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Must Watch These Upcoming Bollywood Biopics 2018

Indian film industry depends highly on formulas. Formulas are the lieu of current or forecasted trends. Thus when Rap songs were making it big, every film had one (still has). Looking closely two trends have made a dominant appearance in the current scenario. One is remixing old or relatively new songs to accompany the film or use them for promotions; for instance ‘Kala Chasma, Laila main laila, Tenu suit suit karda, kisse se pyar ho jaye.’

Another One is Biopic, a biographical film on someone’s journey of life or success. Audiences have proved, again and again, they loved a well-made biopic. The box office collection of Bhag Milka Bhag, Mary Kom, MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, Neerja, Sarbjit, Dangal etc. are proof enough.

Most Beautiful Bollywood Real Life Couples

Today, the world is celebrating Valentine’s Day, the day of love, care and effection. So before we talk about anything else; let us wish you a very happy Valentine’s day.

Because this is Valentines’s day, we created a list of most beautiful real life bollywood couples. For some it was love at first sight, while some had their friendship evolve into a blooming love.

Most Beautiful Bollywood Real Life Couples

Presenting #LoveUnconditionally, a short film by Tata AIA Life Insurance

Unconditional love can have different meanings for different people. For some, it means loving someone despite their shortcomings or quirks. For others, it means sticking by each other through thick and thin and beating all odds no matter what. For others it is loving someone with no expectation of any return or gain.

Tata AIA Life Insurance has chosen to showcase their personal spin on what #LoveUnconditionally means to them through a beautifully crafted film. It tells the story of a woman successfully defending herself against a ‘stalker’ who repeatedly tries to attack her. We are left impressed at her skill of tackling down the man at unexpected moments.

We captured #SuperBlueBloodMoon From #Noida ❤️‍, Check Pictures

Check exclusive pictures of Super Blue Blood Moon, we captured from Noida Extension. Visuals of this super blue blood moon are surely so eye soothing.

Know rare facts about #SuperBlueBloodMoon2018 –

Here’s your way to a Free Flight!

How often do we dream of escaping our desks and flying off to a vacation? I would say every day. With the amount of work that we do, it’s only natural that we wear ourselves out quickly.

However, the fact is that vacations are never cheap. Even if you have been saving for one throughout the year, it still ends up creating a hole in your pocket. But what if I told you there is a way to get your flight tickets for free?

5 Essentials For Millennials To Gain Financial Freedom After Marriage

Marriage is a promise of love, happiness and security. Even though money may not buy happiness but financial security may come in handy in keeping the happiness and peace of mind.

Life is uncertain and no matter how cautious you are, life will always surprise time and again. This makes financial planning utmost important which is usually overlooked because of its complexities and lack of knowledge.

Don’t panic, we are here to give you a heads up and help you understand what all factors should be kept in mind while deciding finances for your family.

5 Ways You Can Bring In The New Year And Save On Your Next Vacation

New Year celebrations are always so much fun! You get to do away with the old and bring in the new year with new hope and dreams. Everyone is in the holiday mood and ready to cozy in under a blanket with their favourite cup of a hot beverage. If you are planning on making that cuppa extra memorable, here are a few things you could do:

  • Make It A Royal Affair

The Udaivilas Palace Hotel in Udaipur is the perfect setting to bring in the New Year. Not only is it in one of the most romantic cities in the country, it is also one of the most luxurious ones, with a private pool, personal butler service and what not! So surprise your partner with a New Year’s Eve getaway to this Royal Paradise.

Virat Anushka Wedding Reception Pictures

For all the Viruska fans we have their exclusive wedding reception pictures. This couple is celebrating their wedding reception in Delhi today.

India cricket captain Virat Kohli and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma tied the knot on December 11 in Tuscany, Italy.

Here are the pics right from their wedding reception where you can see even PM Modi.

Hottest Tamil Actresses who have nailed everytime

Indian film fraternity does not restrain Bollywood itself. It is a huge family of a combination of film cultures. They include – Bollywood, Tollywood, which is further categorized to Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and many other South Indian languages, Bangla, Gujarati, Marathi, and Punjabi film teams and productions.

However, most people get confused about the South Indian films and their actress because many time they are conceptualized as similar. Whereas, when you gain knowledge about them you may find them to be totally different. A major part of India is a huge fan of Bollywood actress and tag them as a hot and sizzling actress. However, you might find it strange, but the Tamil actress is no less than a bombshell.

Best Organic Spices to Boost Immunity this Winter

We are already loving the winters! But at the same time, this is the season when dreaded cold and flu season makes its way into our homes, coughing, sneezing and body aches become a common problem.

But what if adding few ingredients to meals can boost your immune system while keeping your meals delicious and nutritious? Well, these kitchen ingredients are perfect to keep you healthy these winters.

Deepika Padukone Upcoming Movies – 2018

Bollywood actress has lately been notching their game up. They are not just killing the audiences with their acting skills but made the film fraternity go gaga over them. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, and Deepika Padukone are a few to name. At any point in time, we do not mean reaching the Hollywood screen makes them the queens. Rather it is they making India a proud country on the global platform.



Year 2017 has been really dramatic for economic reforms.

Out of which the hottest and newest one is G.S.T.

Referred humorously as Gabbar Singh Tax by Rahul Gandhi, this is the hottest topic for political vendetta in this term. However, Common man has no idea how it really impacts him. I will help you get a basic idea but in order to get a detailed knowledge about the tax governing your household expenditure and much more, kindly refer to my previous article

Mitchell USA Beauty Products – Because Beauty is Your Right

“Looking gorgeous is the birth right of every lady”, we have heard it so many times, but, have never seen any counter question like “Why do you want to look good?” Well, I know, only a few may have an answer regarding ageless products, and none may have the right answer. The answer should be “One should look as gorgeous as one feels.”

Turbulences; however, have become a part of our life that build stress, make us careless, and push us towards unhealthy diet. All the three reasons are the main causes of inviting aging at the early stage. I am sure you have argument ready with many streetside face care products that you can buy at the discounted rates, but hey….! Where is the result? Just count me the number of anti-aging creams that you changed in past six months.

Are you quirky and fun? Shouldn’t your home look like that too?

“Live young, Live Vibrant”. This is the anthem that youngsters today are singing, be at the office or at their home. They believe in living their present to the fullest by adding simplistic sophistication to their persona, lifestyle, belongings, and assets. Bygones are the days when people loved things that were exuberant and had ingenuine designs. Youngsters, today, are more into fun, functionality, smartness, and are quirky in their choices; whether you talk about their surroundings, their comfort corner, or their clothing.

When a student graduates and steps out of his or her place into the real world, he forms a circle of people who have a social status and therefore, has to maintain one for him too. But one thing that the youngsters today believe is that they do not want their fun and quirky side to vanish anywhere. Inspite of working in the corporate sector, where things are pretty sophisticated and classy, they will never miss an opportunity to live their life, their style. Therefore, when they want their house to be their style. So, when they return to their place after the corporate meetings they are surrounded by an ambiance, which totally represents them.

5 Best South Indian Movies That Beat Bollywood Blockbusters

Indian cinema is rich and vivid. We have hundreds of movies releasing every year. This makes it very difficult to choose the best out of them. Not all of them see great. But, some of them are masterpieces in itself.

They leave an indelible mark on our minds and on the pages of Indian cinematic history. Now when we talk of Indian cinema, it doesn’t stand for Bollywood alone, it takes into account the regional cinema as well, like the south Indian cinema.



Thats expensive and only bought for showing off !!

This is the first reaction you get from an average joe and thats valid as well.

Buying a 70k phone or 35k watch, you must be either insane or very rich and would like the world to know.

However, is it really the case ? or its just a misconception ?

Well ! I will leave that for you to decide.

And to help you decide let me introduce you to my first iWatch, the all new Series 3. My first unboxing reaction, Elegant, Sophisticated and perfectly Designed. With that being said, lets find out what more it has to offer.

More than an Expensive watch

Let’s Save Delhi Environment: Do Not Burst Crackers During Weddings

Weddings in India is no less than a festival celebration. Sometimes it is on a much larger scale and Indians love to spend money, time, and energy to make it a grand event.

Clothes, jewelries, makeup, household essentials, colors, lights, music, dance, cameras, gossips, tears, and smiles are a few essentials to be named that makes up an Indian wedding a successful bash. Don’t you agree?

Everything You Need To Know About Term Insurance Plans in India

A human life has a cycle that includes money, love, deception and many other things, but what it’s devoid of, is the assurance of life itself. Therefore, to secure the future of your loved ones, one must invest in term insurance plans.

Term insurance, simply put, provides financial support to the family of the deceased, if one dies under the cover of a term insurance plan.