Why FitBit is #Musthave for You?


Let’s assume that you are not a gym junkie like your other friends but you still want to stay fit like them. Assume that you are either lazy or too tired to start with fitness stuff. Then, my dear friend, FitBit is the ultimate option for you. Not only it will help you in moving your lazy ass but also it will  create a much healthier version of you by motivating you.

Have a look at FitBit benefits –

FitBit cheers you up.

As soon as you purchase a FitBit, the first thing you have to do is set up your fitness goals. Unlike other accessories available, FitBit gives you freedom to change and adjust your goals whenever you feel like.

The reason being – FitBit does not want you to quit the journey of being fit in the middle and hence gives you freedom to decide what your goal should look like.

Moreover, FitBit motivates a user by showing his her progress in the progress bars. Once you see those bars turn bright green, there’s no way you would run away from fitness.

FitBit To Stay Fit

FitBit enhances your progress.

FitBit lets you know – How good or bad you are doing compared to your friends? Yes, you heard it right.

FitBit comes with in-built friend option which enables a user to share his progress with his friends and see theirs. Not only will it help you keep up with others but more importantly it will motivate you to push your limits.

Well, now you have one more reason to beat your best buddy. Also check list of best Smartwatches in India.

FitBit promotes healthy food choices.

FitBit can be used in multiple ways depending upon your choice. You can either use it to count calories of all the stuff you eat or just as a food log that record what you ate throughout the day. Counting calories may get boring and monotonous work while the later one seems quite easy.

And when you note down all the stuff you ate in a day out, you will easily get to know how healthy your food choices have been since beginning.

Once you see a stock of bad food list piling up in your FitBit app, you will certainly regret it.

FitBit saves you from Dehydration.

Very often I saw people coming up with excuses for not able to drink enough water during the day. Drinking water may be your biggest struggle, but not anymore.

FitBit features a water log which tracks your water consumption and shows it in the form of progress bar and nobody wants to see the low progress bar.

And of course, FitBit makes you more healthy and happy.

FitBit may not be the greatest invention in Fitness industry and it may not help you eradicate carbs from your diet but it does something even useful.

It gives you all the right and power to make healthy and wise decision for yourself. It wants you to improve day by day until you become your best.

Moreover, FitBit does more than just tracking footsteps and calorie consumption; it tracks your

  • Heart Rate
  • Blood Sugar Level
  • Sleep
  • Blood Pressure

Share your fitness story with us. If you are using it then share the Fitbit reviews with us. We will be happy to hear more from you.