taj Mahal, Agra.

  • Try to be at Taj as early as possible for the extra ordinary photography experience.
  • Wear your most comfortable shoes because you have to walk a lot.
  • Don’t miss to carry your water bottle.
  • Capture the Taj from different angles, to know the hidden beauty of place.
  • When doing photography of Taj, try some black and white shots.
  • Snacks are not allowed to taken inside.
  • If you are rich enough then prefer to stay in Oberoi in Agra because of excellent view of Taj from hotel rooms.  (Source –
  • Entry fee for foreigners are 750 rupees while for nationals it is 20 rupees.
  • Shoe covers are must wear to visit inside.

Here are the Travel Pics from Taj Mahal

Beautiful Architechture , Taj Mahal Random Pics Beautiful Taj Pictures Beauty Of Taj Mahal  Camel Pics, Taj Mahal Agra Delhi Bloggers at Taj Mahal          Me, Yogita at Agra Travel Pics  Ourside view from Taj , click with Zenfone zoom

Entry Taj Mahal Pics Show Cover to visit Taj Mahal Taj Mahal In Foggy Early Morning Under Maintenance Taj Mahal P_20160123_113628 Selfie Love at Taj Mahal   Taj Mahal Entry Pics Taj Mahal Photos with Zenfone Zoom Taj Mahal Pics Yogita Aggarwal, Travel blogger Taj Mahal Pics  Yogita Aggarwal, Selfie with Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal Pics

Taj Mahal Clicked with Zenfone Zoom - Photography
The Taj Mahal Clicked with Zenfone Zoom

More Travel Pics from Agra

Yogita Aggarwal, pradeep Kumar and Ankit Chugh, Bloggers Photo Selfie Love Delhi Bloggers, Yogita Aggarwal Stairs Hotel Jaypee Agra Pictures Jasmeet Pics Agra Me and Jasmeet , Bloggers Selfie Nature, Picture with Zenfone Zoom Hotel Jaypee Agra Decor Pics Hotel Jaypee Agra Ohoto Hotel Room, Jaypee Agra Flower Photography with Zenfone zoom Hotel Jaypee Agra Decor Blogging Proud Early Morning Photo Agra, January Asus Zenfone Zoom Launch

Asus Launch Taj Agra DSC_2457 Asus Zenfone Zoom Pics Cat Eye Glasses Pics IMG_20160123_053438 P_20160122_190639

Note – All Taj Mahal Pics are clicked with Zenfone zoom except than few selfies. Other pics are clicked with Xiomi Mi4i and Asus Zenfone 2 Laser.

Do share your favorite click from above, We will be happy to hear you.

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Maximize Stretch for Maximum Muscle Growth

importance of stretching for muscle growth

With time and years, we have been taught or have been hearing to stretching our muscles before any kind of heavy physical workout. Even while playing any of the sports, we are initially asked to warm up and stretch our muscles but have we ever thought the logic behind it or are it beneficial for us or is it harming us.

It becomes important for us to know that we should be having the knowledge of what we are actually doing and should be continued or the way of doing it should be either changed or altered. The body should be adapted to the workouts and stretching according to their body capacity and health.

There are many questions that would pop up in our minds while gyming or work outs and physical exercises. Whether to stretch the muscles before the gym or after it, the timing of the stretching also matters and there are other factors related to it as well. We should always keep in mind the different factors of stretching and the methods of doing it while performing exercise because even one pull or push out of order which will lead you in bigger problems.

Researchers have said that it is never recommendable to stretch a cold muscle because it might lead you to strains or even get you in big troubles. During the gym sessions, the researchers say that when you do the stretching beforehand, it uses up your energy which could have better used in weight lifting.

We do think that we would feel better to stretch our muscles before weight lifting; it rather uses up your energy that can be used to do the other exercises and which is more than your capacity.

importance of stretching for maximum muscle growth

Therefore, it would always be recommended to do the stretching immediately after your work outs and weight lifting and use up your maximum energy in longing your arms and legs. They should be stretched until one feels the pain, keep it intact for 30-60 seconds and thereon slowly release to avoid any kinds of accidents of muscles pulls.

For better results, the simple stretching doesn’t work and therefore, intense work is required and that they should be remaining in those positions for long to let the actions be active enough. Such type of stretching then increases the rate of hypertrophy and releases growth factors which indeed work for the betterment of our body structures.

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Therefore, it should always be kept in mind that stretching should be done smartly and perfectly such that it doesn’t affect our body parts and not lead us to accidents. Follow a proper regime, strong stretching schedule and build up your body such that it doesn’t hurt you while the muscles are being stretched. With proper care and determination, one can always reach their goals and become strong enough to face the difficulties. Train your body hard enough in a smart manner such that it helps you to grow in a better body.

Like the post? Share it with all your fitness enthusiast friends to help them achieve their physique goal 🙂

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5 Winter Styles For Girls to Try in Delhi Winters

With ongoing Delhi winters, it’s likely that you find yourself in a style rut, keeping up appearances isn’t easy especially when the temperatures are taking a dive, but don’t let this dreary weather take a toll on your style!! Fashion waxes any type of climatic change, for that matter this winter is just a functional season which can be lived in grandest way we can desire to

Its high time ladies that you breakout of your monotonous sweatpants, invest in some basic winter essentials and let Winters be the best season to flaunt your very own style statement.

Read on for some fascinating yet stylish fashion tips straight from the fashion diva herself and together lets forge on a journey as Anne Hathway did in The Devil wears Prada (a must watch for all fashionistas out there)…

For people who always want to look trendy, this season is the perfect weather to give a try to boots, scarves, sweaters, suits, hats and more. Another great winter fashion tip for women is to wear bright colors to look stylish and chic.

Winter styles for fashionable girls
Orange Sweater (one of my favorites) from SRS Fashion wear paired with a plain black ankle-length trouser makes a perfect wear for this winters. You can sport this casual yet stylish look at work or for a lousy weekend movie with your loved ones. P.s – Don’t miss my Wedges heels, bought from a Showroom in CP, which makes me look taller for the day.


Black Winter Outfit Ideas Formal Style
Whenever sporting a formal look, don’t forget to put on a smudge free Maybelline Kajal, Eyeliner and a Mascara. Go for a bright shade of Red, Peach or a Pink Colorbar lip shade. To break the monotony of the outfit, wear a nice floral scarf around the neck.
How to look cool in Winters
Your winter wardrobe is incomplete without a pair cool sweatshirt and a pant. This funky avatar is apt for going out with your friends on a warm winter day.

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How to stlye a jacket with Scarf Winter Style Blog
Ditch the sober Blacks and Greys, go for some bright crimson colors. This stylish jacket from Lifestyle looked startling when I paired it with a simple yet elegant scarf. A perfect look for Ladies day out. Don’t be surprised by the raised eye-brows around you! P.s – I call this look ‘Ms. Pocketful of Sunshine’
Latest Sunglasses Trends In India
There are few things that never go out of fashion. One of them is Sunglasses, pamper yourself with a nice pair of Sunglasses that complements your face. You can find me sporting big round sunglasses, which balances my look at the same time makes sure I get the worthy attention. P.s – I am already singing “I’m a Rock Chick in a Hard Rock World… And Nothing Rocks than a Rock Chick Girl”


Indian Fashion and Makeup Bloggger Yogita aggarwal
Keep your makeup minimal, Some eye makeup and a lip color is enough to flaunt your style
Winter ootd ideas , fashion blog
And last but not the least, do accessorize your look with a decent bag, clutch or sling. Here, you can find me flaunting my #Bagslove
Winter Outfit styles to try
Pick bright colors this winter and you will be noticed by people, trust me.
How to style, Formal Style Indian women
Accessories are not limited till bags, your right selection of eyeglasses makes you a chic from out of the world.

Stay tuned for more fashion updates. We will be sharing many more style post for all the Fashion Divas out there. Don’t forget to share this post on web if you like it.

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Jugni Review: The Complicated Love Story with A Lot of Music!

Jugni 2016 full movie review

If you’re one of those who complain about Bollywood getting a bit too monotonous in terms of content, then Jugni is the movie that will affirm your thoughts. Categorised as a ‘Romantic Musical Film’, Jugni has much to offer under both heads.

Marking the debut of its director and writer Shefali Bhushan, Jugni revolves around Vibhawari (played by Sugandha Garg), a music director, who visits a village in Punjab in search for a soulful voice for her upcoming movie. The title Jugni literally means ‘free like a firefly’, which perfectly defines the carefree nature of the lead, Vaibhawari.

In Punjab, she meets Bibi Saroop (played by Sadhana Singh), who happens to be a perfect voice for Vaibhawari’s movie. Bibi’s son, Mastana (played by Siddhanth Bahl), also has a beautiful voice and our lead instantly develops a fondness for it.

And the rest is what you have been seeing in most of the Bollywood romantic movies. But there is a little twist. Though, both of them are engaged to different people, gradually and eventually they fall in love with each other. The complications of their past get the story moving at a steady pace. Oh yes, all this goes on with their recordings under process.

Jugni 2016 full movie review

A major portion of the movie has been shot in Punjab, and you will get a healthy dose of crisp Punjabi dialogues. The shooting has been done in real yet beautiful locations while showing the beauty of the rich soil of Punjab. Jugni has very efficiently blended the modern and traditional elements and has also managed to maintain a certain level of simplicity. This is a really great achievement for a debutant director.

The dialogues of all the characters are simply raw and real. And they perfectly fit in the situations that the director intended to show the audience. When compared, the second half of the movie seems much better than the first half, as a lot of things are happening in the story then. And then comes the climax, which is the most divine part of the movie, and you will have to hit the theatres for this.

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Sugandha Garg has done a handful of movies and TV shows, and has received acclamation for her fine acting skills. The story here is no different. Both Sugandha and Siddhanth did justice to their respective roles with spot on expressions and timing. Sadhana Singh in the character of Bibi Saroop has also performed her part quite well.

Being based on music, it isn’t possible for us to miss talking about the music in the movie. Clinton Cerejo, with Vishal Bhardwaj and A.R. Rahman, has contributed to the music of Jugni, and the results are phenomenal! The songs and music are entirely different from what we’re accustomed to, and will make you play them on a loop.

All in all, the movie is a great blend of music and romance, but still music dominates the movie. The director has done a fine job of bringing a great story and characters together and creating a worthy flick. For this weekend, you should definitely consider watching Jugni for its storyline and brilliant performance by all the actors, if you haven’t already booked tickets for Airlift.

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Best Bikes Under 2 Lakh 2016

The price bracket has gone up for young bike buyers.  Those are gone days when people wanted just 2 wheels to ride upon. Now young buyers are looking for power, ride quality, looks and more. Earlier young buyers used to buy 110 cc bike and statics shows that there is huge jump in the sales of 150 and 200 cc bikes in last few years.  These powerful bikes are not just the transport necessity but also the need of biker’s lifestyle.

The buyer’s budget used to be in the bracket of 40k to 60 k and now it has gone up to 2 lakh. Now Bike manufacturers are already geared up with high powered bikes in the next bracket of 1 to 2 lakh.

So here is list of best bikes for youths under 2 lakhs. These bikes are a lot popular in metro cities including Delhi, Mumbai & Banglore.

1. Honda CBR250R:

Honda has launched its flagship bike CBR in 250 CC also. It is one of the best powered bike in this category. It produces 25 BHP power and  torque 23 Nm @ 7000 rpm.  Ex showroom price starts at 1.67 lakhs.

Honda CBR250R Best Bike under 2 lakh
Honda CBR250R

2. KTM RC200:

It is equipped with 200 CC liquid cooled engine which generates 25 BHP and torque of 19Nm@8000RPM. Ex-Showroom price is 1.67 lakh.

Best Bike under 2 lakh 2016

3. Royal Enfield Classic 500:

With heavy powered 500 CC engine Royal Enfield creates successful impact. It generates 27 BHP and torque 41Nm@4000RPM. Still RE uses air cooled engines. Ex-showrrom price 1.6 lakh.

Bikers for Riders
Royal Enfield Classic 500

4. Royal Enfield Continental GT:

The newly launched bike is getting nice appreciation from buyers. It is powered with 535 CC engine. it produces 29 BHP and torque 44@4000 RPM. Ex-showroom Price 1.92 lakh.

Royal Enfield Continental GT
Royal Enfield Continental GT

5. KTM 390 Duke ABS:

The KTM Duke 390 ABS is the second KTM offering from Bajaj Auto for the Indian market. it is powered with 373 CC engine. which produces 44 BHP and torque 35 Nm@7250RPM. the Ex-showroom price is 1.88 lakh.

  KTM 390 Duke ABS

Upcoming bikes buzz

1. Hero HX 250R:

This bike has been show cased in 2014 Auto expo India. this bike is powered with 250 CC engine which produces 31 BHP.  HX250R has been designed and engineered in collaboration with the company’s technology partner Erik Buell Racing. It is expected to get launch in the end of 2015 with a price tag of 1.5 to 2 lakhs.

2. Mahindra Mojo: 

Mahindra had first unveiled the Mojo motorcycle in 2010. Mojo is equipped with 295 CC liquid cooled engine. Which produces 27 BHP and torque 25 Nm. Expected price tag is 1.7 lakhs and launch end of 2015.

3. Hyosung GD250N:

Equipped with 250 CC liquid cooled engine generates 28 BHP and torque 24 Nm@7000RPM. Korean manufacturer are very excited about this bike. Expected price for this bike is 1.75 lakh and launch date in end of 2015.

Hope you guys will like this read. Stay connected with blog by adding us on social media channels.

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Venus Legacy™ A Perfect Guide for Body Contouring Treatments

Whether it’s cellulite, a muffin top or simply loose skin, you have an option of Venus Legacy which is non-invasive and pain free before you think. Although surgery gives guaranteed results, often the anxiety of going under the knife combined with the need to take time off from our busy lives doesn’t make it our go-to option.

Venus Concept brings the most sought after treatments which are not only the latest in non-invasive in medical aesthetics but also amazingly effective in achieving an optimal natural and youthful result for skin tightening and fat loss. With so much to offer: a non-invasive, pain-free solution for treating cellulite and wrinkles, contouring the body, and toning face, neck and body for a sculpted, toned and natural look, the Venus Legacy becomes the ultimate choice. The Venus Legacy ascertains the use of modern technology along with stress-free solutions in its treatments.

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The Venus Legacy delivers 100% safe, painless treatments and is suitable for all skin types – To achieve superior clinical results in skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, fat reduction and the temporary reduction of cellulite, The Venus Legacy combines Multi-Polar RF, Magnetic Pulse Therapy (MP2) and VariPulse™ technology – The Multi-Polar RF and Pulsed Magnetic Fields delivers fast, homogeneous heating deep in the dermis where collagen is located without damaging the epidermis – The Vari-Pulse allows adjustable pulsed negative and positive pressure, akin to a mild massage, for deep energy penetration, lymphatic drainage, as well as stimulating both fibroblasts and circulation – Real-Time Thermal Feedback integrates a hands-free thermometer with an on-screen visual feedback graph to allow the physician to ensure the temperature is comfortable for the patient and that the skin is heated to the right therapeutic temperature to achieve best clinical outcomes – Treatments usually takes up to 30 mins, a minimum of 6 treatments for the face, 6-8 on the neck and 8 on the body.

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With a clear vision to deliver optimum comfort to its clients, Venus Concept aims to provide their users with a pain-free technology along with pain-free business model. We have this unique Venus Loyalty Program, we backup our clients to meet up with their financial commitments through easy payments via monthly subscriptions and after sales support through our unmatched services i.e. marketing and practice enhancement support and technical support. When all of them are bundled together it gives an excellent return on investments to our clients.

For more information, please visit:

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Sunny Leone wasn’t forced to be a pornstar, Watch Interview with Journalist Bhupendra Chaubey

This interview of Sunny Leone will make you respect her more than any other Bollywood celebrity. Below we are sharing the video so that you can watch the interview of Sunny Leone’s with CNN IBN journalist Bhupendra Chaubey. During her interview actress mentioned she was not forced to be a pornstar. She wasn’t assaulted, forced, or raped. She ‘chose’ to be pornstar. And she’s not apologetic for her selection of career, not one bit.

Does her selection of being a pornstar makes her morally corrupt? Does that mean she’s a bad influence on the Indian audience? We think ‘Yes’ from the point of view of journalist Bhupendra Chaubey.

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But wait, Sunny Leone’s still not embarrassed. This interview of Sunny is something the whole nation needs to see. Watch the stunning Sunny Leone take down a journalist with beautiful grace and make the country realize how regressive his mindset is. Way to go Sunny Leone!

We are sure after seeing he video you will feel Sunny Leone is sensible, sensitive and far more responsible than most of the celebrities we love to idolize.

Highlights from the Interview –

  • The only one regret in life and that was when my mother passed away didn’t get home.
  • I don’t have really any professional regrets
  • I’m a human being and a woman too , I definitely get upset but I don’t show anybody then I’m upset.

  • If any one doesn’t want to work with me or not they actually doesn’t affect my life at all
  • I work every single day and I’m very happy for that.
  • I am dreamer like any other person but first and foremost I’m a business person.
  • I wasn’t abused it wasn’t beaten I wasn’t molested.
  • I was not admired to become a pornstar.
  • I have my own husband and I love him a lot, He is very smart.
  • I would like to work with Aamir Khan.
  • In my next movie my role is completely opposite to role of Mastizaade.
  • People’s negativity and thoughts does not effect me a bit.

Above interview of Sunny Leone is totally a #MustWatch and #motivational. She handled all the questions very gracefully. We definitely respect her a lot from prior.

Thanks to Chaubey ji for introducing nation with the real Sunny Leone. Do share this on social media.

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Surinder Sunar, the Most Mysterious Man in Poker

When it comes to poker players you kind of expect them to be boisterous, out-spoken and even, perhaps, a little bit cocky. But that’s not the case for Surinder Sunar, despite the fact that this is a man who’s cashed in a massive amount of winnings over the years and any cockiness would be well-deserved, we still know very little about him. So who is the most mysterious man in poker?

Known as the cobra, Sunar is a British poker player based in Wolverhampton who is famed for various high profile wins including the season 3 World Poker Tour Grand Prix de Paris event and becoming a finalist three times in the Late Night Poker television series.

Sunar is a poker veteran and has been in the poker world for years, in fact, it was right the way back in 1990 that he reached his first World Poker Series final table – an amazing achievement considering that he was facing poker legends such as Johnny Moss at the time.

Very few people know that while Sunar was playing in high-profile games across the globe he would take time out to visit his grandfather who would share wisdom with him. His grandfather lived past 107!

In fact, very few people know much about this enigmatic player, and that’s exactly the way he wants it to be. In an interview he revealed “I don’t want to be known too much. I’m just there to win the money. I don’t even enjoy the game that much. I only enjoy it when I get to the final table – when the real money comes into action.”


Apart from sharing his disdain for the game, he also revealed that he didn’t really rank himself as a player and preferred to play in cash only games as you could get more money faster that way. It’s actually rumored that you would need seven pages to list all his tournament cashes. That must equate to a very large amount of money.

Perhaps it’s as much to do with luck as it is skill as Sunar has also revealed that he’s rather superstitious and once had a lucky owl from India that he feels brought him luck in the World Poker Tournament, but surprisingly not in other tournaments.

Sunar is no longer playing in poker tournaments because of the intense levels of concentration needed. At 56-years-old it’s perhaps an age gap that makes the player feel he can’t compete anymore. In the past he has played for three days straight without sleeping – something he isn’t likely to ever want to repeat.

Instead Surinder Sunar likes to keep his head down and out of the spotlight on his quest for the big wins. We might never truly know everything about poker’s most mysterious player, but one thing is for sure, this is a man who entered into the world of poker to win a lot of money and that’s exactly what he’s achieved.

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Beautiful Romantic Love HD Wallpapers For Couples

Hey Readers, so we are here with some Valentine’s Romantic HD Wallpapers & Quotes images to make your valentine more beautiful & romantic.

Get ready to celebrate Valentine’s week with your love & don’t miss to make your partner feel special this year. We love 365 days but Valentine’s week is really special to love more than usual days.

Also we are sharing some beautiful love quotes to make your big day bit more lovable.

  • Love is not about spending time together but it is actually spending good and bad time together.  #LetUsPublish
  • Love not only keeps you alive but also it keeps you young, trust me.  #LetUsPublish
  • Love at first sight is not myth, perfect example is love of a mother for her newly born baby. #LetUsPublish
  • Love is not about watching movies together and sleeping together, it is actually about feeling sensation of partner even when he is not with you.  #LetUsPublish

Love, for me!

It is the synonym of care. Everyone who cares about you, is the one who loves you. Love is a feeling that can’t be expressed but is the sensation to be felt.
Love is in the moments not in the day 🙂 Make every moment a #ValentineMoment 🙂
beautiful romantic pink roses hd imege
Beautiful Romantic Pink Roses Love Wallpaper
Love forever couples wallpaper
Romantic wallpaper for boyfriend
Cute love wallpaper

beautiful rose wallpaper
Beautiful Love Wallpaper
Valentine's Day Roses With Chocalate HD Image
Love Wallpaper

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Love Images
Rose with Beautiful Heart Wallpaper
Red Roses For Love Wallpaper
Romantic Roses Wallpaper
Red Roses with i love you Photo
Love Wallpaper Saying I Love You
Red-Roses-HD-Wallpaper 2016
Beautiful Red Rose Wallpaper
Romantic Coffee HD Wallpaper Download
Coffee For Love Birds
Free Love Romantic Wallpapers Download
Pink Valentines Love wallpapers
I love You Teddy Wallpaper
Teddy with I Love You Wallpaper Download
Romantic Quotes Images for Valentine, Will you be my Teddy?
Will you be my teddy this valentine? Happy Teddy Day Image Wallpaper
Beautiful Love Coffee Wallpaper
Love Coffee Image HD
Beautiful Love heart wallpaper
Cute heart Wallpaper for Desktop
Beautiful Love Quote Image Wallpaper for Valentine's Day
Romantic Love Quotes Images
Beautiful heart images for love couples
You are every reason , every hope and every dream I’ve ever had
Beautiful romantic couples wallpaper with quotes
I love you , not only for what you are , but for what I am when I am with you
Best love couples wallpaper with quotes
Just wanted to let you know that I love you even though you aren’t naked right now
Couples Romantic love images
You are every reason , every hope and every dream I’ve ever had
Cute couples hd wallpapers
There isn’t one person in the world that I want more than i want you
 Romantic love couples Hd wallpaper with quotes
I love you and that’s the beginning and end of everything
I love you hd wallpapers
I love you and I don’t want to loose you . because my life has been better since the day I found out
Sad love quotes
She bought out the worst in me, and was the best thing that ever happened to me
Beautiful love couples images with quotes
I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now ,and yet I know I will tomorrow
Beautiful love heart wallpaper with quotes
A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you
Romantic couples hd wallpaper at night
For you see each day I love you more today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow
Sweet love couples HD wallpaper with quotes
You are my best friend , my human diary , and my other half . you mean the world to me and I love you
Love Heart Rose
Romantic Roses Heart with I love You Hd Wallpaper
Romantic Couple Love Wallpaper
Beautiful hearts wallpaper


Romantic Heart Love Image to Propose
Love Wallpaper
Romantic I Love You HD Quotes Wallpaper for Valentine
Love You HD Quotes Wallpaper
Romantic Love Heart HD Wallpaper
Romantic Heart HD Wallpaper
Romantic Love Quote HD Image
Love is in Air , HD Romantic Wallpaper
Romantic Red Roses HD Love Wallpaper for Valentine's day
Romantic Red Roses HD Photo




Romantic Roses Heart HD Image with I Love you
Wallpaper for Love , Download Now
Romantic Cute I love You Image
A person giving a beautiful red heart to another person.
Cute love hd wallpaper with love Message
Cute love hd Image
Cute love Images - I Love You
Cute love wallpaper with quotes
Cute love hd image with quote
Cute couples love hd wallpaper
cute romantic wallpaper with quotes
romantic cute couple in love
I love you wallpaper with quotes
I love you hd wallpaper
I love you hd wallpaper with quotes
sweet i love you image
Most romantic couple hd wallpaper
Most romantic couple wallpaper
Beautiful Love Quote hd wallpaper
Beautiful couple i love you wallpaper
Cute romantic snowy couples love images
Cute couples

Beautiful Hearts Happy Valentines Day Wallpaper 2017 Happy Valentine's Day HD wallpaper Happy Valentine's Heart Wallpaper for Desktop Romantic Heart hd Valetines Day Images Beautiful Hearts Happy Valentines Day Wallpaper Valentine's Day HD Desktop Wallpaper beautiful rose day wallpaper hd Romantic Love Heart HD Wallpaper beautiful romantic pink roses hd imege HappyChocolate-DayHD-Wallpapers 2016 Romantic I Love You HD Quotes Wallpaper for Valentine beautiful rose hd wallpaper Chocolate with Rose - Fresh HD Wallpaper

Hope above love wallpapers are lovable enough to make your desktop more romantic. Do share the collection on social media if you liked this. 

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Unexplored Wildlife Destinations of India, Travel India

Unexplored Wildlife Destinations of India

The tiger, the elephant and the rhino are perhaps the biggest draw for a wildlife tourist to India. This makes other trails and quests for flora and fauna seem pale in front of the national parks at Ranthambore, Periyar and Kaziranga. India is not just the land of the tiger or the elephant. Many other creatures are waiting to welcome you. Here are five hitherto unexplored wildlife destinations of India.

  1. Connecting the dots – on the trail of the snow leopard

The Snow Leopard is considered the most elusive of the great cats of the world. Hemis National Park, situated about 40 kilometres southeast of Leh, is the best place for a date with this mythical creature of the Himalayas. It is the only national park in India north of the Himalayas, the largest notified protected area in India (and thus the largest national park of India).

The park is home to a population of about 200 snow leopards, that are as shy as they are gorgeous to spot. So do be patient. While on the trail of the snow leopard, do keep your eyes peeled for the Bharal or Blue sheep, the Tibetan Wolf, Bearded Himalayan Vulture or Lammergeier as well as Himalayan weasel.

Tips for Travelers – No hotels are available in or near Hemis National Park – though you will be overwhelmed with Ladakhi hospitality if you choose to stay in any homestay in the six villages in the Hemis National Park – Rumbak, Kaya, Sku, Shingo, Urutse and Chilling.

Unexplored Wildlife Destinations of India
Hemis National Park

In addition, Hemis Monastery also offers rooms for visitors to stay. Options to eat are also limited, and it is best to carry food.

Hemis National Park
Wildlife Destinations of India

Hemis Monastery does provide food to visitors. Do try the butter tea the locals ply you with. The best time to visit Hemis is between May and September, when the weather is pleasant. Most of the trekking routes and passage to jeep safari are closed after November due to heavy snowfall. Although summer temperatures can reach upto 30°C at the lower elevations, chances of rain and snowfall increase with elevation.

  1. Walking with the Bishnois

The love that the Bishnois have for other forms of life is the stuff legends are made of. So if you would like to be woken up early in the morning by the call of pea fowl or open your eyes to find a chinkara staring right back, the Bishnoi villages near Jodhpur are haven for you. A Bishnoi treats these animals as family. It is said that if you are a hunter, then the worst thing that could happen to you is to be caught hunting by a Bishnoi.

unexplored wildlife destinations of India
Bishnoi villages near Jodhpur

It is because of their protection that in Bishnoi dominated areas, deer, blue bulls, black bucks, chinkaras and chowsinghas are seen grazing peacefully in their fields. A 40-minute drive from Jodhpur city will take you to the village of Khejarli – where one actually realises the true meaning of ‘loving wildlife’. Khejarli, is, in fact, the first place where the Chipko movement originated as early as 1730.

Often not, the village women are seen cradling baby blackbucks alongside their own children, and sometimes even breastfeeding them. Asides from the variety of deer and peacocks, many birds such as Damoiselle cranes, white eared bulbuls, ibises, partridges, quails and many other migratory birds.

Tips for Travelers – The best time to be here is between October and March – the summers get really hot.

  1. Beyond tigers in Bhadra

What Jim Corbett is to the north of India, Kenneth Anderson is to lands beyond the Sahyadris. It was about 5 kilometres from what is present-day Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary that Kenneth Anderson shot a particularly notorious maneating tiger at Lakkavalli Dam. Not many have heard of Kenneth Anderson, but then the best roads are the ones less travelled. Many years of relentless game shooting and poaching later, Bhadra is a Project Tiger protected reserve located 38 km northwest of Chikmagalur in Karnataka. An estimated 33 tigers are found here, though they are not the only attraction.

Bhadra 1
Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

A huge 300-year-old (or so I was told) teak tree, with a girth of 5.21 metres, is also an attraction of this sanctuary. Other mammals that you can spot in the sanctuary include elephant, gaur, Sloth Bear, Jackal, Wild Dog, Wild Boar, Black Leopard, Jungle Cat, Jackal, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Mouse Deer, Langur, Bonnet Macaque, Slender Loris, Small Indian Civet, Common Palm Civet, Pangolin, Porcupine, Flying Squirrel and the Malabar Giant Squirrel. Bhadra sanctuary has more than 300 species of birds, some endemic to this region and some migratory. You should consider yourself lucky to spot the Malabar Whistling Thrush – that you always hear, but rarely spot.

Travel Tips – The best way to explore Bhadra is in a group of five or more – the jungle safari, a rickety (and noisy for a safari) Mahindra jeep does not ply otherwise. I so wish they would opt for something less noisy. The best time to be here is from September to March.

Since this area is prone to forest fires in the summer months, safaris are cancelled during April and May.

  1. Become an elephant whisperer at Shimoga

Most ecotourism centers in Karnataka are out of bounds, or not on the circuit of an average tourist. And this camp is definitely a must-visit, for children as well as adults. The Sakrebyle Elephant Camp is an unusual shelter-cum-training camp about 14km from Shimoga on the Shimoga Thirthahalli road. Elephants from the nearby forests arrives this place to take bath, have snacks and play in the backwaters of the Tunga river (or play a game of football with the schoolchildren that come for picnics here) before they go back to the forest.

Sakrebyle Elephant Camp
India Wildlife travel place

At any given time, there are about 25-30 elephants ranging from less than a year old to even octogenarians and above. If the elephant is well-behaved (take the mahouts’ word), you can even scrub them while they sunbathe in the river. Feeding them is also a charm – a mixture of rice, dal and sprouts is wrapped in dried paddy stalks and the elephant will gladly extend his trunk to take it from your hands. Sometimes children are allowed to bring sugarcane and bananas too.

5. Go Wingspotting in Nameri

Situated in the foothills of the eastern Himalayas in the Sonitpur district of Assam, Nameri National Park is the last home to the White winged wood duck, the most endangered duck specie in India, and the state bird of Assam. Such is the fame of this gorgeous bird, that seeing an elephant seems pale in comparison to spending some time watching this winged beauty. In fact, the range of bird species in this park, ranging from Bengal floricans, hornbills, wood ducks, plovers, bee-eaters and babblers, makes it a bird-watchers paradise.

Nameri National Park
Nameri National Park is the home to the White winged wood duck.

Some of the other animals that can be seen here are leopards, bisons, wild boars, black bears, giant squirrels, capped langurs and sloth bears. More than a total of 30 species of animals has been recorded in the national park.

Travel Tips – A forest department safari is the best way to take in the sights and sounds at Nameri. October to May is the best time to be here.

Note – Few images are taken from web. Blog contributed by Aarti.

Be an explorer and explore above given Wildlife Destinations of India. In case of queries you can write us through comment section. Do share this post on social media to encourage our efforts. 

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Uncommon Behavior of Magnetically Attractive Women

Uncommon Behavior of Magnetically Attractive Women

It is very common human desire to appear attractive and get noticed. Clothing & fashion accessories is one of the highest spent categories among Indian middle & upper middle class society, which is the largest targeted segment of any retail brand in India. But if we watch closely, attractiveness starts inside a human mind, before it appears outside.

Style, as we know, isn’t about fashion or trends, it’s about your unspoken public statement.-Says Sunay Gandhi, Founder of online jewellery store

So what makes few of us magnetically attractive than others? Let’s explore.


She knows she’s attractive, and she just don’t doubt it.

“When you spend on latest fashion trends, footwear, jewelry or any other accessorial shopping, you are precisely buying ‘social confidence’”.  Added Sunay. However few of us poses a very brilliant ability to, sometime even fake, but pose very strong confidence in their presence, that they don’t require any expensive possession & gadgets to attain this extremely important personality ornament.

 Fashion Blogger India, Yogita Aggarwal


Choices, makes us.

Part of the game is in what you choose, and the other part is how you play it. Magnetically attractive women never, almost never, go with trends. Be it clothing style, or jewelry selection, footwear or anything, you’ll always find her swimming reverse of the trends.  Why? Because that is how she sets herself out of the crowd.


Attractive Women Quotes
Attitude of attractive women

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They are risk takers. They do just the opposite of what their conscious mind tells them to fear about.

And flirting is one of the biggest social fear men & women have in common. The ability to flirt is a direct indicator of your unbeatable confidence in yourself.

Some of the best flirty individuals absolutely can’t teach you to replicate, since it’s not like “5 tips to do this or do that…”, but it’s about your inner desire to get social, meet variety of people, and living in the moments.

Qualities of leading women
Qualities of leading attractive lady, umm.. difficult to digest 😛


You’re never done with her. She’ll always leave you wanting for more. Because there is a story in every half, and people go curious to know the remaining part. The magnetically attractive women use this perfectly. Sometime you have to use your brain to interpret something she said, or sometime you have to absolutely just feel the vibrancy of her thoughts.

Lost In deep Thoughts, Qualities of women
Successful people spend a lot time with their self.

Show time, every time.

They are never off the show. Be it their leisure time, or with family friends, or business presentation or night club. You’ll always find her best of herself. She’ll always take care of appearance making most out of the situation.

This brings me to a conclusion that attractiveness couldn’t be acted or a temporary possession. You either born with such persona or, it has to be injected deep into your mind, by taking care of your small every day choices. And remember best of all these is where it all started; The Confidence. Confidence is life. Confidence is attractive. Magnetically attractive.

Qualities of success women
Me at Zica Event, Showing off my power.. Pic Clicked by Jasmeet

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5 Reasons Why You Should Grab an Asus Zenfone 2 Laser Now

The budget smartphone segment is surely the most crowded segment of all, and coming up with a device that stands out from the lot is a tiring job for the manufacturers. But Asus managed to accomplish this chore with its Asus Zenfone 2 Laser.

The device is unique in every aspect and offers great value for your money. Here are the 5 reasons why you should buy an Asus Zenfone 2 Laser if you’re in the market searching for a smartphone below 10,000 bucks.

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser reasons to buy
This is how Zenfone 2 laser look like, Is not it hot?

A large 5.5-inch Display

Sporting a large display size of 5.5 inches, the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser is one of the few devices to have such a large display in the budget segment. The icing on the cake is its 720p resolution, which looks nothing below a 1080p panel.

The IPS panel is capable of producing vibrant colours and has really wide viewing angles. Its display has quite enough screen brightness to let you see everything clearly even under bright sunlight. The display will always remain protected from scratches, thanks to the added layer of Gorilla Glass 4.

Powerful Processing, Multitasking Capabilities & Stylish

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser is not just another device with decent specifications and performance level, it’s something way beyond that. This stylish device features a 64-bit quad-core processor, which is accompanied by 2 GB of RAM. While the graphics are handled by Adreno 306 GPU.

The combination of all the three ensures a seamless gaming and overall performance. The Asus ZenUI running on Android 5.0 Lollipop is highly optimized to squeeze out maximum performance. The RAM capacity of 2 GB is quite enough for great multitasking experience without any lag or glitch. Asus Zenfone 2 Laser pictures –

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser Design from back
At back we have, Asus branding, Volume rocker, Laser & Flash lights
Asus Zenfone 2 Laser design from top
Power key is placed at the top along with audio jack

LTE Connectivity

There are not many devices in the budget smartphone segment that offer LTE connectivity on both the SIM cards, but the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser does. The device supports dual Micro-SIM cards with dual stand-by, and both the slots are capable of running 4G LTE.

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser Specifications

It has support for the Indian LTE bands, precisely the band 3 and band 40, so that you have seamless connectivity over 4G and 3G. With support for LTE Cat4, the device gives speed of up to 150 Mbps and 50 Mbps for download and upload respectively. This seems a whole lot of internet speed, when we’re still struggling to get even a couple of Mbps from our internet packs.

Brilliant Battery Backup

Asus has packed in a 3000 mAh user replaceable battery in the Zenfone 2 Laser. Considering its 720p display, modest and not-so-power-hungry processor, and a large battery capacity, the device can last for a full day on heavy usage.

If you are one of those power users who always remain hooked to their smartphone making calls, surfing internet or the usual social media addiction, then this device is for you.

Simply the Best Camera Experience

Last but definitely not the least, rather the 13 MP camera is the best feature of the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser. The camera of the device is accompanied by a laser blaster that helps make the autofocus superfast.

This technology was first introduced in LG G3, and now Asus has managed to bring the flagship technology to their budget device. As a result, the 13 MP camera unit is capable of producing detailed and sharp shots within a fraction of a second. Being sporting laser autofocus, the device the same level of accuracy even in the low light conditions.

Food Photography with Asus Zenfone 2 Laser

Noodles - Food Photography with Asus Zenfone2 Laser
These pictures we clicked in the normal light.
Yummy Food Pictures
Food Pictures with Asus Zenfone 2 Laser
RajKachori - One of the Best Haldiram food
Food PhotoGraphy with Zenfone 2 Laser

It wouldn’t be wrong of the camera on the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser is said to be the best camera on any budget smartphone!

In case if you have any queries, you can ask us through comment section. We will be happy to write you back. Don’t miss to share the post with your friends on social media.\

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Indian Celebrities and their Tattoos ( Priyanka, Deepika, Virat & More)

To get tattooed is one of most fashionable trends these days, is not it? And if you are the one who keen to be the part of this trend then here we have some most exciting celebrities tattoos to show you so that you can get the interesting ideas for your first tattoo.

We are going to show you tattoos not from the Bollywood, Indian Cricket team but from the Hollywood as well.  From Virat Kohli to Deepika Padukone, everyone is so tattoo obsessed and why not to be!

These celeb tattoos spoke a lot about them. To get inked is not just a fashion in fact the tattoo on your body actually reflect a lot about you and your life.

Lets have a look on Indian celebrities and their tattoos

Priyanka Chopra and Her Tattoo

Priyanka Chopra and Her Tattoo
Bollywood’s most finest actor PC shows her love to his Dad through tattoo. She has got tattoo on her wrist saying Daddy’s lil girl.
Deepika Padukone Foot Tattoo
Deepika Padukone Ankle Tattoo is something that any girl can have. Its so lovely & stylish.
Deepika Padukone and her Tattoos
Deepika Padukone with RK Tattoo at back. The Tattoo shows her love for Ex Ranbir Kappor.
Alia Bhatt tattoo Pataka
Here is the Cutest Bollywood Actress Alia Bhatt with her Tattoo Pataka.
Angelina Jolie Tattoos
Her Love for tattoos is endless, Angelina Jolie Body Tattoos
Celebrities tattoo Styles
Esha Deol with Her Most Eye Catchy Tattoo – Om
Kangana Ranaut tattoo
Kangana Ranaut and Her tattoo at back, which she interprets as the warrior angel
Sushmita Sen Tattoos
Susmita sen, The fashion Icon from bollywood got multiple tattoos, see how she showed her tattoos to media!! Seems she is tattoo obsessed 🙂
Ranbir Kapoor flaunting his AWAARA tattoo
Ranbir Kapoor flaunting his AWAARA tattoo
Ranbir Kapoor New tattoo
Seems like Ranbir got the tattoo for her new love Katrina Kaif.
Arjun Kapoor Maa Tattoo
Mom’s boy Arjun got the Tattoo for her. Maa Tattoo on his wrist.
Hrithik Roshan Tattoo
Hrithik Roshan and her separated wife Sussanne got the same tattoo, Is not it cool ? Hrithik has one more apart from these.

Viral Kohli and His Tattoos

Virat Kohli Tattoos on Arm
Virat Kohli Tattoos on Right Arm – Scropio Symbol
Virat Kohli's tattoo , Japanese Samurai in his left arm
Virat Kohli’s tattoo , Japanese Samurai in his left arm

Note – Google Images

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How Rich Can You Be!!

Here we have thoughts on ‘How rich can you be!!’ by Manoj Lekhi, He is the Business & Life Coach.

When we hear the word “Richness” or “Rich” we often associate it with money and material value. But in actual wealth is not only money, but relates to various other factors too. In life’s chase of running behind temporary and materialistic things, we often lose track about what we should actually go after.

Sooner or later we do realize that what we have been going after is not worth the effort. What we must value is something that we realize in the duration of this chaos of life’s pursuits. Here is my list which has brought about a deep realization within me and has made me RICH !

State Of Mind: “The more you give the more you get. The more you drive a business with passion the more money you will attract. When you run behind something / someone … it will always elude you. Stop looking for it and it will find you.” These are things that are always said at leadership and motivation seminars by the best and global speakers. Why ? There is merit to it. The best of people practice Vairagya.

Warren Buffett still lives in his family home even though he has the riches to buy a couple of countries.

Yet ! more and more money keeps finding him. Amazing passionate entrepreneurs (without a dime in their pocket) sell their ideas to investors with passion and aplomb landing billion dollar cheques. Silicon Valley is a living example of it. India has seem its fair share of fantastic success stories too. They reduce their desires and focus on what drives them, their passions and celebrate their achievements. Focus on the task at hand , be content with what you have with an eye out for the future … without worrying about the bills. The money will find you. If we go after money too hard, it evades us. Running behind money reminds me of trying to catch a butterfly, the harder we pursue the swifter it is!!

So richness is not only equivalent to money, but to good health, relationships and of course by extension … to money. But to earn that money you need to concentrate and improve on aspects of your life that has nothing to do with money. Remember, money is a result of all the work that you put into your life and growth. You can say a medium of exchange that converts the efforts and improvements into riches !

Rich quotes on Glitter Wallpaper-001
Richness is State Of Mind Quote

Raise Your Standard Of Giving : The more calm and relaxed we are, the more clarity of ideas flows into us and opportunities are easily caught, resulting in business growing effortlessly. When fate rewards you financially don’t grow your ‘standard of living’ but grow your ‘standard of giving’. There is an abundance of wealth for everyone in this world, learn the art of giving and in turn receiving, just by reversing our thinking world upside down success would be at your doorstep. Believe in a higher cause and like minded people will join you and money will be the currency they deal with.

Food for thought : Oprah, Bill Gates and the likes have given more from their profits that you and me can earn in our lifetime.

Yet ! money knows their address too ! You can then use the wealth that you have properly and in whichever way you think fit. You can become a contributor to the society. The more wealth you have, the more you can contribute. So the pursuit of wealth, name, and fame is entirely acceptable. We should keep our requirements as simple as possible.

Be Rich Quotes HD Image
The More You Give, The More You Get, Be Rich Quotes

De-clutter and Simplify your life : You can pursue greater material success. If you have the abilities and opportunities, do pursue it. As far as your own personal needs are concerned, however, keep them to a minimum. Ensure that you consume less and make more available to the needy. That will be an excellent way of looking at material pursuits. You can acquire as many material possessions as possible. Our own life should be as simple as possible so that we are as independent as possible.

Be Rich Quotes
Simplify Your Life , To Be Rich 🙂

Some of the most genius minds of our times have figured out that the less time they spend on things like clothes , shoes etc the more time they have to free up their mind with things that really excite them.

Like President Obama, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Albert Einstein ! Take out the irrelevant from the equation and see the mind free up for so much more potential !

Be Yourself : Have the courage to be your own true self and more importantly Love yourself the way you are ! This is an extremely powerful source of motivation and growth ! The resulting happiness puts you in a state of passion where you see the best in everyone including yourself and hence result in giving the best to everyone !

Be Rich Quotes
Be Yourself to be Rich 🙂 Image Background – OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Also Read – Love Yourself Because You Deserve it

You cannot ‘try’ to be happy with yourself. To be happy is not something to be desired; it is to be discovered. When you find that you are happy being with yourself, you become free from having any other needs. In living an intelligent and mature life, we are slowly creating a mindset that becomes more and more self -sufficient or discovers satisfaction with it. It is not that you can be happy with or without wealth. Your happiness does not depend upon anything other than you.

Your Health– is your greatest wealth. If you have bad health, it’s harder to enjoy your other richness.

Your Health- is your greatest wealth Quotes On RichnessWhat is the use of having crores and crores of rupees when at the end, we have to spend it all in the hospitals?

We don’t take care of our health because we were busy making lots and lots of money!!! Don’t take your good health lightly. It’s one of your greatest assets. Start to expand your perceptions of what’s important in life. Wake up every day and thank the divine intelligence, or the Universe or God, for yet another day of good health. The joy of watching our grandchildren grow and watching our kids, share their moment of well-being with them is what we all plan to live for.

For this we should keep a firm check on our health. The best and most successful business people have a strict health regime. So much so that … the regime itself becomes news. They do whatever it takes to remain and maintain their fitness. And they are fine with others who don’t understand calling it a ‘quirk’. They know the value of their health and want to retain that wealth !

Personal Growth – When you stagnate your business will also stagnate. Invest in your learning on a regular basis. The more you invest in your own personal self – outward and inward , it will grow you as a person and help you meet like minded people as well who you will enjoy doing business with. Remember, people do business with people not companies. How you think is more important than how you dress. Higher your thoughts … the higher the level of people you meet…and more is the business that you do. Learn everyday. Learn from everyone.

Personal Growth Quotes by Yogita Aggarwal
Be Rich Quotes

Your Relationship – Having a healthy relationship with our spouse is such a wonderful thing. Spending our life with someone we love. Our deepest desires as humans are not really money or the material, but love. Having loving rapport with our children. Friends (personal and professional ) are there to help us through bad times and to share the good times. And when we reciprocate by being there for them, the rewards are two-fold, because we gain the joy of having been there for someone.

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The essence of being there for your other half and your family is a joy which no amount of monetary benefits can track. Your friends and associates also fall in the same bracket.

The strongest relationships amongst your business network will give you the maximum business. The trust and faith you have in your business associates will determine the amount of business referrals they give you. Balance both worlds to get the best from each. The energy you derive from your personal relationships will flow into your professional ones. And the vice versa is also true.

My Guruji, Shri Rishi Prabhakarji, always told me that “How rich you are, can be measured, not by your bank balance but by your trust account. How many people are there in your life, who can do anything for you? That is, your richness. Increase your trust and love account and the bank account will automatically increase.”

This is what we teach in our Business Insights program. Of course money is an important form of energy which has to be passed on from one to the other but relationships ( that get you the money and without whom you would not have access to the money ) are much more important. Relation first with your parents, then spouse, children, colleagues, boss, relatives, friends and others too.

Family Importance in Being Rich - Rich Quotes
Loving Relations attract Richness

The more loving relations, we have, the richer we will feel inside. Money just flows in when we are happy, joyful and sharing with others.

So from now onwards you just don’t need to be run after money. Money is not richness. Understand the value of above shared points and make your life – A Rich Life. Stay tuned for more interesting blogs and don’t miss to share this on social media 🙂

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Rameswaram and Dhanushkodi Travel experience

Here i am with my new trip and its experience of Rameswaram and DhanushKodi travel experience and guide.

The holy city rameswaram is one of the pilgrimage centre of India. It is believed that Lord Rama established the Shiv linga here as a gesture of wanted forgiveness /absolve after feeling the guilt of killing Brahmin Ravana. Rameswaram is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas.

Location: Rameshwaram is a town and a second grade municipality in the Ramanathapuram district in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located on Pamban Island separated from mainland India by the Pamban channel. It is well connected by train via Madurai and Chennai. The nearest airport is Madurai 160 km away from rameshwaram.

Places to stay

There are lot of hotels guest houses are available in the town. Booking can be done online. I stayed in Hotel sarvana bhavan, which is near by the main temple. TTDC has official website for lodging at rameshwaram and rooms are really good. Rooms can be booked 3 days in advance.


TTDC booking

Booking can be done by main temple official website also

rameshwaram temple website hotels

Hotel Sarvana Bhavan



South indian meals, dishes are available and some of the good quality hotels are there in the town like saravana bhavan. Non veg meals are also available but you have to search it away from main temple area.

Places to visit in Rameswaram and Dhanushkodi(Ghost town of India)

Pamban bridge :

The railway bridge is 6,776 ft (2,065 m) long and was opened first time for people in 1914. The height of bridge from sea water is barely some feet. It is so less that sometime when you are passing over the bridge some water drops can come on you. The bridge has a still-functioning concept of cantilever double-leaf bascule section that can be raised to let ships pass. Until recently, the two leaves of the bridge were opened manually using levers by workers. About 10 ships — cargo carriers, coast guard ships, fishing vessels and oil tankers — pass through the bridge every month. From the elevated two-lane road bridge, adjoining islands and the parallel rail bridge below can be viewed.

Pamban bridge
Pamban bridge
Source: Google image Pamban bridge

Ramanathaswamy temple :

This is the main temple of Rameswaram. The temple in its current shape is believed to have been built during the 17th century. But there are different documents available claiming for its construction was done much earlier. The temple looks amazingly built and heart touchy. It is believed that before going to main darshan devotees shall take bath in sea and with wet clothes they shall attend all the 22 tirtham. There are 22 wells in temple area. On each wells some temple employees are there and they will fill bucket and put some drops of water on your body and after that you can move to next well or kund. Each and every kunds have their own importance. People are adviced to take big opening bottle if they wants to collect water from all the kunds. Change rooms are there to change the wet clothes and wear dry clothes because wet clothes are restricted for main darshan. It is suggested to complete this kunds activity in early morning as there is less rush.
There are two shivlings in the temple. One brought up by Lord hanuman from kailash and another made by Godess Sita.

After darshan devotees can witness the unbelievable art of earlier centuries which is carved on all the walls, corridors, pillars.

Source Google image Walkway of temple
Source Google image Walkway of temple

Kothanda Ramar Temple :

It is situated On the way from Rameshwaram to Dhanushkodi. is the place where Vibhishana’s coronation was done by Shri Ram, and the story is depicted in photos. The land strip reaching the temple is surrounded by water on 3 sides. The temple is worth visiting for the view of the water.

Kothanda Ramar Temple


Dhanushkodi (Ghost town of India)

Dhanushkodi is situated to the South-East of Pamban. Dhanushkodi is pilgrim center as it is believed that lord Rama asked to make a bridge with floating stone from here to lanka known as Rama setu. In back 1966 cyclon destroyed the whole village of dhanushkodi and a train carrying 110 passengers sink into sea. Government announced the area as not fit for living. But still there are good number of tourists go there. There are nearly 100 families living in that village currently.

People can hire auto or bus to reach Dhanushkodi from Rameshwaram. In Dhanushkodi there are small vans which will take you till beach. These small vans run on beach sand and on water which is amazing. Some local small shops are there on beach. Dhanushkodi is a place where Indian ocean and Bay of bengal meets. Beach is amazingly beautiful but it is not recommend to go deep in water specially in Indian ocean. On the way return those van will take you to the tour of cyclone/tsunami affected area. In that area old post office , railway station, church and some other old building can be seen. A temple is built in cyclone affected area where tourist can have a look on a floating stone.

Floting stone
Old buildings in Dhanushkodi

IMG_0330-1024x467 IMG_0329-1024x768 IMG_0328-1024x476 IMG_0339-1024x768 IMG_0271-1024x534 DSCN0086-1024x635 27-1024x939

I hope this article will help you to plan you trip in better way. Share this article with your circle on social networking. we love to receive your comments here.

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8 Things That Microsoft Has Done For Hindi

In this information-driven world, for millions of people, language continues to be a barrier to the effective use of technology and while the Internet may be everywhere, even today many people are unable to benefit from it.

In India, we have 22 major languages, written in 13 different scripts, with over 720 dialects; that’s a high level of linguistic diversity. Moreover, a large number of Indians use their local language in their work and personal life.

Well versed with this behavioral pattern of Indians, Microsoft looks at things differently and believes that the language diversity of Indians needs to be embraced. On the occasion of January 10, World Hindi Day, Microsoft salutes the official language of the world’s largest democracy – Hindi – and revisits the key breakthroughs that have helped create economic opportunities, build IT skills, enhance education outcomes, and sustain our local language and culture. Microsoft has been dedicated to this cause for over 15 years.

The company announced Native Unicode support for Hindi in the year 2000. Unicode is also supported as a part of Microsoft’s server operating systems, Exchange, SharePoint & SQL – entrenching the Hindi use case across most Microsoft products and services. Hindi is also core to these services running from Microsoft’s India datacentres.

Here are 8 things that Microsoft has done to enable technology to help people use Hindi across devices and services:

Product localization
Microsoft has localized Windows and Office (provided Language Accessory Packs) in 14 Indian languages including Hindi. Microsoft also provides Indian languages’ support throughout the platform and across the range of products. Its Office suite of apps offers Hindi language support across iOS and Android as well and offer features like proofing tools for the Hindi language to make the consumer experience seamless.

Hindi language support on Windows Phone
With the launch of Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft has built new phonetic keyboards for 10 Indian languages including Hindi that allow users to type on a familiar QWERTY keyboard layout and the IME converts what they type into their native script. Basis one’s learning curve and comfort with Hindi, Microsoft offers four keyboards that can help consumers perform everyday tasks like email, text, social networking, search on their phone in Hindi.

Bing Support for Indian Languages
Indian language experience is available on both on Desktop and Mobile devices. Users can not only use Bing to enter their search queries in Hindi but also use Bing as a translation tool. A virtual onscreen keyboard helps users in typing their preferred language without requiring additional keyboard installations.

Skype Translator Messenger
Provides endless possibilities for people around the world to communicate. Skype Translator messenger breaks down the language barrier by instantly translating conversation in IM from English to Hindi. Skype Translator is also supported by Microsoft Translator for IM communication in more than 50 languages.

Microsoft Language Interface Packs
Microsoft has localized its Windows and Office products into more than 40 languages and dialects globally. In India, the company has localized Windows and Office (provided Language Accessory Packs) in 14 Indian languages including Hindi. Microsoft also provides Indian languages’ support throughout the platform and across its range of products. Microsoft Language Interface Packs (LIP) can be downloaded free of charge. A LIP language has translations for up to 300,000 words in Windows and for 600,000 Office.

The Indic Language Input Tool
The tool facilitates users to input localized text easily and quickly. This tool is available in two versions; the desktop version enables the user to input localized text directly into any application running on Windows, such as Microsoft Word or Outlook. The web version allows the user to enter text on any web page – such as – without requiring software download. The tool is available for free download and currently supports ten languages including Hindi.

Microsoft Translator App

Microsoft has also introduced a translator app that works across smartphones, tablets, Apple Watch and Android Wear devices. Microsoft Translator supports up to 50 different languages including Hindi.

Project Bhasha
A cohesive program that brought together the governments, the academia and the research institutions, the local ISVs and developers and the industry associations on a common ground for promoting local language computing. Microsoft’s website is a one stop shop for consumers to download and get access to Hindi software, tools, content and code. Through the initiative, Microsoft aims to involve everyone who is, in anyway related to, and interested in developing for and learning Indian language computing. The Bhasha Online Community portal is India’s leading community for Indian language computing.

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Reasons to Buy Lenovo K4 Note , Full Specs

Earlier this week, Lenovo launched Lenovo K4 Note under their ‘Vibe Range of  smartphones’. Lenovo K4 Note is designed to deliver the uncompromised entertainment experience for streaming and watching videos. The successor to the last year’s most sold Lenovo K3 Note is now available on e-commerce platform at Rs 11,999 (Without VR Glasses).

Lenovo has announced that the K4 Note has already received over 2,00,000 Registrations in just two days after the launch. The phone is available in two variants with or without Lenovo VR glasses. Lenovo K4 Note with Lenovo VR glasses is avaivvle for only INR 12,499 ($187).

Let us share the reasons to buy Lenovo K4 Note

TheaterMax Technology – The VIBE K4 Note is the first smartphone to be launched with TheaterMax that offers a new way to enjoy multimedia on your smartphone.

TheaterMax permits you to do so much more than just viewing media from your android phone screen. Whether you’re coming home after a long day or chilling with buddies outside, there is always a new and refreshing experience waiting to be discovered. Watch movies, videos and games come to life when you don a pair of Lenovo VR glasses, and soak in the vibrant visuals and rich surround sound.

VR Glasses Lenovo
Image –

One can also watch the favorite movies once more without the crowd with TheaterMax’s widescreen cinematics of vivid colors and immersive sound quality in their palm. Take time out from that intensive project research or even when you’re stuck for inspiration, and reward yourself with some much needed quality time with your Lenovo smartphone & VR Glasses.

Lenovo K4 Note, A budget Smartphone – Price of K4 Note we already discussed with or without VR Glasses prior. From that point of view also this smartphone is actually a worth buy. No other phone in the same budget is offering emerging multimedia experience with a solid build.

Stunning Visual Quality to offer – Featuring a vibrant 5.5” Full HD display with a 178o wide viewing angle and 1080p clarity, together with color optimization and high-contrast technologies to further enhance the quality of the visuals, the Lenovo K4 Note delivers an extraordinary experience with media files.

Lenovo VIBE K4 Note

Enhanced Sound Quality – The smartphone also comes with an advanced sound input and recording capabilities, if you’re aspiring to produce your own digital content. Lenovo’s configured 3-mic system and state-of-the-art Wolfson® audio codec effectively filter out ambient noise and greatly enhance sound quality during recording. K4 Note features the first-ever twin front ported stereo speakers enabled by Dolby Atmos®. These minimize noise and voice distortion when playing voice clips and songs, automatically fine-tuning any audio experience for listeners.

Good to Go Specs – Combined with a 13MP PDAF rear camera and a 5MP fixed-focused selfie camera, these features make K4 Note ideal for creative content producers. This device K4 Note is also built to perform.

A 3300mAh embedded battery, 64-bit MediaTek® octa-core processor and 3GB of RAM combine to deliver exceptional performance, promising you undisrupted gaming, multimedia, and social experiences on even the longest days.

Storage of up to 144GB (16GB internal) along with USB-OTG support also helps users maintain easy access to a huge archive of music, movies and games, while staying securely connected with super-fast LTE speeds and security features including fingerprint and NFC sensors. This good to go device is available in Tuxedo Black color.

Hope our readers will like this gadget, in case if you have any queries, you can ask through comment section.