About Us

LetUsPublish.com is a blog started by blogger buddies based in Delhi NCR. It’s an Indian entertainment cum lifestyle blog where the team is working hard to serve interesting and entertaining reads to audience.

We are working on this blog to spice up our reader’s life with informative and interesting stuff.

The Categories we cover here at LetUsPublish are –

  1. Business – Automobile,  E-commerce , Politics
  2. Entertainment – Celebrities  , Movies, Smallscreen, Sports
  3. Fashion – Makeup
  4. Lifestyle – Health and Fitness, Food, Relationships, Career, Self Improvement, Travel
  5. Technology – Gadgets, Apps, Reviews, Tips and How-tos
  6. Bizzare – Events, Interviews, Photography, Wallpapers

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Let Us Publish Team –

1. Yogita Aggarwal (Founder)

Yogita aka Tanya, a well known Indian blogger based in Delhi NCR. This lady from Delhi is holding experience of more than 5 years in Online marketing. If you are reading her name for the first time then must visit her technology blog www.DreamTechie.com

To know more about her visit – About.me/YogitaAggarwal

Yogita Aggarwal one of the Best Indian Bloggers

Yogita Aggarwal is followed by leading brands & experts on social media, You can visit her about.me profile to know her great follower base.

Other tags those describe her –

#Thinker #Socialbutterfly #Gemini #Gabby #Foodie #PartyAnimal #ShoppingLover #Charming  #Beautiful #Influencer #Reviewer #Traveler #GymJunkie #ProudIndian #LeadingLady #SelfObsessed #SelfieQueen #Problogger #BestIndianBlogger #DelhiFashionBlogger

2.  Anand Singh

Anand Singh, a good friend and a techie fellow, living in Chennai helps us most of the times in solving technical issues. He is known for his blog www.Esoftload.info

3. Priya Jha

A passionate creative thinker & writer living in USA with her soulmate. She has a great command over fashion, trends, travel and lot more. Check blogs by Priya.

4. Karan Deep

Karan Deep is a student and a part time geek who helps us with content. This boy wants to have all the gadgets from world, on his table.

5. Ajay Rana

A hobby photographer who is very serious about his hobby. He started ASRPhotography.in  to pursue his passion.

6. Megha Tayal

Megha is a the youngest team member and the law student. She helps in promotions and in creating wallpapers.

7. Keyur Malani (Former Team Player)

A part time writer who helps us with content and images.

8.  Anurag Pandey (Former Team Player)

Anurag Pandey, another passionate face behind LetUsPublish.com.  Mr. Pandey completed his B.Tech from Kanpur and from last 1 year he is working as a Digital Marketing Engineer.

We are welcoming new comers to join this growing project to showcase their talent. Help us in building LUP as a brand , mail us at letuspublish@gmail.com